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Classical education links

This page lists links about teaching (classical) music.

Keeping score
A music education website by the San Francisco Symphony and PBS. It allows you to play some symphony fragments while viewing the score and seeing explanation about themes, keys, etc.

Texas School Music Project (TSMP)
A music education website providing teaching tips and tools of the trade for music educators of all levels.

Sydney Opera School
A collection of pdf's that can be used for lessons.

A Musical Playground for Kids: Music Theory Lessons
An interesting site if you are interested in music theory. Includes also advanced subjects like seventh cords and diatonic scales.

Special Needs in Music
A Resource for People of All Ages, Abilities and Challenges. Teaching tips and resources for teaching people who are mentally and developmentally challenged.

Childrens Music Portal
Featuring information, resources, articles, links, and music for and by artists, educators, parents and children.

K12 resources for music educators

Naxos Education
The educational section from this record label.

Music and intelligence: A guide for the science-minded parent
The Parenting Science website aims to give "evidence-based information for the thinking parent". On this page it discusses the Mozart effect and what music listening and making does with the brain.
Free online Music Theory lessons.

Music and Guitar
An educational site that teaches both to build and to play a guitar.

Classics for kids
A playful site with many games.

DSO kids
An education site by the Dallas Symphony Orchestra.

Free kids music
Not much classical, but it is nice to see many children songs available for free.

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