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14 nov 1900 (Brooklyn) - 2 dec 1990 (New York)

Books about Aaron Copland and his music

bookAlan Rich and Aaron Copland and William Schuman What to Listen for in Music (Signet Classics (Paperback))
Signet Classics, 2002; ISBN 0451528670; 304 pages
"The definitive guide to musical enjoyment" ( Forum ) with over 1.5 million copies in print. Price indication: $ 7.95
bookMike Venezia Aaron Copland (Getting to Know the World's Greatest Composers)
Children's Press (CT), 1995; ISBN 0516445383; 32 pages
Focuses on the life and music of the composer who brought American themes to classical music in such works as "El Salon Mexico" and "Billy the Kid.". Price indication: $ 6.95
bookAaron Copland What to Listen for in Music
McGraw Hill, 1957; ISBN 7018981026 Price indication: $ 1.99
bookDaniel Felsenfeld and Charles Ives and Aaron Copland Charles Ives and Aaron Copland : A Listener's Guide (Parallel Lives)
Amadeus Press, 2004; ISBN 1574670980; 224 pages
Charles Ives and Aaron Copland are two composers whose works define what is now considered to be the "American sound" in classical music. Though they couldn’t have been more different in disposition, these two brilliant minds helped shape the musical consciousness of an entire era. Ives and Copland: A Listener’s Guide explains—in vivid, picturesque detail—why we still listen with admiration to the work of these men, and how their personalities and the era in which they lived affected their music. The accompanying CD includes a sampling of their music from masterworks such as Appalachian Spring and The Unanswered Question to less common (yet every bit as worthwhile) gems. Guided listenings deliver a comprehensive account of exactly how the pieces work. Though these men don’t lack for documentation, Ives and Copland: A Listener’s Guide is an easier, more intimate introduction to their work and lives for the layman or neophyte—or even for the musician—who wants to know more about these composers. Price indication: $ 16.97
bookCarol J. Oja and Judith Tick Aaron Copland and His World (The Bard Music Festival)
Princeton University Press, 2005-08-01; ISBN 0691124701; 568 pages
Aaron Copland and His World reassesses the legacy of one of America's best-loved composers at a pivotal moment--as his life and work shift from the realm of personal memory to that of history. This collection of seventeen essays by distinguished scholars of American music explores the stages of cultural change on which Copland's long life (1900 to 1990) unfolded: from the modernist experiments of the 1920s, through the progressive populism of the Great Depression and the urgencies of World War II, to postwar political backlash and the rise of serialism in the 1950s and the cultural turbulence of the 1960s. Continually responding to an ever-changing political and cultural panorama, Copland kept a firm focus on both his private muse and the public he served. No self-absorbed recluse, he was very much a public figure who devoted his career to building support systems to help composers function productively in America. This book critiques Copland's work in these shifting contexts. The topics include Copland's role in shaping an American school of modern dance; his relationship with Leonard Bernstein; his homosexuality, especially as influenced by the writings of André Gide; and explorations of cultural nationalism. Copland's rich correspondence with the composer and critic Arthur Berger, who helped set the parameters of Copland's reception, is published here in its entirety, edited by Wayne Shirley. The contributors include Emily Abrams, Paul Anderson, Elliott Antokoletz, Leon Botstein, Martin Brody, Elizabeth Crist, Morris Dickstein, Lynn Garafola, Melissa de Graaf, Neil Lerner, Gail Levin, Beth Levy, Vivian Perlis, Howard Pollack, and Larry Starr. Price indication: $ 24.98
bookAaron Copland Music and Imagination. (Charles Eliot Norton Lectures)
Harvard University Press, 1972; ISBN 0674589157; 128 pages
One of the most forthright and talented of American composers writes here of the part played by the freely imaginative mind in composing, performing, and listening to music. He urges more frequent performance and more sensitive hearing of the music of new composers. He discusses sound media, new and old, and looks toward a musical future in which the timbres and intensities developed by the electronic engineer may find their musical shape and meaning. He considers the twentieth-century revolt against classical form and tonality, and the recent disturbing political interference with the form and content of music. He analyzes American and contemporary European music and the flowering of specifically Western imagination in Villa-Lobos and Charles Ives. The final chapter is an account, partially autobiographical, of the composer who seeks to find, in an industrial society like that of the United States, justification for the life of art in the life about him. Mr. Copeland, whose spectacular success in arriving at a musical vernacular has brought him a wide audience, will acquire as many readers as he has listeners with this imaginatively written book. Price indication: $ 13.50
