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Bohuslav Martinu

8 dec 1890 (Policka) - 28 aug 1959 (Liestal)
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Worklist for Bohuslav Martinu

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name cmt key instr year time genre
448 works
13 Riders  stq1902 12:00String quartet
2Village Feast  flu,sor1907  
3Elegy for violin and piano  vln,pno1909  
4Dumka  pno1909  
4bisPiano Sketch of an Orchestral Composition  orc1909  
5Waltzes 1-5  pno1910 Waltz
6Before You Know   1910  
7In Nature   1910  
8Pastel   1910  
8bisEntry in my sister`s albumPsano do pamatniku sestrina.  1910  
9The Drowned Maiden  voc,pno1910 Song
10When We Are Old  voc,pno1910 Song
11Workmen of the SeaSketch of a Symphonic Poem after the Novel by V. Hugo  1910 Symphonic poem
12Romance  vln,pno1910 Romance
13Concerto for violin and piano  vln,pno1910 Violin concerto
142 Little Songs in Folk Tone   1910 Song
15Death of TintagilesPrelude to the Puppet Play by M. Maeterlinck  1910 Prelude
16Funeral march   1910 March
17Angel of Death  orc1910 Symphonic poem
18Nocturne H18   1910 Nocturne
19The sleeperNo. 6 voc,pno1910 Song
20Idyle   1910  
212 Songs H21   1910 Song
22Maiden`s DreamsDivcy sny  1910  
23Song and Music   1910  
24Ballade for piano  pno1910 Ballade
25Sousedska  pno1910  
26A Winter Night   1910  
27Kiss, My Sweetheart, Kiss   1910  
27bisSong of Kisses   1910 Song
28A Fairy - Tale of Goldilocks   1910  
29Picture of a Mood   1910  
30At Night   1910  
312 Songs H31   1911 Song
32Berceuse for violin and piano  vln,pno1911 Berceuse
33Adagio for violin and piano  vln,pno1911 Adagio
343 Little Songs  voc,pno1911 Song cycle
35Piano Quintet   1911 Piano quintet
36Chanson Triste - in d minor D- 1911 Song
37Jasek`s song   1911  
38A song   1911 Song
39The Soul is Dying  voc,pno1911 Song
40First LovePrvini laska  1911  
41Tears  voc,pno1911 Song
42From Andersen`s Fairy-Tales  pno1912  
43The End of All  voc,pno1912 Song
44Dead Love   1912  
45Symphony for Orchestra (1st movement)  orc1912 Symphony
46Song Without Words in D minor D-pno1912 3:00 
47Nocturne H47   1912 Nocturne
48You Write to Me  voc,pno1912 Song
49Early in the Morning, I Weed the Grain   1912 Song
50Lucie   1912  
51From Childhood   1912  
52Hoar-frost Fallen in the Field   1912  
53Marry Me, Mother   1912  
54The Rose  voc,pno1912 Song
55That's All What Remains  voc,pno1912 Song
56Last chords of Chopin - Krzec's picture  pno1912  
57I See You Every Night, My Dear   1912  
58Offertorium  sop,org1912 Offertory
59Ave Maria  sop,org1912 Hymn
59bis5 pieces for piano to Easter 1912  pno1912  
60String Quartet H60  vln2,vla,cel1912 String quartet
61Andante for Orchestra (Sketch)  orc1912 Andante
62Fantasy for violin and piano  vln,pno1912 Fantasy
632 Nocturnes for string quartet  stq1912 Nocturne
64Andante for string quartet  stq1912 Andante
65Ballade of Miss Vilma`s umbrella   1912 Ballade
65bisChanson   1912 Song
66Talk To Me On   1912 Song
67Abandoned bonnie   1912  
68Niponari  fvo1912 Song cycle
69Once upon a time   1912  
70On Blue EyesNo. 14  1910  
71The Fiery Man  voc,pno1912 Song
72Song of the 1st November   1912 Song
733 Maidens on a Bright Night  voc,pno1910 Song
