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Gustav von Holst

21 sep 1874 (Cheltenham) - 25 may 1936 (London)
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Worklist for Gustav von Holst

Gustavus Theodore von Holst.

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name cmt key instr year time genre
259 works
1The Revoke   1895 Opera
2Fantasiestucke  obo,pno1896  
3Quintet  win1896  
4Short Partsongs   1896 Choir
5Clear and Cool  cho,orc1897  
6Ornulf's Drapa  orc1898  
7Walt Whitman Overture  orc1899  
8Cotswold Symphony   1900 Symphony
9a5 Partsongs op. 9a   1900 Choir
9bAve Maria   1900  
10Suite de Ballet  orc1899 Suite
11The Youth's Choice   1902 Opera
125 Part Songs op. 12   1903 Song
13Indra  orc1903  
14Wind Quintet in A flat  win1903  
156 Songs Op. 15for bariton and piano  1903 Song cycle
166 Songs Op. 16for soprano and piano  1903 Song cycle
17King Estmere  cho,orc1903  
18The Mystic Trumpeter  orc,voc1904  
19:1A Song of the Night  orc,vln1905  
19:2Invocation 1911cel,orc   
20aSongs from 'The Princess'   1905 Choir
20b4 English Carols   1907 Choir
21:1Songs of the West  orc1906  
21:2A Somerset Rhapsody   1907 Rhapsody
222 Songs without Words   1906  
23Sita   1906 Opera
249 Hymns from the Rig Veda  pno,voc1907  
25Savitri   1908 Opera
26Choral Hymns from the Rig Veda   1912 Choir
27aThe Vision of Dame Christian  orc1909  
27bStepney Children's Pageant  orc1909  
28aSuite no. 1 in Eb Eb 1909 10:00Suite
28bSuite no. 2 in F F+ 1911 10:30Suite
29:1Beni Mora  orc1910  
29:2St. Paul's SuiteThe definitive version apeared in 1922.  1913 12:15Suite
30The Cloud Messenger  cho,orc1912  
31:1Hecuba's Lament  cho,orc1911  
31:2Hymn to Dionysus  cho,orc1913 Hymn
32The Planets  orc1916 51:00 
33Japanese Suite  orc1915  
34:1This have I done for my true love   1916 Choir
34:2Lullay my liking   1916 Choir
34:3Of one that is so fair and bright   1916 Choir
34:4Bring us in good ale   1916 Choir
354 Songs Op. 35   1917 Song
36Phantasy on British Folksongs   1916 String quartet
36a3 Festival Choruses  cho,orc1916  
36b6 Choral Folksongs   1916 Choir
37The Hymn of Jesus  cho,orc1917  
38Ode to Death  cho,orc1919 Ode
39The Perfect Fool   1922 Opera
40:1A Fugal Overture  orc1922  
40:2A Fugal Concerto   1923 Oboe concerto
41First Choral Symphony   1923 Choral symphony
42At the Boar's Head   1924 Opera
432 Motets   1925 Choir
447 Partsongs  cho,orc1926  
45:1The Golden Goose   1926 Ballet
45:2The Morning of the Year   1927 Ballet
46:1Chrissemas Day in the morning  pno1926  
46:22 Northumbrian Folk Tunes  pno1927  
47Egdon Heath  orc1927  
4812 Songs op. 48  pno,voc1929  
49Double Concerto  orc,vln1929  
50The Wandering Scholar   1930 Opera
51A Choral Fantasia  cho,orc1930  
52Hammersmith  win1930  
536 Choruses Op 53  cho,orc1932  
 12 Welsh Folksongs  voc1931  
 2 Eastern Pictureswith harp and piano voc1911  
 2 Psalms (1912)  orc,voc1912  
 2 Part-Songs  voc1908  
 3 Carols  orc,voc1917  
 3 Folk Tunes   1911  
 4 Songs (1896-98)  pno,voc1898  
 4 voluntaries  org1891  
 6 Solos  orc1902  
 7 Choruses from the Alcestis of Euripides   1920 Incidental music
 7 Folksongs  orc,voc1919  
 7 Scottish Airs   1906  
 8 Canons   1932 Choir
 9 Folksongs  pno,voc1914  
 Air and Variations   1894  
 Airly Beacon  pno,voc1897  
