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Pierre Gabaye

20 feb 1930 (Paris) - 2000
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Pierre Gabaye (1930-2000) was a French composer.

His musical tuition began at age seven on the piano, and which led him to pursue a career as a pianist and composer in both the classical and jazz spheres. He studied the piano with Simone Plé-Caussade at the Conservatoire de Paris. He won the 1956 Prix de Rome[1], and was later appointed Director of Light Music at Radio France. He retired in 1986 and moved to Chamonix.

Gabaye's compositional style can be described as a late exemplar of the French neo-classical tradition, in the mould of Poulenc and Saint-Saëns. A lot of his music is light-hearted, and written for brass and wind instruments.

Selected works

  • Boutade, for trumpet (1957)
  • Recréation (1958)
  • Two Pieces for Wind Instruments (1959)
  • Special, for trombone (1970)


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