Books about

Franz Joseph Haydn

31 mar 1732 (Rohrau) - 31 may 1809 (Vienna)

Books about Franz Joseph Haydn and his music

bookWilliam E. Caplin Classical Form: A Theory of Formal Functions for the Instrumental Music of Haydn, Mozart, and Beethoven
Oxford University Press, 2000; ISBN 019514399X; 320 pages
Building on ideas first advanced by Arnold Schoenberg and later developed by Erwin Ratz, this book introduces a new theory of form for instrumental music in the classical style. The theory provides a broad set of principles and a comprehensive methodology for the analysis of classical form, from individual ideas, phrases, and themes to the large-scale organization of complete movements. It emphasizes the notion of formal function , that is, the specific role a given formal unit plays in the structural organization of a classical work. Price indication: $ 39.95
bookAnna Harwell Celenza and Joann E. Kitchel The Farewell Symphony
Charlesbridge Publishing, 2000; ISBN 1570914060; 32 pages
A children story about Haydn Price indication: $ 13.97
bookH.C. Robbins Landon Haydn the Years of "the Creation" 1796-1800: Chronicle and Works : The Years of Creation, 1796-1800 (Haydn : Chronicle and Works)
Thames & Hudson, 1995; ISBN 0500011664 Price indication: $ 100.00
bookNicholas Temperley and Julian Rushton Haydn: The Creation (Cambridge Music Handbooks)
Cambridge University Press, 1991; ISBN 0521378656; 143 pages Price indication: $ 16.99
bookElaine R. Sisman Haydn and His World
Princeton University Press, 1997; ISBN 0691057990; 325 pages Price indication: $ 27.95
bookLawrence Schenbeck Joseph Haydn and the Classical Choral Tradition
Hinshaw Music, 1996; ISBN 0937276170; 513 pages Price indication: $ 45.00
bookDavid Wyn Jones and Otto Biba Oxford Composer Companions: Haydn (Oxford Composer Companions)
Oxford University Press, 2002; ISBN 0198662165; 544 pages Price indication: $ 59.56
bookW. Dean Sutcliffe Haydn Studies
Cambridge University Press, 1998; ISBN 0521580528; 360 pages Price indication: $ 75.00
bookDavid P. Schroeder Haydn and the Enlightenment: The Late Symphonies and Their Audience (Oxford Monographs on Music)
Clarendon Press, 1997; ISBN 0198166826; 232 pages Price indication: $ 45.00
bookJames Webster The New Grove Haydn (Grove)
Oxford University Press, 2003; ISBN 0195169042; 208 pages Price indication: $ 14.95
bookAnn Rachlin Haydn (Famous Children Series)
Barrons Juveniles, 1992; ISBN 0812063635; 24 pages Price indication: $ 8.00

Sheet music, libretti, etc.

Complete Piano Sonatas, Vol. 1 - Dover Publications

Creation an Oratorio Haydn - Schirmer Books

Joseph Haydn: Symphonies 88-92 in Full Score/the Haydn Society Edition - Dover Publications

London Symphonies : Nos. 99-104 in Full Score - Dover Publications

Sonata I (Music Scores) - Konemann

Sonata II (Music Scores) - Konemann

String Quartets, Opp. 20 and 33, Complete - Dover Publications

Symphony No. 94 (Dover Miniature Scores) - Dover Publications

The Creation in Full Score - Dover Publications

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