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Anatol Liadov

11 may 1855 (St. Petersburg) - 28 aug 1914 (Novgorod)
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Worklist for Anatol Liadov

Anatole Lyadov. Anatoly Konstantinovich.

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name cmt key instr year time genre
57 works
214 Biryulki      
36 pieces for piano op. 3  pno   
44 Arabesques      
5Etude in A-flat major Ab+   Etude
6Impromptu for piano  pno  Impromptus
72 Intermezzos for piano op. 7  pno   
82 Intermezzos for piano op. 8      
92 pieces for piano  pno  4:45 
103 pieces for piano op. 10     6:30 
113 pieces for piano op. 11  pno  8:30 
12Etude in E major     Etude
134 Preludes for piano  pno  Prelude
152 mazurkas for piano     2:15Mazurka
16Scherzo in D Major  orc  Scherzo
172 Bagatelles for piano  pno1887 Bagatelle
19Village Scene by the Inn  orc  Mazurka
20Novellette in A minor  pno1889  
21From Days of OldOf Olden Times. Ballad. pno  5:00 
21bBallade     Ballade
23In the ClearingEsquisse in F majorF+pno1890  
242 pieces for piano op. 24  pno   
26Little Waltz in G major G+pno  2:30Waltz
273 Preludes for piano  pno  Prelude
28Final scene from "Die Braut von Messina"Final scene from Schiller's Die Braut von Messina for solo voices, chorus and orchestra voc0,cho,orc1878 Opera
29Kukolki "Marionettes" Ebpno  5:00 
30Bagatelle in D flat Db_   Bagatelle
312 pieces for piano op. 31  pno  6:30 
32A Musical SnuffboxMuzikalnaya tabakerka pno  2:00 
33Pieces for piano op. 33  pno   
343 Canons for piano  pno1894 Canon
35Variations on a theme by Glinka  pno  16:00Variations
363 preludes op. 36  pno  3:00 
37Etude for Piano in F major     Etude
38Mazurka in F "A Mlle Alexandra Markoff" F+pno1895 3:30Mazurka
394 preludes op. 39  pno  5:00Prelude
40Etude and 3 Preludes for Piano  pno  Etude
412 Fugues for piano  pno1896 Fugue
42Mazurka "On Polish Themes" for piano A+pno  Mazurka
44Barcarolle in F sharp major F#+pno  4:00Barcarolle
464 preludes op. 46  pno  4:45 
482 Pieces for piano Op. 48  pno1899  
49Polonaise "In Memory of A. S. Pushkin" C+orc  Dances
51Variations on a Polish folk theme Ab+pno  12:00Variations
523 Ballet Pieces for piano  pno1901  
533 Bagatelles for piano  pno  Bagatelle
55Polonaise "For Unvailing of the Statue"For unvailing of the statue of A. S. RubinsteinD+orc  Dances
56Baba Yaga  orc  Musical story
573 pieces for piano op. 57  pno  5:30 
588 Russian Folk Songs  pno/orc  14:30 
6110 Arrangments from Obikhod      
62The Enchanted LakeVolshebnoye ozero orc1909  
63Kikimora  orc1909 7:30 
644 pieces for piano op. 64  pno  5:00 
65Danse de l'AmazoneDance of the Amazon     
66From the Book of RevelationFrom the Apocalypse. orc1910 Symphonic fantasy
67NĂ©nie  orc   
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