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7 may 1833(Hamburg) - 3 apr 1897(Vienna)

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bookJAN SWAFFORD Johannes Brahms : A Biography
Vintage, 1999; ISBN 0679745823; 752 pages
A New York Times Notable Book "This brilliant and magisterial book is a very good bet to...become the definitive study of Johannes Brahms."-- The Plain Dealer Judicious, compassionate, and full of insight into Brahms's human complexity as well as his music, Johannes Brahms is an indispensable biography. Proclaimed the new messiah of Romanticism by Robert Schumann when he was only twenty, Johannes Brahms dedicated himself to a long and extraordinarily productive career. In this book, Jan Swafford sets out to reveal the little-known Brahms, the boy who grew up in mercantile Hamburg and played piano in beer halls among prostitutes and drunken sailors, the fiercely self-protective man who thwarted future biographers by burning papers, scores and notebooks late in his life. Making unprecedented use of the remaining archival material, Swafford offers richly expanded perspectives on Brahms's youth, on his difficult romantic life--particularly his longstanding relationship with Clara Schumann--and on his professional rivalry with Lizst and Wagner. "[ Johannes Brahms ] will no doubt stand as the definitive work on Brahms, one of the monumental biographies in the entire musical library."-- London Weekly Standard "It is a measure of the accomplishment of Jan Swafford's biography that Brahms's sadness becomes palpable.... [Swafford] manages to construct a full-bodied human being."-- The New York Times Book Review Price indication: $ 12.35
bookKarl Geiringer Brahms, His Life and Work (Da Capo Paperback)
Da Capo Press, 1984; ISBN 0306802236; 432 pages
Karl Geiringer's biography of Brahms is generally regarded as the finest study of the composer ever published in any language. It is based upon the great body of material in the archives of the Viennese Society of Friends, for which Dr. Geiringer was curator from 1930–1938, and which contains more than a thousand letters written by and to Brahms. These letters, exchanged with family and with his famous contemporaries, reveal his loneliness, grim humor, loyalty, painful shyness, and enthusiasm for the music of Beethoven and Schubert—moods that the self-effacing composer did not publicly display. Divided into sections on Brahms's solitary, scholarly existence and his fruitful composing career—including examinations of rare first drafts—the biography relates how crises in Brahms's personal life were translated into his music, and how he often managed to ignore or suppress them. Supplemented with a new appendix on "Brahms as a Reader and Collector," this third edition of a classic biography is both a literary and musicological event. Price indication: $ 18.00
bookMichael Musgrave and Julian Rushton Brahms: A German Requiem (Cambridge Music Handbooks)
Cambridge University Press, 1996; ISBN 0521409950; 112 pages
The German Requiem is Brahms' largest work, written for orchestra, chorus and two soloists. It made Brahms an international name, and the scope and technique of the composition brought him not only a new audience but also comparison with Bach and Beethoven. In the past fifty years it has found new critical support as an original and progressive work. This detailed study examines its history and controversial reception, analyzes its textual and musical structure, and discusses performing traditions from Brahms' time until the present. Price indication: $ 19.99
bookLeonard Van Camp A Practical Guide for Performing, Teaching, and Singing the Brahms Requiem
Alfred Publishing Co., Inc., 2002-12; ISBN 0757998593; 168 pages
This book is intended to help those who are contemplating performing or studying the Brahms Requiem. It provides historical information, performance considerations, musical analysis, and resource material for all who enjoy the musicology behind this magnificent work. It is especially directed toward conductors, but it is also useful for choristers and soloists as well. A wonderful instructional tool! Price indication: $ 24.86
bookMichael Musgrave The Cambridge Companion to Brahms (Cambridge Companions to Music)
Cambridge University Press, 1999; ISBN 0521485819; 348 pages
This Companion gives a comprehensive view of the German composer Johannes Brahms (1833-97). Twelve chapters by leading scholars and musicians provide systematic coverage of the composer's life and works. Their essays represent the latest research and reflect changing attitudes toward a composer whose public image has long been out of date. The volume as a whole is an important addition to Brahms scholarship and provides indispensable information for all students and enthusiasts of Brahms's music. Price indication: $ 29.99
bookColin Lawson and Julian Rushton Brahms: Clarinet Quintet (Cambridge Music Handbooks)
