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George Frideric Handel

23 feb 1685(Halle) - 14 apr 1759(London)

Georg Friedrich Händel. George Frederick Handel. George Fredrick Handel. George Fredric Handel.

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Acis et Galatea (3;103m) 49   
Agrippina (1;21m) 6   
Alcina (1;4m) 34   
Alexander's Feast (1;100m) 75   
Appolo et Dafne: La terra e liberata (1;48m) 122   
Ariodante (1;4m) 33   
Armida abbandonata: Dietro l'orme fugaci (1;19m) 105   
Care selve, aure grate (1;4m) 88   
Concerto à quattro in D minor (1;8m)   
Concerto grosso in A major op. 6 no. 11 (1;16m) 329 6:11
Concerto grosso in A minor op. 6 no. 4 (1;11m) 322 6:4
Concerto grosso in B flat major op. 6 no. 7 (1;17m) 325 6:7
Concerto grosso in C minor op. 6 no. 8 (1;10m) 326 6:8
Concerto grosso in D major op. 6 no. 5 (1;14m) 323 6:5
Concerto grosso in D minor op. 6 no. 10 (2;17m) 328 6:10
Concerto grosso in E minor op. 6 no. 3 (1;12m) 321 6:3
Concerto grosso in F major op. 6 no. 2 (1;13m) 320 6:2
Concerto grosso in G major op. 6 no. 1 (1;13m) 319 6:1
Concerto grosso in G minor op. 6 no. 6 (1;16m) 324 6:6
Flavio, Re de Langobardi (1;5m) 16   
Flute and continuo Sonata in A minor HWV362 (1;14m) 362 1:4
Flute and continuo Sonata in A minor HWV374 (1;10m) 374   
Flute and continuo Sonata in B minor HWV367b (1;7m) 367b 1:9
Flute and continuo Sonata in E minor HWV379 (1;13m) 379 1:1a
Flute and continuo Sonata in F major (1;8m) 369 1:11
Flute and continuo Sonata in G major (1;8m) 363b 1:5
Flute and continuo Sonata in G minor (2;8m) 360 1:2
From Harmony, from heav'nly Harmony (1;63m) 76   
Fugue Nr. 2 in G Major (1;5m) 606   
Giulio Cesare in Egitto (1;5m) 17   
Gloria in excelsis Deo (discovered in 2001) (1;18m)   
Hercules (1;157m) 60   
Israel in Egypt (Exodus) (1;97m) 54   
Jephtha (1;5m) 70   
J   (continued)
Juddas Maccabeus (1;180m) (contains Canticorum jubilo) 63   
Messiah (9;169m) 56   
Music for the Royal Fireworks (2;20m) 351   
Organ concerto in B flat major HWV290 (2;11m) 290 4:2
Organ concerto in B flat major HWV294 (2;13m) 294 4:6
Organ concerto in F major HWV292 (2;13m) 292 4:4
Organ concerto in F major HWV293 (1;8m) 293 4:5
Organ concerto in G minor HWV289 (1;16m) 289 4:1
Organ concerto in G minor HWV291 (1;9m) 291 4:3
Organ concerto no. 13 in F major HWV295 (1;14m) 295   
Organ concerto no. 14 in A major HWV296a (1;16m) 296a   
Organ Concerto No. 5 in G minor Op. 7 HWV310 (1;8m) 310 7:5
Rinaldo (4;10m) 7   
Semele (1;4m) 58   
Solomon (1;4m) (contains Arrival of the Queen of Sheba) 67   
Suite in D minor (1;7m) 447   
Suite no. 1 in A major (1st set) (1;13m) 426   
Suite no. 1 in B flat major (2nd set) (3;11m) 434   
Suite no. 2 in F major (1st set) (3;21m) 427   
Suite no. 3 in D minor (1st set) (3;22m) 428   
Suite no. 4 in E minor (1st set) (2;13m) 429   
Suite no. 5 in E major (1st set) (3;12m) 430   
Suite no. 6 in F sharp minor (1st set) (1;10m) 431   
Suite no. 7 in B flat major (2nd set) (1;3m) 440   
Suite no. 7 in G minor (1st set) (1;17m) 432   
Suite no. 8 in F minor (1st set) (1;13m) 433   
Suite no. 9 in G major (2nd set) (1;14m) 442   
The King shall rejoice HWV265 (1;2m) 265   
Theodora (1;9m) 68   
Trio sonata in B minor Op. 2:1b (1;3m) 386b 2:1b
Trio sonata in G major Op. 5:4 (1;8m) 399 5:4
Viola da gamba and continuo Sonata in G minor (1;10m) 364b   
Violin and continuo Sonata in D major (2;13m) 371 1:13
Water Music Suite No. 1 (1;4m) 348   

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