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Serge Bortkiewicz

16 feb 1877 (Kharkov) - 25 oct 1952 (Vienna)
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Worklist for Serge Bortkiewicz

Sergei Bortkiewicz

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name cmt key instr year time genre
81 works
1Piano ConcertoDestroyed by composer     
26 Songs for singer and piano1 ? Jugendtöne 2 ? Es war einmal 3 ? Minnelied 4 ? Glück 5 ? Wunsch 6 ? Sie saßen und tranken am Teetisch  1904 Song cycle
34 Pieces for piano op. 3  pno1906  
4Impressions1 ? Vieux Portrait 2 ? Etude D'oiseaux 3 ? Tempête 4 ? Après la pluie 5 ? Bergers et Bergères 6 ? Au clair de la lune 7 ? Bal Masqué pno1905  
5Minuit  pno1907  
63 Pieces for piano  pno1906  
72 Pieces for piano  pno1908  
8Esquisses de Crimeé   1908  
9Piano Sonata No. 1 in B major B+ 1907 Piano Sonata
104 Pieces for piano op. 10  pno1908  
116 Lyric Thoughts for pianoPensées Lyriques pno1909 21:00 
123 Pieces for piano op. 12  pno1910  
136 Preludes for piano  pno1910 Prelude
14From My Childhood      
1510 etudes for piano  pno1911  
15aBerceuse for violin and pianoArrangement from Etude opus 15 No. 4. vln,pno  Berceuse
16Piano Concerto No. 1 in B flat major Bb+pno,orc1912 35:30Piano concerto
17Lamentations and Consolations  pno1913 28:00 
18Russian Dances for orchestra6 dances orc1914  
19Othello  orc1914 Symphonic poem
20Cello Concerto  cel,orc1915 Cello concerto
21The Little Wanderer  pno   
22Violin concerto in D major D+vln,orc1922 Violin concerto
23Poems by Paul Verlaine  voc,pno1918 Poem
243 Pieces for piano op. 24  pno1922  
253 Pieces for cello and piano  cel,pno1922  
26Sonata in G minor for violin and piano G-vln,pno1922 Violin Sonata
273 Waltes for piano  pno1924 Waltz
28Piano concerto no. 2Concerto No. 2 for piano (left hand) and orchestra pno,orc1924 29:30Piano concerto
2912 Etudes for piano  pno1924 Etude
30From Andersen's Fairy TalesAus Andersens Märchen 'Ein musikalisches Bilderbuch' pno1925 26:30 
31Russian Melodies and Dances for two pianosRussische Weisen und Tänze pno21925  
32Piano concerto no. 3 "Per Aspera ad Astra" C-pno,orc1926 29:30 
3310 Preludes for piano   1927 25:00Prelude
34Nox erat, et coelo fulgebat luna serenoA Nightpiece for orchestra orc1927  
35Roman for piano  pno1928  
36Sonata for cello and piano  cel,pno1924 Cello sonata
37Tausend und eine Nacht1001 Nights  1926 Ballet
38Trio for piano, violin and cello  pno,vln,cel1928  
39Kindheit14 easy pieces after Leo Tolstoy's book pno1930  
407 Preludes for piano  pno1931 Prelude
41Suite for cello solo  cel  Suite
42Ballade for piano  pno1931 6:00Ballade
43Hafis Songsafter Hans Bethge. voc,orc/org/pno1931  
44Lyrical Intermezzo  vln,orc/pno1934  
45Russian Rhapsody  pno,orc1935 Rhapsody
46Elegy for piano  pno1932 5:00Elegy
47Russian Poems on German texts  voc,pno1932 Song
486 Pieces in 3/4 Takt for piano  pno1933  
492 Pieces for piano op. 49  pno1933  
50Acrobats   1938 Opera
51Austrian Suite  sor1939  
52Symphony No. 1 in D major "From my Homeland" D+orc1945 38:30Symphony
53Overture to a Fairytale Opera   1946 Overture
54Marionettesnine pieces for piano pno   
55Symphony No. 2 in E flat major Eb+orc1947 32:30Symphony
56In the Parkafter Curt Bohmer  1946 Song cycle
57Heitere Suite  orc1939 Suite
58Adria (Yugoslav) Suite  orc1940 Suite
59Lyrica Nova  pno1940  
60Piano Sonata No. 2 in C minor C- 1941 Piano Sonata
61Miscellana  pno1941  
62Sternflug des Herzenstexts of Grete Korber voc,pno1942 Song cycle
634 Pieces, suite for violin and piano  vln,pno1945 Suite
643 Mazurkas for piano  pno1945 Mazurka
654 Pieces for piano op. 65  pno1946  
666 Preludes op. 66   1947 Prelude
674 Songs for singer and piano after Josef Bubl  voc,pno1947 Song cycle
68The Adventures of Tom Sawyer  pno1947  
693 Songs after poems of Arthur Schopenhauer   1948 Song cycle
705 Studies on WomenCinq Esquisses de Femmes  1950  
713 Melodramas   1950  
726 Songs op. 72   1951 Song
733 Songs op. 73   1951 Song
743 Songs after Edmund Schwab   1952 Song
 Dumka (Andantina)  pno   
 Lysette     Song
 My Mother     Song
 Olympic Scherzo for orchestra     Scherzo
 Preludium for pianoDedicated to his wife Mies. pno1934 Prelude
 Picture of Warafter Balmont    Song
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