Kenji Sano (Lute)


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Anonymus (before 1900)Chloris sigh'd and sang, and wept1'35 m128 Go to download page
Anonymus (before 1900)Greensleeves4'08 m192 Go to download page
Anonymus (before 1900)La Rossignol1'41 m192 Go to download page
Caccini, G.Amarilli mia bella1'23 m128 Go to download page
Caccini, G.Non piu guerra0'57 m128 Go to download page
Caccini, G.Torna, deh torna, pargoletto mio0'51 m128 Go to download page
Dowland, J. 2:2Flow my tears1'58 m128 Go to download page
Dowland, J.My Lord Chamberlain his Galliard1'50 m192 Go to download page
Dowland, J.DLB:1My Lord Willoughy's Welcome Home1'23 m192 Go to download page
Johnson, J.Lavechio Pavan2'04 m192 Go to download page
Johnson, J.Rogero1'36 m192 Go to download page
Johnson, J.The Galliard to Laveche1'24 m192 Go to download page
Pilkington. F.Echo Almain1'04 m192 Go to download page
Purcell, H. 583Oedipus [2# Music for a while]1'12 m128 Go to download page
Purcell, H. 585Pausanius, the Betrayer of his Country [1 Sweeter than roses]1'26 m128 Go to download page
Purcell, H. 626Dido and Aeneas [15a Thy hand, Belinda]1'13 m128 Go to download page
Robinson, T.A Toy1'31 m192 Go to download page
Robinson, T.Passemezo Galyard1'07 m192 Go to download page
Robinson, T.Spanish Pavan3'55 m192 Go to download page
Traditional EnglishFalse love1'36 m128 Go to download page

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