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Henry Fillmore

3 dec 1881 (Cincinatti) - 7 dec 1956 (Miami)
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Worklist for Henry Fillmore

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name cmt key instr year time genre
15 works
Americans We  brb  3:00 
Bones Trombone  brb   
Bull Trombone  brb   
Go Galop  brb   
His Excellency  brb   
His Honor  brb  3:00 
King Karl King  brb  3:15 
Lassus Trombone  brb  3:00 
Men of Ohio  brb  2:15 
National Press Club  brb   
Rolling Thunder  brb   
Salute to the Stars and Stripes  brb   
Slim Trombone  brb   
The Circus Bee  brb   
The Squealer  brb   
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