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Luigi Boccherini

19 feb 1743 (Lucca) - 28 may 1805 (Madrid)
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Worklist for Luigi Boccherini

Opus numbers for Boccherini are unreliable as there are the composer and his publisher used different numbers. G numbers are more reliable.

Classic Cat maintains lists of works for internal use. These are accesible on Here we provide an overview.

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opus G
name cmt key instr year time genre
85 works
9:1 171String Quartet in C minor G171 C-   String quartet
9:2 172String Quartet in D minor G172 D-   13:00String quartet
9:3 173String Quartet in F major G173 F+   String quartet
9:4 174String Quartet in E flat major G174 Eb+   String quartet
9:5 175String Quartet in D major G175 D+   String quartet
9:6 176String Quartet in E major G176 E+   String quartet
10:1 265String quintet in A major G265     String Quintet
10:2 266String quintet in E flat major G266 Eb+ 1771 20:00String Quintet
10:3 267String quintet in C minor G267 C-   String Quintet
10:4 268String quintet G268     String Quintet
10:5 269String quintet G269     String Quintet
10:6 270String quintet G270     String Quintet
11:5 275Cello quintet "dello L'ucceliera"String Quintet for 2 violins, viola & 2 cellos in E majorE+   19:00 
13:5 String Quintet In E Major op. 13:5     String Quintet
25:1 295String Quintet in D minor D-   String Quintet
25:4 298String Quintet in C major C+   String Quintet
25:6 300String Quintet in A minor A-   String Quintet
28:4 310Cello quintet in C major G 310String Quintet for 2 violins, viola & 2 cellos in C majorC+    
30 Quintettino - Madrid Night MusicQuintettino - La Musica Notturna Delle Strade di Madrid cha  10:30 
32:1 201String Quartet in E flat major     String quartet
32:2 202String Quartet in E minor     String quartet
32:3 203String Quartet in D major     String quartet
32:4 204String Quartet in C major     String quartet
32:5 205String Quartet in G minor     16:30String quartet
32:6 206String Quartet in A major     String quartet
33:1 207String Quartet in E major G207 G+   String quartet
33:2 208String Quartet in C major G208 C+   String quartet
33:3 209String Quartet in G major G209 G+   String quartet
33:4 210String Quartet in B flat major G210 Bb+   String quartet
33:5 211String Quartet in E minor G211 E-   String quartet
33:6 212String Quartet in E flat major G212 Eb+   String quartet
34 483Cello Concerto no. 10 in D major D+cel,pno  Cello concerto
34:2 102String trio in G Major op.34 no.2     String Trio
34:4 104String trio in D Major op.34 no.4     String Trio
34:5 105String trio in C Major op.34 no.5     String Trio
35:1 509Symphony No. 7 In D major D+ 1782 Symphony
35:2 510Symphony No. 8 In E flat major  orc1782 Symphony
35:3 511Symphony No. 9 In A major  orc1782 Symphony
35:4 512Symphony No. 10 In F major  orc1782 Symphony
35:5 513Symphony No. 11 In E flat major  orc1782 Symphony
35:6 514Symphony No. 12 In B flat major  orc1782 Symphony
37:1 515Symphony No. 13 In C major  orc1786 Symphony
37:2 516Symphony No. 14 In D major  orc1786 Symphony
37:3 517Symphony No. 15 In D major  orc1787 Symphony
37:4 518Symphony No. 16 In A major  orc1787 Symphony
41 519Symphony No. 17 In C minor  orc1788 Symphony
42 520Symphony No. 18 In D major  orc1789 Symphony
42:1 348Cello quintet in F minorString Quintet for 2 violins, viola & 2 cellos in F minorG+    
42:2 349Cello quintet in C major G 349String Quintet for 2 violins, viola & 2 cellos in C majorC+    
42:3 350Cello quintet in B minorString Quintet (Quintettino) for 2 violins, viola & 2 cellos in B minorB-    
42:4 351Cello quintet in G minorString Quintet for 2 violins, viola & 2 cellos in G minorG-    
43:2 353Cello quintet in D majorString Quintet for 2 violins, viola & 2 cellos in D majorD+    
449 Guitar quintet no. 5     18:00Guitar Quintet
  Cello Concerto no. 12 in E flat major Eb+cel,pno  Cello concerto
  474Cello Concerto no. 1 in E flat major Eb+cel,pno  Cello concerto
  573Cello Concerto no. 11 in C major C+cel,pno  Cello concerto
  475Cello Concerto no. 2 in D major D+cel,pno  Cello concerto
  476Cello Concerto no. 3 in D major  cel,pno  Cello concerto
  477Cello Concerto no. 4 in C major  cel,pno  Cello concerto
  478Cello Concerto no. 5 in D major  cel,pno  Cello concerto
  479Cello Concerto no. 6 in D major  cel,pno  Cello concerto
  480Cello Concerto no. 7 in G major  cel,pno  Cello concerto
  481Cello Concerto no. 8 in C major  cel,pno  Cello concerto
  482Cello Concerto no. 9 in B flat major  cel,pno  22:30Cello concerto
  4Cello Sonata in A major G4 A+   14:30Cello sonata
  565Cello Sonata in B Flat Major G565 Bb+   15:00Cello sonata
  2Cello Sonata in C Minor G2 C-   13:30Cello sonata
  17Cello Sonata in C Major G17 C+   12:00Cello sonata
  74Cello Sonata in C Major G74     Cello sonata
  10Cello Sonata in E Flat Major G10 Eb+   11:30Cello sonata
  566Cello Sonata in E Major     Cello sonata
  9Cello Sonata in F Major     Cello sonata
  5Cello Sonata in G Major     Cello sonata
  445Guitar quintet no. 1 D-   20:00Guitar Quintet
  446Guitar quintet no. 2 E+   18:30Guitar Quintet
  447Guitar quintet no. 3 Bb+   Guitar Quintet
  448Guitar quintet no. 4 "Fandango" D+   17:00Guitar Quintet
  450Guitar quintet no. 6     17:00Guitar Quintet
  451Guitar quintet no. 7 E-   19:00Guitar Quintet
  453Guitar quintet no. 9 "La Ritirata di Madrid" C+   Guitar Quintet
  Introduction and Fandango  gui  6:00 
  Quintet in C major     17:00 
  453Quintetto in C major "La ritrata di Madrid" C+    
  448Quintetto IV in D major      
  Quartetto VI in G minorOpera Prima, 1777G- 1777  
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