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Chopin, F.(1810)
3 Mazurkas Op. 50 (6)
3 Mazurkas Op. 56 (4)
3 Mazurkas Op. 59 (6)
3 Mazurkas Op. 63 (4)
4 Mazurkas Op. 6 (8)
4 Mazurkas Op. 17 (10)
4 Mazurkas Op. 30 (8)
4 Mazurkas Op. 33 (8)
4 Mazurkas Op. 41 (7)
4 Mazurkas Op. 67 (8)
4 Mazurkas Op. 68 (5)
5 Mazurkas Op. 7 (9)
Mazurek Dabrowskiego (2)
Mazurka in A minor "Émile Gaillard" (3)
Mazurka in A minor "Notre Temps" (3)
Mazurka Op. Posth. No. 51 in B flat major (3)
Mazurka Op. Posth. No. 53 in G major (2)
Mazurka op. posth. no. 54 in D Major (2)
Mazurka Op. Posth. No. 55 in B flat major (2)
Mazurka Op. Posth. No. 56 in C major (2)
Mazurka Op. Posth. No. 57 in A flat major (2)
Mazurka Op. Posth. No. 58 in A flat major (1)

Debussy, C.(1862)
Mazurka L67 (2)

Dvořák, A.(1841)
Mazurkas (1)

Falla, M. de(1876)
Mazurka in C minor (1)

Fauré, G.(1845)
Mazurka in B flat major (1)
Liadov, A.(1855)
2 mazurkas for piano (1)
Mazurka in F "A Mlle Alexandra Markoff" (1)

Ponce, M.(1882)
Mazurcas for Solo Piano (1)
Saint-Saëns, C.(1835)
Mazurka for Piano no 1 in G minor (1)

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