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  • Alan Fraser Institute - Piano teaching institute with sample teaching videos
  • All Piano - Keeping piano lessons relevant for the new generation. A blog by Catherine Shefski .
  • IDEA - IMAGE - TECHNIQUE Piano Method
  • Piano Addict
  • History of the Piano Forte - A collection of articles about the creation of the piano, including tunings, patents, and manufacturers.
  • Piano Chord Finder - Detailed finger settings for hundreds of piano chords and scales, displayed in a graphical manner.
  • Piano Forum - A discussion board for pianists and piano teachers. Includes competitions and book recommendations.
  • Piano World - A large resource of piano information. Includes history, free sheet music, FAQs and a directory of piano tuners, teachers and dealers. Also sells piano parts and accessories.
  • Pianopedia - Search engine performing queries on a database of piano works from the classical piano repertoire.
  • Pocket Piano Chord Name Finder - Offers a program that will display the names of chords entered note by note, and also display on a keyboard diagram, the individual notes of any chord chosen.
  • The Piano Page - Official site of the Piano Technicians Guild. Extensive sections on buying, maintaining, and learning to play. Includes links to notation software, MIDI resources and image galleries. Directories of manufacturers, dealers, tuners, teachers and technicians.
  • Washington International Piano Arts Council - Non-profit organization founded in 2001, presenting piano concerts at embassies of other nations located in Washington, DC as well as an annual piano competition. Calendar of events, membership forms and photo gallery.
  • Classical Piano Midi Page
  • Music for pianos: midi files
  • The Piano Education Page
  • Piano Sheet Music Online - A blog that claims to contain over 8000 piano sheets. New ones are regularly added. Most are not classical.

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