Cambridge University Press, 1998; ISBN 0521588316; 132 pages
Regarded by many as Brahms' first real chamber work, the Clarinet Quintet is here placed in the context of chamber music in general, Brahms' own earlier music, and the history and repertory of the clarinet generally. In addition to providing a detailed analysis, Colin Lawson pays special attention to performance traditions and also to the influence of Brahms' music on later composers. This handbook is the first comprehensive study of this work and it reflects the author's wide experience both as performer and scholar. Price indication: $ 23.99
bookMichael Musgrave and Bernard D. Sherman Performing Brahms: Early Evidence of Performance Style (Musical Performance and Reception)
Cambridge University Press, 2003-10-13; ISBN 0521652731; 412 pages
Although the music of Brahms is central to the lives of classical performers and listeners, few know how Brahms and his contemporaries performed his music. This study brings most of the available evidence into a single volume, along with commentary by leading Brahms experts. Most importantly, the book contains an unique CD of historic recordings--including an actual performance by Brahms--which provides tangible insight and a greater appreciation of the composer. Price indication: $ 111.97
bookMike Venezia Johannes Brahms (Getting to Know the World's Greatest Composers)
Children's Press (CT), 1999; ISBN 0516264672; 32 pages
Presents a biography of Johannes Brahms Price indication: $ 6.95
bookEric Sams The Songs of Johannes Brahms
Yale University Press, 2000; ISBN 0300079621; 384 pages
Brahms' song writing has received harsh treatment throughout the past centuries. In a book which will transform the way we understand (and listen to) Brahms' works for voice, Sams reveals the depth of the composer's 'verbal expressiveness'- an accomplishment that effectively established a new language; musical form became a medium for poetic dialogue. With the addition of an incisive introduction to the composer as song-writer and to his specific use of motifs, this is an unrivalled and complete analysis, an invaluable companion for students, performers and listeners. Price indication: $ 47.50
bookLeon Botstein The Compleat Brahms: A Guide to the Musical Works of Johannes
W. W. Norton & Company, 1999; ISBN 0393047083; 448 pages
<strong>The 1997 centennial of Brahms's death has intensified interest among concertgoers and music lovers in the composer's prodigious body of work.</strong> For all those eager to delve more deeply into Brahms's music, The Compleat Brahms is an indispensable companion. In a single volume that covers every work written by Brahms, leading scholars from across the country provide details of each work's composition and discuss its important stylistic features. Interspersed are fascinating essays — such as "Brahms, Joachim, and the Schumanns" — that bring the composer and his contemporaries to life. Much more than a collection of program notes, The Compleat Brahms vividly portrays the work and world of one of the giants of Western music history. . Price indication: $ 35.00
bookJohannes Brahms and Styra Avins and Josef Eisinger Johannes Brahms: Life and Letters
Oxford University Press, 2001; ISBN 0199247730; 912 pages
This book is the first comprehensive collection of the letters of Johannes Brahms ever to appear in English. Over 550 are included, virtually all uncut, and there are over a dozen published here for the first time in any language. Although he corresponded throughout his life with some of the great performers, composers, musicologists, writers, scientists, and artists of the day, and although thousands of his letters have survived, English readers have until now had scant opportunity to meet Brahms in person, through his words, and in his own voice. The letters in this volume range from 1848 to just before his death. They include most of Brahm's letters to Robert Schumann, over a hundred letters to Clara Schumann, and the complete Brahms-Wagner correspondence. They are joined by a running commentary to form an absorbing narrative, documented with scholarly care, provided with comprehensive notes, but written for the general music lover--the result is a lively biography. The work is generously illustrated, and contains several detailed appendices and an index. Price indication: $ 85.00
bookMargaret Notley Lateness and Brahms: Music and Culture in the Twilight of Viennese Liberalism (Ams Studies in Music)
Oxford University Press, USA, 2006-11-30; ISBN 0195305477; 254 pages
