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Michel Blavet

13 mar 1700 (Besançon) - 28 oct 1768
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Michel Blavet (March 13, 1700 – October 28, 1768) was a French flute virtuoso.

Blavet was born in Besançon, France. Although Blavet taught himself to play almost every instrument, he specialized in the flute (which he held to the left, the opposite of how most flutists hold theirs today) and bassoon.

The son of a wood turner, a profession which he followed for some time, he accidentally became the possessor of a flute and soon became the finest player in France. Blavet was famous for maintaining impeccable intonation, even when he played in difficult keys, and for the beauty of his tone. Voltaire expressed his admiration for his playing and Marpurg spoke of him as a virtuoso of the highest excellence who preserved his innate modesty notwithstanding the unbroken popularity that he enjoyed.

By the time he was forty years old, Blavet had been the principal flute in both Louis XV's personal musical ensemble, the Musique du Roi, and the Paris Opera orchestra. Blavet turned down a post in Frederick the Great's court (which Quantz eventually accepted after the pay had been increased significantly).

Blavet wrote primarily for the flute, in the so-called 'Italian' as well as the French style. His surviving works include a concerto and three books of sonatas. All of his works are written only in the easiest keys, since he wrote them for amateurs to play. They are unquestionably some of the most delightfully written chamber works ever composed for the flute. They exude happiness and are a delight to play. Quantz writes of Blavet " His amiable disposition and engaging manner gives rise to a lasting friendship between us and I am much indebted to him for his numerous acts of kindness".


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