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Alberto Ginastera

11 apr 1916 (Buenos Aires) - 25 jun 1983 (Geneva)
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Worklist for Alberto Ginastera

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name cmt key instr year time genre
43 works
1Panambí   1936 Opera
1aPanambí Suite     Suite
2Danzas Argentinas  pno1938 7:30 
32 Canciones   1938 Song
4Cantos del Tucuman   1938 Song
63 piezas for pianoTres Piezas pno1940  
7Malambo  pno1940  
8Estancia   1941 33:00Ballet
8aEstancia - suiteDances from Estancia  1942 Suite
9Creole Faust overture   1943 Overture
105 canciones populares argentinas   1943 10:30Song
11Los horas de una estancia  pno,voc1943  
1212 American Preludes for piano  pno1944  
13Duo for Flute and Oboe   1945  
14Lamentations of the Prophet Jeremiah   1946 Hymn
15Creole dance suite   1946 Dances
16Pampeana no 1 for Violin and Piano  pno,vln1947  
17Ollantay   1947 Symphonic suite
18Toccata, Villancico and Fugue for Organ  org1947 Toccata
19Rondo on Argentine Children's SongsRondo Sobre Temas Infantiles Argentinos  1947 Rondo
20Quartet for Strings no 1   1948 String quartet
21Pampeana no 2 for Cello and Piano  cel,pno1950  
22Sonata for Piano no 1  pno1952 20:30Sonata
23Variaciones concertantes  cha1953 Variations
24Pampeana no 3 for Orchestra  orc1954  
25Concerto for Harp  har1956 Concerto
26Quartet for Strings no 2   1958 String quartet
28Concerto for Piano no. 1  pno1961 Concerto
29Quintet for Piano and Strings  cha1963  
30Concerto for Violin   1963 Violin concerto
33Concerto per corde   1965 Concerto
37Cantata Drammatico No 3: Milena   1971 Song
39Concerto for Piano no. 2   1972 Piano concerto
40Quartet for Strings no 3   1973 String quartet
45Puneña no. 2  flu1973  
47Sonata for Guitar  gui1976 Sonata
48Glosses sobre temes de Pau Casals   1976 Strings
49Sonata for Cello and Piano  cel,pno  Sonata
53Sonata for Piano no 2   1981 Piano Sonata
55Sonata for Piano no 3   1982 Piano Sonata
 3 Piezas Para Chicos3 pieces for children pno   
 El arriero canta   1937 Song
 Variations Concertante for chamber orchestra  cha  Variations
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