74An Old Song   1913  
74bisTreading the Highlands  voc,pno1912 Song
75The Gnat`s Wedding  voc,pno1912 Song
76Let the Daybreak, oh, God   1912  
77In the Garden at the Castle   1912  
78The Swans  voc,pno1912 Song
79I Love The Old Parks   1912  
80The Song of Hanièka  voc,pno1912 Song
81Enough of Happiness   1912  
823 Melodramas no. 1: Evening   1913 7:00 
833 Melodramas no. 2: Dragon-fly   1913 6:00 
843 Melodramas no. 3: Dancer from Java   1913 7:00 
85Prelude on the theme of Marseillaise   1913 Prelude
86Prelude No. 2 in F Minor F- 1913 Prelude
86bisPrelude in A major A+ 1913 Prelude
87A song to an old spanish text   1914 Song
883 Songs to French Texts  voc,pno1913 Song
89Nightballet in 1 act  1914 Ballet
90Composition for Large Orchestra  orc1914  
91Nocturne No. 1 in f sharp minor F#-orc1915  
92Puppets III  pno1914  
93Dances with a Veil   1914 Ballet
944 Little Songs to Goethe`s Text   1915 Song cycle
95Nocturne H95   1915 Nocturne
96Nocturne (Rose of the Night)symphonic dance No. 2 orc1915 Symphonic dance
97Ballade (Villa on the Sea)symphonic dance No. 4  1915 Symphonic dance
983 Lyric Pieces  pno1915 11:00 
99Spring song   1915 Song
100Ruyanasea phantasy  1916 Fantasy
1016 Polkas   1916 Polka
102The Shadowballet in 1 act  1916 Ballet
103String Quartet in E flat minor Eb-vln2,vla,cel1917 36:00String quartet
104Burlesque   1917  
105Snow   1917  
106What a nice time  voc,pno1917 Song
107Valse - Capricio   1917 Capriccio
108Mood   1917  
109Furiant   1917  
1106 Simple Songs   1917 Song cycle
111Shepherd`s Sunday Song   1917 Song
112Christmas Carolballet in 4 acts with singing, dancing and recitation  1917 Ballet
113Summer Suite6 lyric pieces pno1918 Suite
114Lullabies   1918  
1153 songs  voc,pno1918 Song cycle
116Puppets II  pno1918  
117String quartet No. 1  vln2,vla,cel1918 String quartet
118Czech Rhapsody - Cantata  bar,cho,orc1918 Cantata
119Magic nights3 songs to chinese texts sop,orc1918 16:00Song cycle
120Sonata in C major for violin and piano C+vln,pno1919 Violin Sonata
1212 Male Choruses set to Lithuanian folk texts  mch1919 Song
121bisPrelude in E flat minor Eb- 1919 Prelude
122Cat FoxtrotPruvod kocek v noci slunovratu = The cat`s procession in the Solstice Night. pno1919 1:30Dances
122bisThe Little Lullaby H122bis  pno1919 Berceuse
123Little Dance Suite  orc1919 Suite
123bisFoxtrot H123bis   1920 Dances
124A Dream of the Past  orc1920  
124bisAndante   1920  
125Spring in the gardenchildren`s pieces pno1920 9:00 
125bisThe Guitar ceremonial marchSlavnostni pochod kytary pno1920 4:30March
126The new Slovak songs30 songs in 2 sets. voc,pno1920 Song cycle
126bisFoxtrot H126bis   1920 Dances
127Butterflies and Birds of Paradise  pno1920  
127bisOne step  pno1921  
127terSpring  pno1921 4:00 
128Evening at the Shore  pno1921  
1293 Songs for the Cabaret "Èervená sedma  voc,pno1921 Song
130Istarballet in 3 acts  1921 Ballet
130AIstar - orchestral suite no. 1Suite from ballet Istar orc1921 Suite
130BIstar - orchestral suite no. 2Suite from ballet Istar orc1921 Suite
130CIstar - The dance of the priestesses   1923  
131Vanishing Midnight   1922 41:00Symphonic poem
132Improvisation in the Spring  pno1922 Improvisation