Lateness and Brahms takes up the fascinating, yet understudied problem of how Brahms fits into the culture of turn-of-the-century Vienna. Brahms's conspicuous and puzzling absence in previous scholarly accounts of the time and place raises important questions, and as Margaret Notley demonstrates, the tendency to view him in neutralized, ahistorical terms has made his music seem far less interesting than it truly is. In pursuit of an historical Brahms, Notley focuses on the later chamber music, drawing on various documents and perspectives, but with particular emphasis on the relevance of Western Marxist critical traditions. Price indication: $ 31.08
bookAnn Rachlin and Susan Hellard Brahms (Famous Children Series)
Barron's Educational Series, 1993; ISBN 0812015428; 24 pages
A biography of the nineteenth-century German composer with emphasis on his childhood and early musical training. Price indication: $ 7.99
bookWalter Frisch and Kevin C. Karnes Brahms and His World: Revised Edition (The Bard Music Festival)
Princeton University Press, 2009-07-06; ISBN 0691143447; 480 pages
Since its first publication in 1990, Brahms and His World has become a key text for listeners, performers, and scholars interested in the life, work, and times of one of the nineteenth century's most celebrated composers. In this substantially revised and enlarged edition, the editors remain close to the vision behind the original book while updating its contents to reflect new perspectives on Brahms that have developed over the past two decades. To this end, the original essays by leading experts are retained and revised, and supplemented by contributions from a new generation of Brahms scholars. Together, they consider such topics as Brahms's relationship with Clara and Robert Schumann, his musical interactions with the "New German School" of Wagner and Liszt, his influence upon Arnold Schoenberg and other young composers, his approach to performing his own music, and his productive interactions with visual artists. The essays are complemented by a new selection of criticism and analyses of Brahms's works published by the composer's contemporaries, documenting the ways in which Brahms's music was understood by nineteenth- and early twentieth-century audiences in Europe and North America. A new selection of memoirs by Brahms's friends, students, and early admirers provides intimate glimpses into the composer's working methods and personality. And a catalog of the music, literature, and visual arts dedicated to Brahms documents the breadth of influence exerted by the composer upon his contemporaries. Price indication: $ 23.00
bookGeorge Bozarth and Wiltrud Martin The Brahms-Keller Correspondence
University of Nebraska Press, 1996-10-01; ISBN 0803212380; 321 pages
For two decades, beginning in the early 1870s, Robert Keller, music editor for N. Simrock Verlag in Berlin, worked with diligence and devotion to usher into print most of Johannes Brahms's major compositions, including all four of his symphonies, the Violin Concerto, the Double Concerto, the Second Piano Concerto, and numerous chamber, choral, and vocal works. This volume collects for the first time the complete extant correspondence between Brahms and Keller, as preserved in the collections of the Library of Congress and the Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde in Vienna. To read their correspondence is to witness a relationship of mutual respect and increasing friendship and to gain an appreciation for the meticulous labor that went into the publication of Brahms's masterpieces. Keller’s admiration for the composer's genius was answered by Brahms's affection for Keller’s diligence and musical expertise. The vicissitudes of the publication process from composer’s manuscript to printed score are documented in fascinating detail. This edition includes a transcription of the letters in the original German. Price indication: $ 13.42
bookReinhold Brinkmann Late Idyll : The Second Symphony of Johannes Brahms
Harvard University Press, 1997-09-15; ISBN 067451176X; 256 pages
Though central to our concert and recording repertory, and crucial to the history of the symphony, the four symphonies of Johannes Brahms have proved surprisingly resistant to critical analysis. In this brief, elegant book, a premier musicologist conducts us through the Second Symphony to show us what is unique and remarkable about this particular work and what it reveals about the composer and his time. Reinhold Brinkmann guides us through the symphony movement by movement, examining musical ideas in all their compositional facets and placing them in the context of major trends in the intellectual history of late nineteenth-century Europe. He delineates connections between this symphony and the composer's other works and traces its relation to the music of Brahms's predecessors, particularly Beethoven. The product of a long and deep engagement with the music of Brahms, Late Idyll captures the spirit of the composer, probes the impulses behind his revisions of the original manuscript, and explores the meaning of the disparity between the first two movements of the symphony and the last. The result is a penetrating reading of a perplexing and important composition, clearly placed within its biographical, historical, and artistic context. It will engage and enlighten students and concertgoers alike. Price indication: $ 34.97
