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Hildegard von Bingen

1098 (Bermersheim) - 17 sep 1179 (Bingen)
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Worklist for Hildegard von Bingen

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97 works
Ave Generosa     5:00Hymn
Ave Maria Stella     Hymn
Ave, Maria, o auctrix vitae     Hymn
Canticles of Ecstasy     Hymn
Caritas abundat in omnia     2:00Hymn
Columba aspexit     Hymn
Cum erubuerint infelices     Hymn
Cum processit factura     Hymn
Cum vox sanguinis     Hymn
De patria etiam earum     Hymn
De sancta Maria     Hymn
Deus enim in prima     Hymn
Deus enim rorem     Hymn
Et ideo puelle iste     Hymn
Hesperus     Hymn
Hodie aperuit clausa porta     Hymn
Hodie aperuit nobis     Hymn
Hortus deliciarum     Hymn
In matutinis laudibus     Hymn
In principio omnes     Hymn
Instrumental Piece     Hymn
Karitas habundat     Hymn
Laus Trinitati     Hymn
Matthias sanctus per electionem     Hymn
Nunc gaudeant     Hymn
Nunc gaudiant materna     Hymn
O beata infantia     Hymn
O Bonifaci lux vivens     Hymn
O Choruscans Lux     Hymn
O choruscans stellarum     Hymn
O cohors milicie floris virge     Hymn
O coruscans lux     Hymn
O cruor sanguinis     Hymn
O Ecclesia     Hymn
O ecclesia oculi tui     Hymn
O eterne deus     Hymn
O Euchari     Hymn
O Euchari, columba     Hymn
O Euchari, in leta via     Hymn
O felix anima     Hymn
O Frondens Virga     Hymn
O frondons virga     Hymn
O gloriosissimi lux     Hymn
O ignee Spiritus     Hymn
O ignis spiritus paracliti     Hymn
O Jerusalem     Hymn
O Jerusalem aure civitas     Hymn
O lucidissima     Hymn
O lucidissima apostolorum turba     Hymn
O magne Pater     Hymn
O Mirum Admirandum     Hymn
O nobilissima vireditas     Hymn
O nobilissima viriditas     Hymn
O orzchis ecclesia     Hymn
O Pastor Animarum     Hymn
O pater omnium     Hymn
O Plangens Vox     Hymn
O Presul Vere Civitas     Hymn
O presul vere civitatis     Hymn
O pulchrae facies     Hymn
O quam magnum miraculum est     Hymn
O quam mirabilis est     Hymn
O quam pretiosa     Hymn
O rubor sanguinis     Hymn
O spectabiles viri     Hymn
O speculum columbe     Hymn
O splendidissima gemma     Hymn
O successores fortissimi leonis     Hymn
O tu illustrata     Hymn
O tu suavissima virga     Hymn
O vas nobile     Hymn
O victoriosissimi     Hymn
O virga ac diadema purpurae regis     Hymn
O virga mediatrix     Hymn
O virgo ecclesia     Hymn
O viridissima virga     Hymn
O viridissima virga, Ave     Hymn
O viriditas digiti dei     Hymn
O virtus sapientiae     Hymn
O vis eternitatis     Hymn
O vivens fons     Hymn
O vos Angeli     Hymn
O vos felices radices     Hymn
O vos imitatores     Hymn
Ordo Virtutum     Hymn
Quia ergo femina mortem instruxit     Hymn
Quia felix pueritia     Hymn
Rex Noster     Hymn
Rex noster promptus est     Hymn
Rosa Lamereaux     Hymn
Sed diabolus     Hymn
Spiritui Sancto honor sit     Hymn
Spiritus Sanctus vivificans vita     Hymn
Studium divinitatis     Hymn
Symphonia armonie celestium revelationum     Hymn
Unde quocumque venientes     Hymn
Vos flores rosarum     Hymn
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