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29 apr 1899 (Washington) - 24 may 1974 (New York)

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bookAndrea Pinkney Duke Ellington: The Piano Prince and His Orchestra
Hyperion Book CH, 2007-01-01; ISBN 0786814209; 32 pages
Edward Kennedy " Duke" Ellington, " King of the Keys," was born on April 29, 1899, in Washington, D.C. " He was a smooth-talkin', slick-steppin', piano-playin' kid," writes master wordsmith Andrea Pinkney in the rhythmic, fluid, swinging prose of this excellent biography for early readers. It was ragtime music that first " set Duke's fingers to wiggling. " He got back to work and taught himself to " press on the pearlies. " Soon 19-year-old Duke was playing compositions " smoother than a hairdo sleeked with pomade" at parties, pool halls, country clubs, and cabarets. Skipping from D.C. To 1920s Harlem, " the place where jazz music ruled," Duke and his small band called the Washingtonians began performing in New York City clubs, including the Cotton Club, where Duke Ellington and his Orchestra was officially born. By 1943, Duke Ellington--writer of more than 1000 compositions, including ballet and film scores, orchestral suites, musicals, and choral works--had made it all the way to Carnegie Hall. We applaud this talented husband-and-wife team--award-winning illustrator Brian Pinkney and writer Andrea Pinkney--for making music fly in this fantastic tribute to a jazz legend. Andrea does an extraordinary job of translating music into words, with blues " deeper than the deep blue sea" and " hot-buttered bob, with lots of sassy-cool tones," while her husband visually interprets the movement of music as spirals, waves, and swirls of color, prepared as scratchboard renderings with luma dyes, gouache, and oil paint. Andrea writes, " Toby let loose on his sleek brass sax, curling his notes like a kite tail in the wind. A musical loop-de-loop, with a serious twist," while Brian paints those curling notes, the loop-de-loops, and the kite sailing up to the New York City skyline. Young readers will enjoy the rhythm and beauty of the story itself, and may even be inspired to give Raffi a rest and swing with the Duke! (Great read-aloud, ages 4 to 8) --Karin Snelson, Amazon. Com Kids editor Price indication: $ 2.65
bookStanley Dance The World of Duke Ellington
Da Capo Press, 2000; ISBN 0306810158; 328 pages
"The ultimate in art is self-expression, not escape."-Duke Ellington In this fascinating portrait of one of America's greatest musical legends, longtime friend and jazz historian Stanley Dance recounts the life of the incomparable Duke Ellington in his own words and in the words of the artists who played along with him: longtime co-composer Billy Strayhorn, saxophonists Johnny Hodges and Ben Webster, trumpeters Cootie Williams and Clark Terry, drummer Sonny Greer, vocalist Alice Babs, and organist Wild Bill Davis, among many others. There are also first-hand accounts of Ellington's world tours, performances in churches and the White House, interviews and public appearances, and a complete discography and chronology. The result is a timeless chronicle of the long and extraordinary career of a music master."The truest and most intimate portrait of the great Ellington that we have."-Whitney Balliett Price indication: $ 18.00
bookDuke Ellington Duke Ellington - An American Composer
Hal Leonard Corporation, 1995; ISBN 0793540127; 144 pages
This beautiful collection features 36 songs by this American master. An extensive section of text includes facts about Duke Ellington's life, and articles on Ellington the composer, the pianist, the bandleader, and the recording studio aficionado. Each section of text is illustrated by photos. All the major songs by Duke Ellington are presented: Caravan * Day Dream * Do Nothin' Till You Hear from Me * Don't Get Around Much Anymore * Drop Me Off in Harlem * I Didn't Know About You * In a Sentimental Mood * It Don't Mean a Thing * Satin Doll * Solitude * Sophisticated Lady * and many others. Also includes long-out-of-print songs from Ellington's only Broadway show, Beggar's Holiday. Price indication: $ 17.95
bookJanna Tull Steed Duke Ellington, A Spiritual Biography (Lives & Legacies Series)
Crossroad General Interest, 1999; ISBN 0824523512; 192 pages
Edward Kennedy "Duke">Ellington and his music have been an intregral part of the American scene for most of the 20th Century. Janna Tull Steed introduces the readers to the engaging, enigmatic man himself, as well as to the range of Ellington's musical achievement, with a lively mix of fact and anecdote. Price indication: $ 19.95
bookJohn Edward Hasse Beyond Category: The Life and Genius of Duke Ellington
Da Capo Press, 1995; ISBN 0306806142; 480 pages
Unlike other great bandleaders, Ellington personally created nearly all the music played by his orchestra. Using family papers, sheet music, and original recordings, Hasse provides a complete portrait of Ellington's great achievements. 119 photos. Tie-in with the October 1993 Duke Ellington Photographic Exhibition at the Museum of New York. Price indication: $ 18.00