133Who is the Most Powerful in the World?Ballet comedy in 1 act  1922 Opera
133AWho is the Most Powerful in the World? - Suite  orc1922 Suite
134Folk dances and customs in the Slovácko regionmusic for documentary.  1922 Film score
135The Months  voc,pno1922 7:00Song cycle
135bis2 Songs on Russian Poetry  voc,pno1922 6:00Song
136String Trio No. 1  vln,vla,cel1923 String Trio
137Puppets I  pno1924  
138Fables  pno1924  
138bisScherzo   1924 Scherzo
139Quartet in C majorFor Clarinet, French Horn, Violoncello and Side-drum. cla,hor,cel,dru1924  
140Prelude H140   1924 Prelude
141Piano Piece without Title  pno1924  
142Half-time  orc1924 Rondo
143Concertino for cello, brass, piano and battery C- 1924 Concertino
145Instructive duo for the nervous people   1925  
146Children`s Songs - in two sets   1925 Song cycle
146bis3 Lullabies   1925 7:00Berceuse
147Chinese Songs   1925 Song cycle
148Film en miniature  pno1925  
149Concerto for Piano and Orchestra No. 1 in D  pno,orc1925 Piano concerto
150String Quartet No. 2  vln2,vla,cel1925 19:30String quartet
151The Revoltballet sketch in 1 act  1925 Ballet
152Sonata in D minor for violin and piano D- 1926 Violin Sonata
153The Butterfly that Stampedballet in 1 act  1926 Ballet
153AThe Butterfly that Stamped - Suite  orc1926 Suite
1543 Czech Dances for piano   1926 7:30Dances
155La Bagarre  orc1926 Allegro
156Habanera   1926  
157Duo for Violin and Cello no 1  cel,vln1927  
158For Dance   1927  
159The Amazing FlightA mechanical ballet  1927 Ballet
160Three Sketches  pno1927 6:00 
161The kitchen revueLa Revue de Cuisine  1927 15:00Jazz
161AThe Kitchen Revue - suite   1927 Suite
161BThe Kitchen Revue - piano version  pno   
162The Soldier and the Dancercomic opera in 3 acts  1927 Opera
162AThe soldier and the dancer - prologueOpera prologue  1926  
163On Tourneballet in 1 act  1927 Ballet
164String Quintet  vln2,vla2,cel1927 18:00String Quintet
165Black bottom   1927  
166Impromptu for violin and piano  vln,pno1927 Impromptus
167ChristmasVánoce. 3 pieces for piano pno1927  
168JazzA movement for orchestra. orc1928  
169Tears of the KnifeSlzy noze. Opera in one act.  1928 Opera
1704 Mouvements for Piano  pno   
171Rhapsody (Allegro symphonique)  orc1928 Rhapsody
172Jazz Suite  orc1928 Suite
173Divertimento (Concertino) in GFor piano left hand and orchestraG+pno,orc1926 Divertimento
173bisOn T.S.F. waves   1929  
174Sextet for Piano and Winds  flu,obo,cla,bsn2,pno  17:00 
174AScherzo for Flute and Piano  flu,pno  Scherzo
175The three wishes or inconstancy of the lifeTri prani aneb vrtkavosti zivota. Film opera.  1929 2:15:00Opera
175AThe Departure - symphonic interludefrom the 3th act of the opera. orc1929  
175BFilm music from the opera Three Wishes 3rd act   1929 Film score
176Blues   1929  
177The Dance  pno1929  
178Prelude H178   1929 Prelude
179Six Persons Look for An AuthorStage music to the play by L. Pirandello.  1929 Opera
180Fantasy for Two Pianos  pno21929 Fantasy
1818 Preludes for Piano  pno1929 Prelude
181APrelude in the Form of a Scherzo  orc1930 Prelude
181bisTango and Allegretto   1929 Tango
182Sonata No. 1 for violin and piano  vln,pno1929 Violin Sonata
183String Quartet No. 3  vln2,vla,cel1929 15:00String quartet
