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27 jan 1928 (Bordeaux) -
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Jean-Michel Damase (born 27 January 1928 in Bordeaux, France)[1] is a French pianist, conductor and composer of classical music.

Damase was studying with Marcel Samuel-Rousseau at age five and composing by age nine[2]. He was admitted to the Conservatoire de Paris in 1940, studying with Alfred Cortot for piano, and won first prize for piano in 1943[3], afterwards studying with Henri Büsser, Marcel Dupré and Claude Delvincourt for composition[4] - winning his first prize for composition in 1947, in which year he won the Grand Prix de Rome[5] (In this year he wrote his trio for flute, viola and harp which has several times been recorded.)

He made the first complete recording of Gabriel Fauré's nocturnes and barcaroles, for which he received the Grand Prix du Disque.[6]

Selected compositions

  • Symphony (1952)[7]
  • Serenade for strings (1959)[8]
  • Concerto for harpsichord or harp and small orchestra (1984)[10]
  • Concerto for viola, harp and string orchestra (1990)
Chamber music
  • Trio for flute, cello and harp (1947)[11]
  • Trio for flute, viola and harp (1947)[12]
  • Trio for flute, hautbois and piano (1962)
  • Quintet for flute, harp and string trio, op. 2 (1948)[13]
  • Aria for cello (or viola, or alto saxophone) and piano, op. 7 (1949)
  • Sonate en concert for flute, piano and cello (ad libitum), op. 17 (1952)[14]
  • String Trio (1965)[15]
  • Sonata for clarinet and harp (1984)[16]
  • Intermède for viola and piano (1990)
  • Épigraphe for viola and piano (1991)
  • Ostinato for viola and piano (1991)
  • Sonata for cello and harp (2002)[17]
  • La tendre Eleonore (1958)[18]
  • Colombe (premiered 1961 Bordeaux)[18]
  • Eugène le mystérieux (1963)[18]
  • Le matin de Faust (1965)[18]
  • Madame de ... (1969)[18]
  • Euridice (premiered 1972 Bordeaux)[18]
  • L'héritière (1974)[18]
Film scores



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