bookMichael Musgrave The Music of Brahms (Companions to the Great Composers)
Routledge Kegan & Paul, 1986; ISBN 071009776X; 329 pages
Michael Musgrave presents a contemporary view of Brahms 150 years after his birth, seeing him not simply as the "conservative" figure so often stressed in the past, but as one who creatively reinterpreted a wider range of historical elements than any composer of his time. Brahms absorbed his studies directly into his music making and composition and in so doing helped to evolve not merely a personal language which was regarded as progressive and sometimes difficult by a range of contemporaries and successors, but also helped to establish an ethos of historical reference which anticipates the twentieth century. The Music of Brahms concentrates on the music, with Brahms's life discussed briefly in the introduction. The works are considered in four phases according to genre, with an emphasis on connection and on the development and elaboration of a unified language. The list of works includes recent discoveries and a calendar outlines the pattern of his musical life, including relevant information concerning performances. Price indication: $ 49.95
bookDaniel Beller-McKenna Brahms and the German Spirit
Harvard University Press, 2004; ISBN 0674013182; 258 pages
The music of Johannes Brahms is deeply colored, Daniel Beller-McKenna shows, by nineteenth-century German nationalism and by Lutheran religion. Focusing on the composer's choral works, the author offers new insight on the cultural grounding for Brahms's music. Music historians have been reluctant to address Brahms's Germanness, wary perhaps of fascist implications. Beller-McKenna counters this tendency; by giving an account of the intertwining of nationalism, politics, and religion that underlies major works, he restores Brahms to his place in nineteenth-century German culture. The author explores Brahms's interest in the folk element in old church music; the intense national pride expressed in works such as the Triumphlied; the ways Luther's Bible and Lutheranism are reflected in Brahms's music; and the composer's ideas about nation building. The final chapter looks at Brahms's nationalistic image as employed by the National Socialists, 1933-1945, and as witnessed earlier in the century (including the complication of rumors that Brahms was Jewish). In comparison to the overtly nationalist element in Wagner's music, the German elements in Brahms's style have been easy to overlook. This nuanced study uncovers those nationalistic elements, enriching our understanding both of Brahms's art and of German culture. (20060101) Price indication: $ 43.40
bookMichael Musgrave The Music of Brahms (Clarendon Paperbacks)
Oxford University Press, USA, 1994; ISBN 0198164017; 352 pages
Michael Musgrave presents a contemporary view of Brahms 150 years after his birth, seeing him not simply as the "conservative" figure so often stressed in the past, but as one who creatively reinterpreted a wider range of historical elements than any composer of his time. Brahms absorbed his studies directly into his music making and composition and in so doing helped to evolve not merely a personal language which was regarded as progressive and sometimes difficult by a range of contemporaries and successors, but also helped to establish an ethos of historical reference which anticipates the twentieth century. The Music of Brahms concentrates on the music, with Brahms's life discussed briefly in the introduction. The works are considered in four phases according to genre, with an emphasis on connection and on the development and elaboration of a unified language. The list of works includes recent discoveries and a calendar outlines the pattern of his musical life, including relevant information concerning performances. Price indication: $ 45.00
bookMichael Musgrave A Brahms Reader
Yale University Press, 2000; ISBN 0300068042; 362 pages
This engaging account of the life of Johannes Brahms provides a fuller portrait of the German composer than ever before. Eminent Brahms scholar Michael Musgrave draws on a wide array of documentation to illuminate Brahms`s personality; his outlook as a composer; his activities as pianist, conductor, scholar, and traveler; his friendship with Robert and Clara Schumann; and much more. Price indication: $ 98.99

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German Requiem: Op. 45, in Full Score (Dover Miniature Scores) - Dover Publications

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Johannes Brahms: Complete Symphonies in Full Score (Vienna Gesellschaft Der Musikfreunde Edition) - Dover Publications

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