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Karl Goldmark

18 may 1830 (Keszthely) - 2 jan 1915 (Vienna)
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Worklist for Karl Goldmark

Károly Goldmark

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name cmt key instr year time genre
52 works
4Piano Trio No. 1 Op. 4     Piano trio
5Sturm und Drang  pno   
8String Quartet     String quartet
9String Quintet     String Quintet
10Regenlied  cho  Song
11Suite for Violin and Piano in D major D+   Suite
123 Pieces for Piano Duet  pno   
142 Pieces for unaccompanied men's chorus op.14  cho  Song
15Frühlingsnetzfor men's chorus, 4 horns, and piano mch,4hor,pno  Song
16Meeresstille und glückliche Fahrt  mch,hor  Song
172 Pieces for unaccompanied men's chorus op.17  cho  Song
1812 Gesänge     Song
20Beschwörung     Song
214 Lieder, Op. 21     Song
22Hungarian Dances for Piano DuetLater orchestrated by the composer pno   
23Frühlingshymnefor contralto, chorus, and orchestra alt,cho,orc  Song
24Im Fuschertalsix choral songs cho  Song
25Sonata for Violin and Piano     Violin Sonata
26Symphony No.1 "Rustic wedding"Ländliche HochzeitEb+ 1876 Symphony
27Die Königin von SabaThe queen of Sheba  1875 Opera
28Violin Concerto No. 1 in A minor     Violin concerto
292 Novelletten  pno   
30Piano Quintet no. 1 in B-flat major Bb+   Piano quintet
327 Lieder aus dem ‘Wilden Jäger’     Song
33Piano Trio No. 2 Op. 33     Piano trio
344 Lieder, Op. 34     Song
35Symphony No. 2 in E flat     Symphony
36Im Frühling     Song
378 Lieder, Op. 37     Song
39Cello Sonata     Cello sonata
40Psalm CXIIIfor solo voices, chorus, and orchestra voc0,cho,orc  Psalm
412 Pieces for unaccompanied men's chorus op.41  mch  Song
42Two Four-Part Songs with piano accompanimentWer sich die Musik erkiest cho,pno  Song
43Suite in A Major for Violin and Piano A+vln,pno  Suite
45Scherzo for Orchestra  orc  Scherzo
466 Lieder, Op. 46     Song
49In Italien      
52Georginen6 pieces pno   
54Ballade, Op.54     Ballade
 Ballad for Violin and Piano  vln,pno  Ballade
 Der FremdlingThe Changeling  1897 Opera
 Das Heimchen am Herdadapted from Dickens's The Cricket on the Hearth.  1896 Opera
 Die KriegsgefangeneThe Prisoner of War: a Trojan War story taking Achilles' captive Briseis as central figure  1899 Opera
 Ein Wintermärchenadapted from Shakespeare's The Winter's Tale  1908 Opera
 Götz von Berlichingenafter Goethe's play about the historical figure  1902 Opera
 Merlin   1886 Opera
 Piano Quintet in C-sharp minor C#-   Piano quintet
 Romanze for Violin and Piano  vln,pno  Romance
 Violin Concerto No. 2 (unpublished)     Violin concerto
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