bookMike Venezia Duke Ellington (Getting to Know the World's Greatest Composers)
Childrens Press Chicago, 1996; ISBN 0516445405; 32 pages
Mike Venezia provides a light-hearted, yet realistic view of the life of Ellington. With colour pictures and clever illustrations children can learn about music in a fun way, opening up the world of music to them for the rest of their lives. Price indication: $ 6.95
bookJohn Franceschina Duke Ellington's Music for the Theatre
McFarland & Company, 2001; ISBN 0786408561; 250 pages
Duke Ellington's son Mercer has said that his father was frustrated in only one area of musical ambition: his desire to do his own Broadway show. Though Ellington wrote many theatrical pieces, he was never able to achieve success as a composer for the stage, and today his stage shows receive little attention from music historians. Nevertheless, these works occupied a significant place in Ellington's creative imagination, and many of the ideas he employed in their composition found their way into his other work. Here is the first book to acknowledge Duke Ellington's contribution to the stage. It offers a survey of every theater piece Ellington is known to have worked on during his lifetime, beginning with the 1925 revue The Chocolate Kiddies and ending with the unfinished "street opera" Queenie Pie. This large body of work includes full-length musicals, African American revues, ballets, and incidental music. The plot of each work is described and the score analyzed according to its dramatic function in the piece. Musical phrases are reproduced in the text, and associations with other well-known Ellington compositions are noted. An appendix provides a chronological listing of Ellington's shows with song titles conveniently listed under each. Price indication: $ 39.95
bookStephanie Stein Crease Duke Ellington: His Life in Jazz with 21 Activities (For Kids series)
Chicago Review Press, 2009-02-01; ISBN 1556527241; 140 pages
<P style="MARGIN: 0in 0in 0pt; mso-layout-grid-align: none">Duke Ellington, one of the most influential figures in American music, comes alive in this comprehensive biography with engaging activities. Ellington was an accomplished and influential jazz pianist, composer, band leader, and cultural diplomat. Activities include creating a ragtime rhythm, making a washtub bass, writing song lyrics, thinking like an arranger, and learning to dance the Lindy Hop. It explores Ellington’s life and career along with many topics related to African American history, including the Harlem Renaissance. Kids will learn about the musical evolution of jazz that coincided with Ellington’s long life from ragtime through the big band era on up to the 1970s. Kids learn how music technology has changed over the years from piano rolls to record albums through CDs, television, and portable music devices. The extensive resources include a time line, glossary, list of Ellington’s greatest recordings, related books, Web sites, and DVDs for further study. Price indication: $ 9.50
bookDuke Ellington Music Is My Mistress (Da Capo Paperback)
Da Capo Press, 1976; ISBN 0306800330; 544 pages
”Music is my mistress, and she plays second fiddle to no one.” This is the story of Duke Ellington—the story of Jazz itself. Told in his own way, in his own words, a symphony written by the King of Jazz. His story spans and defines a half-century of modern music.This man who created over 1500 compositions was as much at home in Harlem’s Cotton Club in the ‘20s as he was at a White House birthday celebration in his honor in the ‘60s. For Duke knew everyone and savored them all. Passionate about his music and the people who made music, he counted as his friends hundreds of the musicians who changed the face of music throughout the world: Bechet, Basie, Armstrong, Lena Horne, Ella Fitzgerald, Sinatra, to name a few of them. Here are 100 photographs to give us an intimate view of Duke’s world—his family, his friends, his associates.What emerges most strongly in his commitment to music, the mistress for whom he saves the fullest intensity of his passion. ”Lovers have come and gone, but only my mistress stays,” he says. He composed not only songs that all the world has sung, but also suites, sacred works, music for stage and screen and symphonies. This rich book, the embodiment of the life and works of the Duke, is replete with appendices listing singers, arrangers, lyricists and the symphony orchestras with whom the Duke played. There is a book to own and cherish by all who love Jazz and the contributions made to it by the Duke. Price indication: $ 75.00
bookAndrea Davis Pinkney Duke Ellington : The Piano Prince and His Orchestra (Caldecott Honor Book)
Jump At The Sun, 1998; ISBN 0786801786; 32 pages
The award-winning author/illustrator team of Andrea Davis Pinkney and Brian Pinkney--creators of the popular picture book "Alvin Ailey"--now present a swinging, vibrant picture book about the jazz composer Edward Kennedy Ellington, better known as "Duke" Author/illustrator publicity . Price indication: $ 10.37
