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  • Violin Lessons Online - This site offers a paid online course. For reviewing it offers several free lessons.
  • Amazing Violin Tips - Maybe not 'amazing', but a few good tips for novice violin students along with some that may be in the 'questionable' category.
  • Connie's Violin Page - Directory of many websites related to the violin and violinists: biographies, history and trivia, stores, books, and learning and teaching the playing of violin. Extensive resources for violin enthusiasts and students. Very nice page.
  • Sheila's Corner - Resources, bulletin board, performance information, and links.
  • Soundpost Online - Magazine for players, makers and collectors of the violin. Offers articles, message board, reviews, and archives.
  • The Strad - Violin magazine. Current and archived articles from the print version of the magazine. Subscription information and links.
  • The Violin Tutor - practice software for Windows - Downloadable practice software for beginner violinists and includes instruction for tuning and music theory. This program is not intended as a substitute for a teacher. Trial version offered.
  • Violin Acoustics - Application of acoustical physics to the violin. From the School of Physics, University of New South Wales.
  • - Audition notices, directory for violinists, links to orchestras and musician unions, online shopping for violinists.
  • Violin Online

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