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Worklist for Anonymus (before 1900)

In the middle ages much music was published anonymous. In this category (and in the categories "Church Music" and "Gregorian") you will find works without known composers.

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name cmt key instr year time genre
45 works
Alta Trinita     Hymn
Amazing Grace     Hymn
Ay triste que vengo     Song
Balcarres manuscriptThe Balcarres contains about 200 pages of Scottish lute music from around the turn of the 18th century. The Balcarres Lute Book.     
Battala famossa      
Cancionero de Palacioa.k.a. Cancionero Musical de Palacio (CMP) or Cancionero de Barbieri. Songbook written between 1505 and 1520 with songs from many composers. t contains 458 works.  1520  
Cantemus Hymnum     Hymn
Castitatis     Song
Chevalier mult estes guarirA medieval call to the Crusade  1147 4:15Song
Chloris sigh'd and sang, and wept     Song
Dindirindin     Song
Dolce lo mio drudoFrom the Codex Paris Reina 6771.    5:30Ballade
El Eco      
Go From My Window  lut  1:45 
Hendar Roberts Lute Bookfound in 1973 Cornwall. Written for Hendar Robarts in 17th century France for an 11 course lute in D minor. A modern facsimile was produced by the Boethius Press in 1978. It contains 65 pieces, many by Ennemond Gaultier.     
I smile to see.. (galliard)     Galliard
Jane Pickeringe Manuscript      
La Rossignol     Lute
Mignonne, allos voir si la rose      
Mino Amor     Song
Misericordia Altissimo Dio     1:45Hymn
ML Lute bookalso known in the past as the Matthew Locke book and the John Sturt lute book  1610  
My Lady Carey's Dompe  gui   
Passe El Agua     Song
Piae CantionesPiae Cantiones ecclesiasticae et scholasticae veterum episcoporum (Devout ecclesiastical and scholastic songs of the old bishops) is a collection of Latin songs compiled by Jacobus Finno and published in 1582 by Theodoricus Petri Nylandensi.    Song cycle
Quand je bois     3:15Song
Quant'รจ bella giovinezza     2:45Song
Rowallan ManuscriptA Scottish lute manuscript     
Saizenay ManuscriptUsually abbreviated as Saizenay MS. Compiled by the French amateur lutenist Jean Etienne Vaudry, Seigneur de Saizenay, 1668 - 1742.     
Saltarello el francosin      
Se io m'accorgo      
Skene Mandora manuscriptA scottish manuscript of lute music     
Spanish RomanceKnown from the 1950's film "Jeux Interdits". gui   
Stabat Mater     Hymn
Stella splendens  cha  2:00 
Straloch Lute manuscriptA Scottish lute manuscript     
Strenci li labriFrom the Paris Reina 6771 codex    4:30 
The Cobbler  lut  1:45 
Tournidon     Song
Venus went wand'ring  lut,voc  2:00Song
Victimae paschali laudes     Song
Wynter wakeneth al my care     Song
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