bookMark Tucker The Duke Ellington Reader
Oxford University Press, USA, 1995; ISBN 0195093917; 560 pages
Duke Ellington is universally recognized as one of the towering figures of 20th-century music, both a brilliant composer and one of the preeminent musicians in jazz history. Now, in The Duke Ellington Reader, Mark Tucker offers the first historical anthology of writings about this major African-American musician. The volume includes over a hundred selections--interviews, critical essays, reviews, memoirs, and over a dozen writings by Ellington himself--with generous introductions and annotations for each selection provided by the editor. The result is a unique sourcebook that illuminates Ellington's work and reveals the profound impact his music has made on listeners over the years. The writers gathered here represent a Who's Who of jazz criticism: Gunther Schuller, Whitney Balliett, Martin Williams, Gary Giddins, Stanley Crouch, Albert Murray, Nat Hentoff, Hugues Panassie, Stanley Dance, to name just a few. Their writings span Ellington's entire career, from the days when Duke Ellington's Washingtonians appeared at New York's Club Kentucky, to the Duke's glorious reign at the Cotton Club, to his later years as global ambassador of American music. Throughout the book, the reader receives a balanced overview of Ellington's life as composer and performer, as public personality and private individual. This is a landmark volume in jazz criticism, and a kaleidoscopic portrait of Duke Ellington's creative world, documenting his extraordinary achievements as composer, songwriter, bandleader, and pianist. It is an essential companion for Ellington enthusiasts, jazz fans, and all lovers of American music. Price indication: $ 19.95
bookPeter Gammond Duke Ellington: His Life and Music (The Roots of Jazz)
Da Capo Press, 1977-06; ISBN 0306708744; 255 pages Price indication: $ 7.15
bookKen Rattenbury Duke Ellington, Jazz Composer
Yale University Press, 1993; ISBN 0300055072; 348 pages
American composer, pianist and orchestra leader Duke Ellington was the first genuine jazz composer of truly international status. In this book Ken Rattenbury offers a thorough musical analysis of Ellington's works, assessing the extent to which Ellington drew on the black music traditions of blues and ragtime and the music of Tin Pan Alley, and examining how he integrated black folk music practices with elements of European art music. Rattenbury investigate's Ellington's methods of composition, focusing on works written, performed and recorded between 1939 and 1941, years that witnessed the full flowering of Ellington's genius. He also discusses the criteria Ellington used to select his musicians. After examining two early Ellington compositions for piano, he closely analyzes full scores of five significant pieces transcribed from their original recordings and including all extemporized solos and variations in performance. These transcriptions range from a duo for piano and double bass to compositions for Ellington's full orchestra. Rattenbury draws from Ellington's observations, and those of his orchestra, as well as from his own extensive musical knowledge, to provide new perspectives on Ellington's life and music, and the evolution of the jazz tradition. Price indication: $ 26.00
bookGraham Lock Blutopia: Visions of the Future and Revisions of the Past in the Work of Sun Ra, Duke Ellington, and Anthony Braxton
Duke University Press, 2000; ISBN 0822324407; 336 pages
In Blutopia Graham Lock studies the music and thought of three pioneering twentieth-century musicians: Sun Ra, Duke Ellington, and Anthony Braxton. Providing an alternative to previous analyses of their work, Lock shows how these distinctive artists were each influenced by a common musical and spiritual heritage and participated in self-conscious efforts to create a utopian vision of the future. A century after Ellington’s birth, Lock reassesses his use of music as a form of black history and compares the different approaches of Ra, a band leader who focused on the future and cosmology, and Braxton, a contemporary composer whose work creates its own elaborate mythology. Arguing that the majority of writing on black music and musicians has—even if inadvertently—incorporated racial stereotypes, he explains how each artist reacted to criticism and sought to break free of categorical confines. Drawing on social history, musicology, biography, cultural theory, and, most of all, statements by the musicians themselves, Lock writes of their influential work. Blutopia will be a welcome contribution to the literature on twentieth-century African American music and creativity. It will interest students of jazz, American music, African American studies, American culture, and cultural studies. Price indication: $ 14.92
bookBiographiq Duke Ellington - American Jazz Man (Biography)
Biographiq, 2008-03-23; ISBN 1599860732; 72 pages