bookHoward Pollack Aaron Copland: THE LIFE AND WORK OF AN UNCOMMON MAN (Music in American Life)
University of Illinois Press, 2000-03-08; ISBN 0252069005; 728 pages
One of America's most beloved and accomplished composers, Aaron Copland played a crucial role in the coming of age of American music. This substantial biography is the first full-length scholarly study of Copland's life and work. A conductor, music critic, and teacher who wrote clearly and accessibly about music, Copland composed some of the twentieth century's most familiar works - Billy the Kid, Rodeo, Appalachian Spring, Fanfare for the Common Man - in addition to a wealth of music for opera, ballet, chorus, orchestra, chamber ensemble, band, radio, and film. Howard Pollack's expansive and detailed biography examines Copland's musical development, his political sympathies, his personal life, and his tireless encouragement of younger composers, presenting a balanced and skillfully wrought portrait of an American original. Price indication: $ 30.20
bookLarry Starr and Michael J. Budds The Dickinson Songs of Aaron Copland (Cms Sourcebooks in American Music)
Pendragon Press, 2003; ISBN 157647092X; 138 pages Price indication: $ 32.00
bookHoward Pollack Aaron Copland: The Life and Work of an Uncommon Man
Henry Holt & Company, 1999; ISBN 0805049096; 702 pages
A candid and fascinating portrait of the American composer. The son of Russian-Jewish immigrants, Aaron Copland (1900-1990) became one of America's most beloved and esteemed composers. His work, which includes Fanfare for the Common Man, A Lincoln Portrait, and Appalachian Spring, has been honored by a huge following of devoted listeners. But the full richness of Copland's life and accomplishments has never, until now, been documented or understood. Howard Pollack's meticulously researched and engrossing biography explores the symphony of Copland's life: his childhood in Brooklyn; his homosexuality; Paris in the early 1920s; the Alfred Stieglitz circle; his experimentation with jazz; the communist witch trials; Hollywood in the forties; public disappointment with his later, intellectual work; and his struggle with Alzheimer's disease. Furthermore, Pollack presents informed discussions of Copland's music, explaining and clarifying its newness and originality, its aesthetic and social aspects, its distinctive and enduring personality. Price indication: $ 90.00
bookAaron Copland The Selected Correspondence of Aaron Copland
Yale University Press, 2006-04-26; ISBN 0300111215; 288 pages
This is the first book devoted to the correspondence of composer Aaron Copland, covering his life from age eight to eighty-seven. The chronologically arranged collection includes letters to many significant figures in American twentieth-century music as well as Copland’s friends, family, teachers, and colleagues. Selected for readability, interest, and the light they cast upon the composer’s thoughts and career, the letters are carefully annotated and each published in its entirety. Copland was a gifted and natural letter writer who revealed much more about himself in his letters than in formal writings in which he was conscious of his position as spokesman for modern music. The collected letters offer insights into his music, personality, and ideas, along with fascinating glimpses into the lives of such other well-known musicians as Leonard Bernstein, Carlos Chávez, William Schuman, and Virgil Thomson. Price indication: $ 16.99
bookAaron Copland The New Music: 1900-1960: Revised And Enlarged
W.W. Norton & Company, 1969 Price indication: $ 29.95
bookAaron Copland and Vivian Perlis Copland: Since 1943
St. Martin's Press, 1999; ISBN 0312050666; 463 pages
Hailed as important, entertaining, and revealing, Copland: Since 1943 is composer Aaron Copland's irresistible account of the latter half of his career--a career that brought us such pioneering works as Appalachian Spring and Lincoln Portrait , the movie scores for Of Mice and Men and Our Town , and numerous other orchestral and chamber works. It tells the story of how a self-described "brash young man from Brooklyn" went on to become one of the founding fathers of "serious" American music. Featuring cameos by luminaries such as Leonard Bernstein, Martha Graham, Agnes de Mille, Benny Goodman, and other peers of Aaron Copland during this explosively creative period, Copland: Since 1943 is an invaluable memoir that charts the crescendo of one of the most accomplished careers in the modern canon. Price indication: $ 5.49
