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Ferdinando Carulli

10 feb 1770 (Napoli) - 17 feb 1841(Paris)
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Worklist for Ferdinando Carulli

Ferdinando Maria Meinrado Francesco Pascale Rosario Carulli.

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name cmt key instr year time genre
41 works
2Serenade in C major  cha  Serenade
3Ariettes and Romances3 Ariettes and 3 Romances gui   
5Sonata for Guitar Op. 5  gui  7:30Sonata
7:1Sonata for guitar in C major C+gui  Sonata
8aConcerto for Guitar in A major A+gui  Concerto
93 Trios for 2 Violins and Basso Continuo  vln   
16Grand Sonata  gui  6:00 
21:1Sonata for piano and guitar op. 21:1  gui  14:00Sonata
21:2Sonata for piano and guitar op. 21:2  pno,gui  20:00Sonata
21:3Sonata for piano and guitar op. 21:3  pno,gui  15:00Sonata
323 Waltzes for guitar and piano  gui  7:30 
343 Duos for 2 Guitars  gui   
516 Duos for Fl/Vln and Guitar  gui   
56Sonatina for Guitar, Op. 56  gui   
58:3Sonata for guitar op. 58:3  gui  Sonata
70Gran Duo for Guitar and Piano in D major D+gui  15:00 
86Gran Duo for Guitar and Piano in E minor E-gui  16:30 
923 Petits Duos for Guitar and Piano  gui   
963 Serenades  gui  Serenade
1043 duos for flute and guitar op. 104  gui   
1096 Serenades for flute and guitar  flu   
11424 Preludes for guitar  gui   
115Notturno for flute & guitar in D major D+gui  10:30 
119Nocturne for Flute, Violin and Guitar, no 2  flu,vln,gui  Nocturne
134Duo for guitar & piano in D major D+gui  12:00 
1372 Duos for Viola and Guitar  gui   
140Concerto for Guitar in A "Petit Concerto de Société""Petit Concerto de Société"A+gui  9:30Concerto
155Andante variée for 2 Guitars  gui  Andante
1582 Duos for Flute and Guitar  gui   
164Larghetto and Variations for 2 Guitarswork from Mozart gui   
167Andante and Rondeau for 2 guitarsTheme from Mozart gui  Andante
169Variations de Beethoven for guitar & piano in F major F+gui  11:00Variations
190Nocturne for flute & guitar in A major A+   Nocturne
194Variations on an old Shepard's song  gui  1:45Variations
207Concerto for flute, guitar & orchestra in G     Concerto
2332 Duos pour Piano et Guitare  gui  9:30 
2623 petits solos  gui   
270Menuets for guitar  gui   
3093 Petits Duo concertants fr Violin and Guitar  gui   
337Fantasia on Themes from Bellini's "Il Pirata"For flute and guitar flu  Fantasy
 18 duos brillants et faciles pour 2 guitares  gui   
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