1845 short pieces for violin and piano  vln,pno1930  
184bis3 Christmas songs   1929 Other religious
185With one fingerpiano piece for three hands pfh1930  
186Check to the KingJazz-ballet in 2 acts  1930 Ballet
187Wind Quintette  clu,obo,cla,hor,bsn1930  
188Vocalise for middle voice and piano  voc,pno1929  
188aAriette for violin and piano  vln,pno1930  
188bAriette for cello and piano      
189Nocturnes: 4 etudes for cello and piano  cel,pno1931 14:30Etude
190Pastorals  cel,pno1931  
191Easy Etudes for Two Violins  vln21930 Etude
192Miniature Suite  cel,pno1931 Suite
193Piano Trio No. 1  vl,,cel,pno1930 11:30Piano trio
194Day of KindnessOpera in 3 acts  1931 Opera
195Borová - 7 Czech dances  pno1930 Dances
195ABorova No. 1 for small orchestra  orc1931 Dances
196Concerto for Violoncello and Orchestra No. 1  cel,orc1930 Cello concerto
1973 Songs to Poems by G. Apollinaire   1930 5:00Song
198Sonatina for 2 Violins and Piano  vln2,pno1930 Sonatina
199Serenade for Chamber Orchestra  cor  Serenade
200Les Rondes  obo,cla,bsn,tru,vln2,pno1930  
2017 Arabesquesrhytmic etudes. H201a is the same work for violin and piano cel,pno1931  
202Rhytmic etudesas op. 202a for string orchestra vln,pno1932 Etude
203Sketches - first rank   1931  
204Sketches - second rank   1931  
205Games for piano I  pno1931 6:15 
206Games for piano II   1931 14:30 
207Concerto for String Quartet with Orchestra  stq,orc1931 Concerto
208Sonata No. 2 for violin and piano  vln,pno1931 Violin Sonata
209Czech Nursery Rhymessix female choruses fch1931 Song cycle
210Little songs for children   1931 Song cycle
211Festive Ouverture for Sokol Festival  orc1931 Overture
212Partita (Suite No. 1)  sor1931  
213Sonata for 2 violins and piano  vln2,pno1932 Violin Sonata
213bis2 Songs H213bis  alt,pno1932 Song
214The Chap-Bookballet with singing in 3 acts  1932 Ballet
214ASpalicek - orchestral suite no. 1Suite from ballet Spalicek orc1932 Suite
214BSpalicek - orchestral suite no. 2Suite from ballet Spalicek orc1932 Suite
214CSpalícek - 2 dances2 dances from the ballet  1932 Dances
214I-3.2Wedding shirt  cho,orc1932 Song
215Divertimento (Serenade No. 4)  cor1932 Divertimento
216Serenade No. 2 for 2 violins and viola  vln2,vla1932 Serenade
217Serenade No. 1 in A Minor A-cla,hor,vln3,vla1932 Serenade
218Serenade No. 3  obo,cla,vln4,cel1932 Serenade
219Sinfonia Concertante for Two Orchestras  orc21932 Sinfonia
220Dance sketches   1932 Dances
2214 Children's Pieces for Piano  pno1932  
222Albumblatt no. 1 for Piano  pno1932  
223Melo   1932 Film score
224String SextetH 224a is an arrangement for string orchetra. vln2,vla2,cel21932 18:15String sextet
2254 children`s songs and rhymes   1932 Song cycle
226Concerto for Violin and Orchestra no. 1  vln,orc1933 Violin concerto
227Ritornelssix piano pieces pno1932 12:00 
2282 ballads to folk-song texts  alt,pno1932 8:00 
229Piano Quintet No.1   1933 Piano quintet
230Easter Song   1933 Other religious
231Concerto for Piano Trio with String Orchestra  pno,sor1933 Piano concerto
232Concertino for Piano Trio and String Orchestra  pno,sor1933 Concertino
232bis2 songs to the texts of negro folk-poetry  voc,pno1932 Song
233Marika The Unfaithful   1933 Film score
