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Domenico Gabrielli

15 apr 1651 (or 19 oct 1659)(Bologna) - 10 jul 1690 (Bologna)
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Domenico Gabrielli (15 April 1651 or 19 October 1659  – 10 July 1690) was an Italian Baroque composer and virtuoso cello player. He was apparently not related to the Venetian Gabrielis.

Born in Bologna, he worked in the orchestra of the church of San Petronio and was also a member and for some time president (principe) of the Accademia Filarmonica of Bologna. During the 1680s he also worked as a musician at the court of Duke Francesco II d'Este of Modena.

Gabrielli wrote several operas as well as instrumental and vocal church works. He is especially notable as the composer of some of the earliest attested works for solo cello (two sonatas for cello and basso continuo, a group of seven ricercari for unaccompanied cello, and a canon for two cellos). Among his contemporaries, his own virtuoso performances on this instrument earned him the nickname Mingain (or Minghino) dal viulunzeel, a dialect form meaning "Dominic of the cello."


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