bookRichard Kostelanetz Aaron Copland: A Reader: Selected Writings, 1923-1972
Routledge, 2003-10-28; ISBN 0415939402; 368 pages
Text provides an overview of Aaron Copland's writings, taken from his books, essays, and diary. DLC: Copland, Aaron, 1900- . Price indication: $ 26.95
bookAaron Copland and Vivian Perlis Copland: 1900-1942
St. Martin's Press, 1987; ISBN 0312011490; 402 pages
Aaron Copland is one of America's most beloved musical pioneers, famous for Appalachian Spring, Billy the Kid , and Lincoln Portrait , as well as the movie scores for "Our Town" and "Of Mice and Men," and numerous orchestral and chamber works. This candid, colorful memoir begins with Copland's Brooklyn childhood and takes us through his years in Paris, the creation of his early works, and his arrival at Tanglewood. Rich with remembrances from Leonard Bernstein, Virgil Thomson, and Nadia Boulanger, as well as a trove of letters, photographs, and scores from Copland's collection, this is one of our most vivid musical autobiographies, and an enduring record of an American maestro's explosively creative coming of age. Price indication: $ 19.95
bookCatherine Owens Peare Aaron Copland, his life
Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1969; ISBN 0030720656; 148 pages
A biography of one of the prominent twentieth-century American composers whose music encompasses many forms including opera, ballet, symphony, and concerto. Price indication: $ 46.94
bookNeil Butterworth The Music of Aaron Copland
Universe Pub, 1986; ISBN 0876634951; 262 pages
Aaron Copland was one of the twentieth century's most popular and distinguished composers. Copland was born in 1900 in Brooklyn, where he began his musical career, before moving to the Paris in the 1920s, where Stravinsky, Prokofiev and Les Six were the centre of attention. On his return to the United States at the end of the decade he began to produce a series of works which could leave no one in any doubt that American composers were capable of writing music equal to the best of their European contemporaries. This chronological survey of Copland's work discusses ever one of his compositions and examines his influential writings on music. Profusely illustrated with music examples and photographs, it includes a conversation on the piano music with Aaron Copland and Leo Smit and also features sketches of Copland in rehearsal by Milein Cosman. NEIL BUTTERWORTH was formerly Head of Music at Napier College, Edinburgh. Price indication: $ 1.79
bookAaron Copland Copland on Music
Da Capo Press, 1977; ISBN 0306707756; 285 pages Price indication: $ 15.83
bookDobrin A Aaron Copland His Life and Times
Ty Crowell Co, 2000-01; ISBN 0690050712 Price indication: $ 5.72
bookAaron Copland and Vivian Perlis Copland : 1900 through 1942
William A. Thomas Braille Bookstore, 1994-01-01; ISBN 1569564965
Aaron Copland is one of America's most beloved musical pioneers, famous for Appalachian Spring, Billy the Kid , and Lincoln Portrait , as well as the movie scores for "Our Town" and "Of Mice and Men," and numerous orchestral and chamber works. This candid, colorful memoir begins with Copland's Brooklyn childhood and takes us through his years in Paris, the creation of his early works, and his arrival at Tanglewood. Rich with remembrances from Leonard Bernstein, Virgil Thomson, and Nadia Boulanger, as well as a trove of letters, photographs, and scores from Copland's collection, this is one of our most vivid musical autobiographies, and an enduring record of an American maestro's explosively creative coming of age. Price indication: $ 67.50
bookArnold Dobrin Aaron Copland, his life and times
Thomas Y. Crowell Co, 1967; 211 pages Price indication: $ 3.49

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Masterworks Full Score: Ballet Music (Billy the Kid Suite, Four Dance Episodes from Rodeo, Appalachian Spring) (The Masterworks Library) - Boosey & Hawkes Music Publishers Ltd

Old American Songs Complete High Voice (Bk/CD) with Piano Accompaniments (BH Voice) - Boosey & Hawkes US

The Copland Piano Collection (BH Piano) - BOOSEY & HAWKES US

The Copland Violin Collection: 13 Pieces for Violin and Piano - Boosey and Hawkes

The Tender Land Opera in Three Acts (BH Stage Works, Vocal Score) - Boosey & Hawkes

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