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Animuccia, G.(1520)
Missa Victimae Paschali Laudes (1)

Bach, J.S.(1685)
Mass in B minor (4)

Beethoven, L. van(1770)
Mass in C major (2)
Missa solemnis (3)

Bruckner, A.(1824)
Mass in C "Windhaager Mass" (1)
Mass in d "Kronstorfer" (1)
Mass no. 1 in d (1)

Byrd, W.(1543)
Mass for Five Voices (1)

Charpentier, M.-A.(1645)
Missa Assumpta est Maria (1)

Couperin, F. (1668)(1668)
Mass for organ no. 2 "pour les convents" (1)

Guilmant, A.(1837)
Messe Solennelle no. 3 (1)
Haan, J. de(1959)
Missa Brevis (1)

Haydn, F.J.(1732)
Mass in B flat major "Harmoniemesse" (1)
Mass in B flat major "Theresienmesse" (1)
Mass in D minor ""Lord Nelson" (3)
Missa Brevis "Sancti Joannis de Deo" (1)
Missa in Tempore Belli "Paukenmesse" (1)
Missa Sancti Nicholai "St. Nicholas Mass" (1)

Haydn, J.M.(1737)
Missa in Honorem St. Ruperti "Jubiläumsmesse" (1)
Missa Sti. Hieronymi (1)
Missa Tempore Quadragesimae (1)

Kopriva, V.J.(1708)
Missa Pastoralis in D (1)

Legrenzi, G.(1626)
Missa op. 1 (1)

Machaut, G. de(1300)
Messe de Nostre Dame (1)

Martin, F.(1890)
Mass for double choir a cappella (1)

Mozart, W.A.(1756)
Mass "Great Mass" in C minor (3)
Mass "Missa brevis" in D major (1)
Mass "Missa brevis" in F major (1)

Palestrina, G.P. da(1525)
Missa Brevis (1)
Missa Papae Marcelli (2)
Missa Sicut lilium inter spinas (1)

Perosi, L.(1872)
Missa Secunda Pontificalis (1)
Ramirez, A.(1921)
Misa Criolla (2)

Rore, C. de(1516)
Missa Praeter Rerum Serium (1)

Rossini, G.(1792)
Petite Messe Solennelle (4)

Schubert, F.(1797)
Mass No.2 in G (2)
Mass No.6 in E flat major (1)

Schütz, H.(1585)
Nacket bin ich vom Mutterleib gekommen (1)

Taverner, J.(1495)
Missa "Gloria tibi Trinitas" (1)
Missa "Western Wynde" (1)

Victoria, T.L. de(1548)
Officium Hebdomadae Sanctae (2)

Vivaldi, A.(1678)
Credo in E minor (2)
Gloria in D major RV589 (3)
Kyrie for double choir (1)

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