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Leroy Anderson

29 jun 1908 (Cambridge) - 18 may 1975 (Woodbury)
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  • Anderson, Leroy (1908 - 1975), United States - Biographical data, recommended CDs, books and sheet music, bibliography, and links to biographical essays.
  • Classical Music Midi Page: Leroy Anderson - Biography, photograph, and MIDI audio of select compositions.
  • Leroy Anderson - Official site of the composer of light concert music. Biography, Real Audio RAM samples, video and CD information, catalog, guest book, and contact information.
  • Leroy Anderson - Filmography at Internet Movie Database (IMDb) listing films using his music.
  • Leroy Anderson - Musical biography tracing his career from the mid-1930s as he was noticed by Arthur Fiedler and began writing light orchestral music. From Space Age Pop Music.
  • Leroy Anderson - Brief life and musical summary with emphasis on his relationship with Arthur Fiedler and the Boston Pops. From the Musicalics.
  • Leroy Anderson - Find A Grave entry with photograph of tombstone and fan homages.
  • Leroy Anderson: Orchestral Favourites - CD review with general comments on his life, education, and musical history and accomplishments.
  • Once Upon A Sleighride - PBS documentary companion web site for the composer and his music. Includes biography, Real Audio RM format samples of music, transcripts and reprints of various interviews and articles, video and audio recording information, and feedback.

Buy sheetmusic from Anderson at SheetMusicPlus

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