Duke Ellington - American Jazz Man is the biography of Duke Ellington, an American composer, pianist and band leader who was one of the most influential figures in jazz, if not in all American music. As a composer and a band leader, Ellington's reputation has increased since his death, with thematic repackagings of his signature music often becoming best-sellers. Ellington called his style and sound "American Music" rather than jazz. One of the twentieth century's best-known African-American celebrities, Ellington recorded for many American record companies, and appeared in numerous films. Duke Ellington - American Jazz Man is highly recommended for those interested in reading more about this admired music legend. Price indication: $ 9.99
bookMaurice Peress Dvorak to Duke Ellington: A Conductor Explores America's Music and Its African-American Roots
Oxford University Press, 2004; ISBN 0195098226; 264 pages
In From Dvorak to Duke Ellington the prominent symphony conductor Maurice Peress describes his career and experiences with American music and musicians. Peress conducted the world premiere of Leonard Bernstein's Mass, worked with Duke Ellington on the Suite from Black Brown and Beige and Queenie Pie, and reconstructed and recreated historic American concerts at which Antheil's Ballet Mecanique, Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue, and Ellington's Black, Brown, and Beige were first presented. Peress also revisits Dvorak's three year residency in 1892-95, the controversy that greeted his radical notion that composers turn to Negro music for inspiration, and the careers of his students who went on to teach Copeland, Gershwin, and Ellington. Price indication: $ 28.43
bookStuart Nicholson Reminiscing in Tempo: A Portrait of Duke Ellington
Northeastern University Press, 1999; ISBN 1555533809; 320 pages
Duke Ellington (1899-1974) was one of the most romantic, flamboyant, and charismatic figures in the world of jazz. This distinctive biography, published on the centenary of his birth, draws on rare archival material to interweave Ellington's own observations and reminiscences with those who knew and worked with him. The text also includes a wealth of Ellington memorabilia to re-create in vivid narrative and illustration the jazz great's life and musical artistry against the background of his colorful times. Stuart Nicholson's skillful use of first-hand accounts allows the reader to fully experience Ellington's story and to relive the vibrant jazz scene in which he worked. The author charts the course of his brilliant career, from sign writer, pianist, and poolroom hustler in Washington, D.C., to star performer at Harlem's Cotton Club, to internationally acclaimed bandleader, composer, and arranger. He offers revealing insights into the private man, recounting his strengths, faults, humor, attitude toward business, and love of women. Nicholson also explores Ellington's struggles as a black artist in the white-dominated entertainment world. This engaging and innovative biography provides the most authentic portrait yet available of the legendary jazz musician. Price indication: $ 6.00
bookEllington and Duke The Genius of Duke Ellington
Alfred Publishing, 1979-01-01; ISBN 076920290X; 48 pages
Two dozen tunes in the Duke's own style. Includes: I'm Nobody's Baby * I'll See You in My Dreams * I Cried for You * At Sundown * You Are My Lucky Star. Price indication: $ 6.96
bookA.H. LAWRENCE Duke Ellington and His World
Routledge, 2003; ISBN 0415969255; 492 pages
Based on lengthy interviews with Ellington's bandmates, family, and friends, Duke Ellington and His World offers a fresh look at this legendary composer. The first biography of the composer written by a fellow musician and African-American, the book traces Ellington's life and career in terms of the social, cultural, political, and economic realities of his times. Beginning with his birth in Washington, DC, through his first bands and work at the legendary Cotton Club, to his final great extended compositions, this book gives a thorough introduction to Ellington's music and how it was made. It also illuminates his personal life because, for Ellington, music was his life and his life was a constant inspiration for music. Price indication: $ 14.92
bookMercer Ellington Duke Ellington in Person: An Intimate Memoir (A Da Capo paperback)
Da Capo Pr, 1979; ISBN 0306801043; 236 pages
It's hard not to feel a little sorry for Mercer Ellington, who by his own admission spent the better part of his life locked in an Oedipal struggle with his brilliant dad. But let's not forget that Mercer wrote a handful of classics, ranging from melancholic mood pieces ("Blue Serge") to jam-session perennials ("Things Ain't What They Used to Be"). Nor should we overlook this fine memoir, which offers a window into Ellington's fantastically elusive private life. This is neither a dutiful hagiography nor an act of literary patricide: instead, Mercer has effectively mingled his father's story with his own. And in the end, he's too respectful of Duke's genius not to forgive his moments of paternal pettiness and axe-grinding. Price indication: $ 0.99

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