234Inventions  orc1934  
2354 Marian Songs - for mixed chorus  cho1934 11:00Song cycle
236The Miracles of Mary   1934 Opera
237Concerto for Piano and Orchestra No. 2  pno,orc1934 Piano concerto
238String Trio No. 2  vln,vla,cel1934 15:30String Trio
239The Slippermusic for documentary film  1935 Film score
240City of the Quick Water: Mariánské LáznìMesto zive vody. Music for the documentary film  1935 Film score
240AThe town of viva aqua: Mariánské láznìInterlude from the film.  1935 Film score
241Albumblatt no. 2 for Piano  pno1935  
242Composition for Little Evas   1935  
243The Voice of the Forestradio-opera in 1 act  1935 Opera
2442 Pieces for harpsichord   1935 7:00 
245The judgement of Parisballet in 1 act  1935 Ballet
246Concerto for Harpsichord and Small Orchestra   1935 Concerto
247Comedy on the Bridgeradio-opera in 1 act  1935 Opera
247AComedy on the bridge - Little Suite   1935 Suite
248OidipusStage music to the play of André Gide  1936 Opera
248AOidipus - Little Suitefrom the stage music to Oidipus by André Gide  1936 5:30Suite
249Dumka for Piano no 1  pno   
250Dumka for Piano no 2  pno   
251The Suburban TheatreDivadlo za bránou = Theatre Behind the Gate. Sometimes labeled as H 252.  1936 Opera
251ACommedia dell'arteOrchestral suite from the 1st act of the opera Divadlo za bránou orc1936 Suite
251bisLet`s repose   1936  
252Concerto for Flute, Violin and Orchestra in GSee also H 251.G+ 1936 Concerto
253Julietta (The key to Dreams)Lyric opera in 3 acts  1937 Opera
253AJuliette - 3 fragmentsFrom the opera Juliette orc1939 39:00Opera
253BJuliette - Suite  orc1937 Suite
254Sonata for Flute, Violin and Piano  flu,vln,pno1937 Sonata
255Alexandre Bis   1937 Opera
256String Quartet No. 4  vln2,vla,cel1937 19:00String quartet
257Crotchets and Quavers   1937  
258The Hounted Train  pno1937 3:00 
259A Love Carol   1937 Song
260Bouquet of FlowersKytice. compositions to folk texts. cho,voc0,orc1937 Song cycle
261Intermezzo - 4 pieces for violin and piano  vln,pno1937 11:30 
262Sonatina for violin and piano  vln,pno1937 Sonatina
263Concerto Grosso for Chamber Orchestra  cor  Concerto
264Duo Concertant for Two Violins and Orchestra  vln2,orc1937  
265Trio for Flute, Violin and Bassoon  flu,vln,bsn1937  
2664 Madrigals for Oboe, Clarinet and Bassoon  bsn,cla,obo1938 18:30Madrigal
267Tre Ricercari  cor1938 14:00 
267bisAh, let me know      
268String quartet No. 5 in G minor G-vln2,vla,cel1938 27:30String quartet
269Concertino for Piano and Orchestra  pno,orc1938 Concertino
270Window to the garden4 piano pieces from the holidays pno1938 7:30 
271Double concerto  sor2,pno,tim1938 20:30Concerto
272Fairy-Tales  pno1939  
273I know a grove   1939  
274Promenades  flu,vln,hsc1939  
275Bergerettes5 pieces vln,cel,pno1939  
276ISuite Concertante in D I  vln,orc1943 Suite
276IISuite Concertante in D II  vln,orc1944 Suite
277Sonata for cello and piano no. 1  cel,pno1949 17:00Cello sonata
277bisCzech Enigmas   1939  
277terTo Vitulka's Mother's birthday  pno1939  
278Czech Madrigals8 madrigals for mixed voices  1939 Madrigal
279Field Mass  bar,mch,orc1939 Cantata
279bisCongratulation to Mama   1939 1:30 
280Military March  orc1940 March
