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  • ABC Index - Clarinet and music links. Includes links to nearly all aspects of clarinet playing.
  • Brannen Woodwinds - Expert clarinet overhauls and customization, serving some of the world's finest clarinetists since 1960.
  • Clarinet Pages - Organizations, classifieds, extensive databases and link lists, mailing list, tips, and equipment help.
  • ET's Clarinet Studio - Expert articles covering clarinet playing, study, and general music.
  • Jay C. Easton: Clarinet Family Gallery - Photos, sound clips, and descriptions of members of the clarinet family.
  • Jean Johnson's Clarinet Page - Clarinet and orchestral links, reed information, biography and resume.
  • Musical Resources - MIDI accompaniments for major works along with composer and work information. A-Level resources, midi files, compositions and links.
  • The Clarinet Center - Information on clarinets, accessories, repair, music and other aspects. Pictures, history, and contact details.
  • The Klarinet Mailing List - Information on the Klarinet mailing list, a group for anyone with an interest in the clarinet. Subscription information and list archives.

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