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21 oct 1921 (Northampton) -
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Worklist for Malcolm Arnold

Sir Malcolm Henry Arnold.

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name cmt key instr year time genre
139 works
1Divertimento for orchestra  orc1945 Divertimento
2Wind quintet  win1943  
3Tone poem larch trees   1943 Poem
4Three shanties for wind quintet  win1943  
5Overture beckus the dandipratt   1943 Overture
6Trio for flute,viola and bassoon  bsn,flu,vla1943  
7Quintet for flute,violin,viola,horn,bassoon  cha1944  
82 songs for voice and piano  pno,voc1947  
9Variations on a ukrainian folk song  pno1946 Variations
10Duo for flute and viola  flu1945  
11Concerto for horn and orchestra   1945 Concerto
13Symphony for strings   1947 Symphony
14Festival overture   1948 Overture
15Sonata no 1 for violin and piano  pno,vln1947 Sonata
16Children's suite for piano  pno1948  
17Sonata for viola and piano  pno,vln1947 Sonata
18Two bagatelles for solo piano  pno1947  
19Sonatina for flute and piano  flu,pno1948  
20Concerto for clarinet and strings  cla1948 Concerto
21Overture the smoke   1948 Overture
22Symphony no 1   1949 Symphony
23String quartet no 1   1949 String quartet
24Divertimento no 2 for orchestra op. 24revised as opus 75  1950 Divertimento
25Psalm 150 (laudate dominum)For chorus and organ  1950 Choir
26Serenade for small orchestra  orc1950 Serenade
27English dances (set 1)   1950 Dances
28Sonatina for oboe and piano  obo,pno1951  
29Sonatina for clarinet and piano  cla,pno1951 7:30 
30Symphonic study, machines   1951 Etude
31A sussex overture   1951 Overture
32Concerto for piano duet and strings   1951 Concerto
33English dances (set 2)   1951 Dances
34Opera in one act, the dancing master   1952 Opera
35Two ceremonial psalms   1952 Song
368 children's pieces for solo piano  pno1952  
37Divertimento for wind trio  win1953 Divertimento
38Rhapsody the sound barrier   1952 Rhapsody
39Concerto for oboe and strings   1952 Concerto
40Symphony no 2   1953 Symphony
41Sonatina for recorder and piano   1953 Sonata
42Ballet, homage to the queen   1953 Ballet
43Sonata no 2 for violin and piano  pno,vln1953 Sonata
44Flourish for a 21st birthday   1953  
45Concerto no 1 for flute and strings   1954 Concerto
46Concerto for harmonica and orchestra   1954 Concerto
47Concerto for organ and orchestra   1954 Concerto
48Sinfonietta no 1   1954 Sinfonia
49Ballet, rinaldo and armida   1954 Ballet
50Serenade for guitar and strings   1955 Serenade
51Overture tam o'shanter   1955 Overture
52John clare cantata   1955 Cantata
53Little suite no 1 for orchestra  orc1948  
54Piano trio   1956 Piano trio
55Song of praise for unison voices and piano   1956 Song
56Opera in one act: " the open window "   1956 Opera
57A grand, grand overture   1956 Overture
58Concerto no 2 for horn and strings   1956 Concerto
594 scottish dances for orchestra   1957 9:30Dances
60March, hrh the duke of cambridge   1957 March
61Quartet for oboe and strings  cha1957  
62Toy symphony   1957 Symphony
63Symphony no 3   1957 35:00Symphony
64Commonwealth christmas overture   1957 Overture
65Sinfonietta no 2   1958 Sinfonia
665 William Blake songsFor contralto and strings.  1959 Song
67Concerto for guitar and chamber orchestra   1959 Concerto
68Ballet, sweeney todd   1959 Ballet
69Song of simeon   1959 Song
70March, overseas   1960 March
71Symphony no 4   1960 Symphony
72Carnival of animals   1960  
73Quintet for brass  cha1961 12:00 
74Symphony no 5   1960 Symphony
75Divertimento no 2 for orchestra op. 75   1961 Divertimento
76Grand concerto gastronomiqueFor eater, waiter, food, orchestra.  1961  
77Concerto for two violins and string orchestra   1962 Concerto
78Little suite no 2 for orchestra   1962 Suite
79Ballet, electra   1963 Ballet
80Little suite no 1 for brass band   1963 Suite
81Sinfonietta no 3   1964 Sinfonia
82Water music for wind and percussion  win1964  
83Sunshine overture   1964 Overture
845 pieces for violin and piano  pno,vln1964  
85Duo for two cellos  cel1965  
86Fantasy for bassoon  bsn1966 Fantasy
87Fantasy for clarinet  cla1966 Fantasy
88Fantasy for horn   1966 Fantasy
89Fantasy for flute  flu1966 Fantasy
90Fantasy for oboe  obo1966 Fantasy
914 cornish dances   1968 Dances
92The turtle drumchildren's play for television.  1967  
93Little suite no 2 for brass band  brb1967 Suite
94March, the padstow lifeboat   1967 March
95Symphony no 6   1967 Symphony
96Trevelyan suite for chamber ensemble  cha1967 Suite
97Overture peterloo   1967 Overture
98Salute to thomas merrittFor two brass bands and orchestra. brb1987  
99Anniversary overture   1968 Overture
100Fantasy for trumpet  tru1969 Fantasy
101Fantasy for trombone   1969 Fantasy
102Fantasy for tuba   1969 Fantasy
103Song of accounting periods  pno,voc1969 Song
104Concerto for two pianos and orchestraConcerto for two pianos (three hands) and orchestra  1969 Concerto
105Concerto for 28 players   1970 Concerto
106Fantasy for audience and orchestra   1970 Fantasy
107Fantasy for guitar  gui1971 Fantasy
108Concerto for viola and chamber orchestra  cha1971 Concerto
109Song of freedom for chorus and brass band   1973 Song
110Overture the fair field   1972 Overture
111Concerto no 2 for flute and orchestra   1972 Concerto
112A flourish for orchestra  orc1973  
113Symphony no 7   1973 Symphony
114bTwo john donne songs for tenor and piano   1974 Song
115Concerto no 2 for clarinet and orchestra   1974 Concerto
116Fantasy on a theme of john field  orc,pno1975 Fantasy
117Fantasy for harp  har1975 Fantasy
118String quartet no 2   1975 String quartet
119Cantata, return of odysseus   1976 Cantata
120Philharmonic concerto for orchestra   1976 Concerto
121Sonata for flute and piano   1977 Sonata
122Variations on a theme of ruth gipps  orc1977 Variations
123Symphony for brass  brb1978 Symphony
124Symphony no 8   1978 Symphony
125Concerto for trumpet and orchestra   1982 Concerto
1264 irish dances for orchestra  orc1988  
127Fantasy for recorder  rec1986 Fantasy
128Symphony no 9   1986 Symphony
130Fantasy for cello  cel1987 Fantasy
131Little suite no three for brass band  brb1987 Suite
132Brass quintet no 2  brb1988  
133Concerto for recorder and chamber orchestra   1988 Concerto
134Serenade for tenor and strings, contrasts   1988 Serenade
136Shakespearean cello concerto   1988 Cello concerto
137Divertimento for wind octet   1988 Divertimento
1384 welsh dances for orchestra  orc1989  
139Flourish for a battle for wind and brass  win1990  
140Fantasy for recorder and string quartet  rec1990 Fantasy
141Robert kett overture   1990 Overture
142A manx suite for orchestra  orc1990  
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