281Fantasy and toccata  pno1940 Toccata
282Sinfonietta Giocosa  pno,cor1940 Sinfonietta
282bis4 songs on Czech folk poetry  voc,pno1940 Song cycle
283Sonata da Camera  cel,cor1940 26:30Sonata
284Mazurka for Piano  pno1941 Mazurka
285Concerto da Camera  vln,sor,pno,pcs1941 Violin concerto
285bisDumka for Piano no 3  pno1941  
286Sonata for cello and piano no. 2  cel,pno1944 19:00Cello sonata
286bisA Merry Christmas 1941   1941  
287Piano quartet   1942 23:00Piano quartet
288New Spalícek   1942 Song cycle
289Symphony No. 1  orc1942 Symphony
290Variations on a Theme of Rossini  cel,pno1942 8:00 
291Madrigal-Sonata for Flute, Violin and Piano  flu,vln,pno1942 11:00Sonata
292Concerto for Two Pianos and Orchestra  pno2,orc1943 Piano concerto
293Concerto for Violin and Orchestra No. 2  vln,orc1943 Violin concerto
294Songs on One PagePisnicky na jednu stranku  1943 Song cycle
295Symphony No. 2  orc1943 23:00Symphony
296Memorial to Lidice  orc1943  
2975 Madrigal stanzas  pno,vln1943 10:00Madrigal
298Piano Quintet No.2   1944 Piano quintet
299Symphony No. 3  orc1944 30:30Symphony
300Trio for Flute, Violoncello and Piano  flu,cel,bsn1944  
301Fantasia for theremin a.o.  the,obo,stq,pno1944 Fantasy
302Songs on Two PagesPisnicky na dve stranku  1944 Song cycle
303Sonata No. 3 for violin and piano  vln,pno1944  
304Concerto for violoncello and orchestra No. 2   1945 Cello concerto
304bisBerceuse   1945 Berceuse
305Symphony No. 4  orc1945 31:30Symphony
306Sonata for Flute and Piano  flu,pno1945 17:00Sonata
307Czech Rhapsody for violin and piano  vln,pno1945 Rhapsody
307ACzech Rhapsody for violin and orchestra  vln,orc307 Rhapsody
308Etudes and Polkas16 piano pieces in three books  1945 Polka
309Thunderbolt P-47  orc1945 Scherzo
310Symphony No. 5  orc1946 30:00Symphony
311Toccata e Due Canzoni  orc1946 27:00 
312String quartet No. 6  vln2,vla,cel1946 23:30String quartet
3133 Madrigals for Violin and Viola  vln,vla1947 15:30Madrigal
314String Quartet No. 7 (Concerto da camera)  vln2,vla,cel1947 String quartet
315Quartet for oboe, violin, cello and piano  vln,cel,pno,obo1947  
316Concerto for Piano and Orchestra No. 3  pno,orc1948 Piano concerto
317The Stranglerballet for three dancers  1948 Ballet
318The Fifth Day of the Fifth Moon  pno1948  
319Bouquinists from the Malaquais quai  pno1948  
319bisSaluteceremonial fanfare     
320Greeting to Sokols and Sokol- meetingFestive fanfare for wind instruments win1948  
3215 Czech Madrigals  voc01948 Madrigal
321bisThe Little Lullaby H321bis  pno1919 4:00Berceuse
322Sinfonia Concertante  vln,cel,obo,bsn,orc,pno1949 Sinfonia
323Bagatela "Morceau facile"Bagatela  1949 Bagatelle
3243 Czech Dances for Two Pianos  pno21949 16:00Dances
325Mazurka-Nocturne  ob,vln2,cel1949 Mazurka
326Barcarolle for Piano  pno  Barcarolle
327Piano Trio No. 2 in D minor D- 1950 Piano trio
328Sinfonietta La Jolla A+pno,cor1950 Sinfonietta
329Concerto for Two Violins and Orchestra in D  vln2,orc1950 Violin concerto
330Intermezzo for large orchestra  orc1950  
331Duo for Violin and Viola no 2  cel,vln1950  
332Piano Trio No. 3 in C major C+vln,cel,pno1951 Piano trio
333Improvisation  pno1951 Improvisation
334Serenade for violin,viola, cello, 2 clarinetsSerenade no. 4 vln,vla,cel,cla21951 26:00Serenade
