Giacomo Carissimi

18 apr 1605 (Marino) - 12 jan 1674 (Rome)
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Worklist for Giacomo Carissimi

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name cmt key instr year time genre
49 works
A piè d'un verde alloro     Hymn
Ahi, non torna     Hymn
Alleluja, jubilat Ecclesia     Hymn
Amarilla, Mia Bella     Hymn
Anima Nostra     Hymn
Annuntiate gentes     Hymn
Apritevi inferni     Hymn
Ardens est cor meum (nostrum)     Hymn
Aria romanesca     Hymn
Benedictus Deus et Pater     Hymn
Cantabo Domino     Hymn
Confitemini Domino     Hymn
Cum reverteretur David     Hymn
Damnatorum Lamentatio     Hymn
De Tempore Interfecto Sisara     Hymn
Deh, memoria     Hymn
Desiderata Nobis     Hymn
Detesta la cativa sorte in amore (E pur vuole     Hymn
Dialogo del Gigante Golia     Hymn
Dicite nobis     Hymn
Diluvium universale     Hymn
Domine quis habitat     Hymn
Domine, Deus Gloriosum     Hymn
Ecce nos reliquimus omnia     Hymn
Emendemus in melius     Hymn
Exulta gaude filia Sion     Hymn
Exulta, Gaude     Hymn
Exurge cor meum in cithara     Hymn
Ezechia     Hymn
Felicitas Beatorum     Hymn
Feriae quintae in Coena Domini, Lecto Secunda     Hymn
Historia di Abraham et Isaac     Hymn
Historia divitis "Dives malus"     Hymn
Hymnum jucunditatis cantemus     Hymn
Il mio core è un mar di pianti     Hymn
Immensus caeli conditor     Hymn
In te, Domine, speravi     Hymn
Jephte     Oratorio
Jonas     Oratorio
Missa septimi toni     Hymn
Mortalis homo     Hymn
Nisi Dominus     4:00Hymn
No, non si speri     Hymn
O Dylcissimum Mariae Nomen     Hymn
O Felix Anima     Song
O Ignis Sancte     Hymn
Sed Frustra Gementes     Hymn
Vanitas Vanitatum     Hymn
Vittoria, Vittoria!     Hymn
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