 A Christmas Carol  pno,voc1890  
 Ah, Come, Fair Mistress  pno,voc1893  
 A Duet for Three Hands and No Feet  org1925  
 A Dirge for Two Veterans  cha,voc1914  
 A Dream of Christmas  orc,voc1917  
 Advent Litany  pno,voc1892  
 A Lake and a Fairy Boat  pno,voc1893  
 Anna-Marie  pno,voc1893  
 A Magic Hour   1920 Ballet
 Ave Maria, Maiden Mild   1894 Song
 All Night I Waited By the Spring  voc1894  
 A Prayer for Light  pno,voc1903  
 All People That On Earth Do Dwell  voc1919  
 Autumn Song  voc1899  
 Arpeggio Study  pno1892  
 A Song of Fairies  voc1909  
 Adoramus Te Christe  voc1908  
 Ah Tyrant Love  voc1895  
 A Vigil of Pentecost  pno,voc1911  
 A Winter's Idyll  orc1897  
 A Welcome SongOboe and cello obo1908  
 Benedictus (arr. from Byrd)  voc1908  
 Brook Green Suite   1933 String orchestra
 Bhanavar's Lament  pno,voc1899  
 Bolero  orc1893  
 BourreeArrangement for piano and strings of a piece by W.C. MacFArren.  1906  
 By Weary Stages   1927 Hymn
 Cappricio  orc30  
 Canterbury Bells   1928 Choir
 Christmas Day  orc,voc1910  
 Christ Hath a Garden  orc,voc1928  
 Cinderella   1902 Opera
 Come Live With Me   1933 Choir
 Country Song  pno1906  
 Dirge and Hymeneal  pno,voc1915  
 Diverus and Lazarus  voc1916  
 Dances   1895 Piano duet
 Duet for trombone and organ  trb1894 Duet
 Draw Not Away Thy Hands  pno,voc1899  
 Deux Pieces  pno1901  
 Dewy Roses  pno,voc1904  
 Dreaming  orc1906  
 Die Sprode  pno,voc1891  
 Darest Thou Now, O Soul  pno,voc1905  
 Duet   1899 Piano duet
 Eternal FatherVioce and organ voc1927  
 Fugue a la Gigue  orc1928 Fugue
 Fathoms Deep Beneath the Wave  voc1894  
 From Glory to Glory Advancing   1905 Hymn
 Funeral March  orc1892  
 Gavotte   1933  
 God Be in My Head  pno,voc1930  
 God Is Love, His the Care   1925 Hymn
 Gird On Thy Sword/Lift Up Your Arms   1927 Hymn
 Glory of the West  pno,voc1911  
 He-Back She-Back  pno,voc1924  
 Holy Ghost, Come Down Upon Thy Children   1905 Hymn
 Here is Joy for Every Age  voc1916  
 Help Me, O Lord (arr. from Thomas Augustine)  voc1908  
 Horatius  orc,voc1887  
 Introduction and Bolero   1893 Piano duet
 Ianthe   1894 Operetta
 I Come from Haunts of Coot and Hern  pno,voc1892  
 In Loyal Bonds United  pno,voc1911  
 I love Thee  voc1912  
 Intermezzo  orc1891  
 I Scanned Her Picture  pno,voc1896  
 I Sought Thee Round About, O Thou My God   1925 Hymn
 In the Bleak Mid-winter   1905 5:00Hymn
 In This World, the Isle Of Dreams   1925 Hymn
 I vow to thee, my CountryAlso known as Thaxted this tune comes from "Jupiter" from "The Planets". Thaxted was the place where Holst lived in England. orc,voc1918 3:00Song
 It was a Lover and His Lass  voc1895  
 Jig  pno1932  
 Landler  vln   
 Lansdown Castle   1892 Operetta
 Light Leaves Whisper  voc1896  
 Lyric Movement  orc,vla1933  
 Love Wakes and Weeps  voc1894  
 MarchArrangement for piano and strings of a piece by Bernhold Tours.  1906  
 Man Born to ToilVoice and organ voc1927  
 Minuet d'AmourArrangement for piano and strings of a piece by Frederick Cowen.  1906  
 May Day CarolVoice and violin voc1918  
 Morris Dance Tunes   1911 Dances
 My Joy  pno,voc1898  
 Moorside Suite   1928  
 Nabou   1905 Incidental music
 Not a Sound But Echoing in Me  pno,voc1897  
 Nunc Dimittis  voc1915  