335Stowe pastorals  rec5,cla,vln2,cel1951  
336What Men Live ByCim lide ziji. Opera-pastorale in 1 act  1952 Opera
337Rhapsody-Concerto for viola and orchestra  vla,orc1952 21:00 
3383 Part-Songs - for female voices  fvo31952 9:00Song
3393 Sacred Songs (3 Legends)Trojhlase pisne posvatne (tri legendy) fvo0,vln1952 11:00Song cycle
339AVirgin Mary walked about the world   1952 2:15 
340Sonata for cello and piano no. 3   1952 18:30Cello sonata
341The MarriageComic Opera in 2 Acts  1952 Opera
342Concerto for Violin, Piano and Orchestra  vln,pno,orc1953 Concerto
343Symphony No. 6 "Fantaises Symphoniques"symfonicke fantazie  1953 27:30Symphony
344Accusation Against the Unknown   1953 Opera
345Overture  orc1953 Overture
346Mirandolinacomic opera in 3 acts  1954 Opera
346AMirandolina - Saltarellofrom the opera Mirandolina  1954  
347Hymn to St. Jamescantata for soli, mixed chorus, organ and instrumental accompaniment voc0,cho,org1954 Cantata
348PrimrosePetrklic. Duets after moravian folk poetry.  1954 Duet
349Mount of Three Lights  mch,ten,bar,org1954 Cantata
350Sonate for Piano  pno1954 Piano Sonata
351The Epic of Gilgamesh  voc0,cho,orc1955 Cantata
352The Frescoes of Piero della Francesca  orc1955  
353Concert for Oboe and Small Orchestra  obo,orc1955 Concerto
354Opening of the wellsOtvirani studanek = Opening of the Springs. voc0,fch1955 21:00Cantata
355Sonata for Viola and Piano  vla,pno1955 Sonata
356Sonatina for Clarinet & pianoSonatina pro klarinet a klavír. cla,pno  12:00 
357Sonatina for Trumpet (C or B) and Piano  tru,pno1956 Sonatina
358Concerto for Piano and Orchestra No. 4"Incantations" pno,orc1956 Piano concerto
359Impromptu for Two Pianos  pno21956 Impromptus
360Legend of the smoke from potato firesCantata for soli, mixed chorus and instrumental accompaniment. voc0,cho1956 Cantata
361Brigand Songs I, IIZbojnicke Písne. 10 male choruses mch1957 Song cycle
362Adagio Memories   1957 Adagio
363The Rock  orc1957 Prelude
364Dandelion RomanceRomance z papelisek. sop,cho1957 15:00Cantata
365Divertimento for Two Recorders  rec21957 Divertimento
366Concerto for Piano and Orchestra No. 5 in B"Fantasia concertante"  1958 Piano concerto
367The Parables  orc1958  
368Sonata for harpsichord  hsc1958 Sonata
369Estampes  orc1958  
370Ariane   1958 Opera
371Duo for Violin and Cello no. 2 in D major  cel,vln1958 Duet
372The Greek PassionOpera in 4 Acts  1957 Opera
373Little Songs for children voices` choir   1959 5:00Song cycle
374Nonet No.2  vln,vla,cel,dbv,flu,cla,o1959  
375Mikes of the mountainscantata for soli, mixed chorus and instrumental accompaniment voc0,cho1959 Cantata
376Chamber music No. 1Komorni hudba vln,vla,har,pno1959  
377Piece for 2 Cellos  cel2   
378Variations on a Slovak Folk Song   1959 Variations
379The Bird Feast   1959 Song
380Madrigals (Part-song book)   1959 Madrigal
3812 Impromptus for harpsichord  hsc1959 4:00Impromptus
382Vigilia   1959 6:30 
383The Prophecy of Isaiah  voc0,mch1959 Cantata
383AThe Burden of Moabuncomplete sketch of a cantata  1959 Cantata
384A GreetingFor childrens chorus cho1959  
 Sonata for violin and piano  vla,pno  Sonata
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