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Francesco Durante

31 mar 1684 (Frattamaggiore) - 30 sep 1755 (Naples)
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  • HOASM - Biography, early influences, related artists, period information, Neapolitan School details, and partial discography from the Here of a Sunday Morning radio program.
  • Lied and Art song page - List of art songs with Italian texts, some English translations, from REC Music Foundation.
  • PP music - Biography showing his compositional and teaching abilities, related composers, students and others influenced by him, summary of works, commentary on La Pazzia, and discography from Promozione e Produzione Music Publishers.
  • The Durante Project - Biography, articles, repertoire list and editions related to the 18th century Neapolitan teacher and composer Francesco Durante. Designed to be scholarly yet to also showcase his music to the general public.

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