 Neptune (organ arrangement)  org1916  
 Nocturne from A Moorside Suite   1928 String orchestra
 News From Whydah  orc,voc1912  
 Nocturne  pno1930  
 Now Sleep and Take They Rest  pno,voc1893  
 Not Unto Us, O Lord  pno,voc1896  
 Now Winter's Winds are Banished  voc1894  
 New Year Chorus  pno,voc1892  
 Old Airs and Glees  voc1910  
 Opera as She Wrote   1918 Opera
 Onward, Christian Soldiers!   1925 Hymn
 O Lady, Leave That Silken Thread  voc1895  
 O Magnum Mysterium  voc1927  
 O Spring's Little Children  voc1897  
 O Spiritual Pilgrim  voc1932  
 Our Ship She Liein in Harbour  pno,voc1908  
 Ode to C.K.S. and the Oriana  voc1925 Ode
 Ode to the North East Wind  orc,voc1892 Ode
 O Valiant Hearts   1925 Hymn
 Pastoral  voc1909  
 Playground Song  pno,voc1911  
 Roadways  pno,voc1931  
 Sanctus  pno,voc1892  
 Sailor's Chorus  orc,voc1892  
 Scherzo (1891)  orc1891 Scherzo
 Scherzo (1934)  orc1934 Scherzo
 Short Communion Service   1916 Choir
 Sextetoboe, clarinet, bassoon, violin, viola, and cello  1896  
 Scherzo for string sextet   1897 String sextet
 Short Festival Te Deum  orc,voc1919  
 Sing Heigho  pno,voc1892  
 Symphony in C Minor   1892 Symphony
 Suite in G minor   1898 String orchestra
 Spring It is Cheery  voc1895  
 St. Martin's Pageant   1921 Incidental music
 Stu Mo Run  pno,voc1907  
 Song of the Shoemakers  pno,voc1910 Song
 Song of the Woods  pno,voc1903 Song
 Stratford Revels   1905 Incidental music
 Sacred Rounds and Canons   1910 Choir
 Short Trio for violin, cello and piano (1894)violin, cello, and piano cel,pno,vln1894  
 Short Trio for piano and Strings (1908)  pno,str21908  
 Song to the Sleeping Lady  pno,voc1897 Song
 Summer's Welcome  voc1894  
 She who is Dear to Me  pno,voc1900  
 The Autumn is Old  voc1895  
 Theme and Variations for string quartet  cha1893 Variations
 There's a Voice in the Wind  voc1896  
 To a Wild Rose  pno,voc1903  
 The Bells   1931 Film score
 Two Brown Eyes  pno,voc1897  
 The Ballad of Hunting Knowe  pno,voc1924  
 The Ballade of Prince Eric  pno,voc1902  
 The Coming of Christ   1927 Incidental music
 Thou Didst Delight My Eyes  voc1903  
 The Day of the Lord  pno,voc1897  
 The Exile of Erine  pno,voc1893  
 Terzettoflute, oboe, and viola  1925  
 The Golden Knot Untied  orc1918  
 The Homecoming  voc1913  
 The Harper  pno,voc1891  
 To Hope  pno,voc1903  
 The Heart Worships  pno,voc1907  
 The Idea   1896 Opera
 There is Dew for the Flow'ret  pno,voc1892  
 The Kiss  voc1896  
 The Lure     Ballet
 The Married Beau  orc1918  
 The Magic Mirror   1896 Opera
 Toccata  pno1924 Toccata
 The Pageant of London  win1910  
 The Passing of the Essenes   1930 Incidental music
 Twin Stars Aloft  pno,voc1897  
 There Sits a Bird on Yonder Tree  pno,voc1893  
 The Stars Are With the Voyager  voc1895  
 The Sneezing Charm   1920 Incidental music
 The Swallow Leaves Her Nest  voc1913  
 The Song of Solomon   1934 Incidental music
 The Strain Upraise  pno,voc1892  
 Terly TerlowOboe and cello obo1916  
 The Virtuous Wife  orc1918  
 The White Lady's Farewell  pno,voc1893  
 Variationsoboe, clarinet, bassoon, violin, viola, and cello  1896  
 Winter and the Birds  voc1894  
 Wassail Song  voc1931  
 Whether We Die or Live  pno,voc1898  
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