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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart   KV1 486

Der Schauspieldirektor

Opera 1786.


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Der Schauspieldirektor (The Impresario), K. 486, is a comic Singspiel written by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart to a German libretto by Gottlieb Stephanie, an Austrian Schauspieldirektor.

Mozart wrote the opera as his entry in a musical competition sponsored on February 7, 1786 by Holy Roman Emperor Joseph II at the Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna. The competition was to pit a German singspiel against an Italian opera. The competing Italian entry was the opera buffa Prima la musica, poi le parole (First the Music, then the Words), by Antonio Salieri.[citation needed]

It has been noted[who?] that the character and scale of the overture are similar to those of the overture to Le nozze di Figaro, which was written at the same time and premiered later the same year.

There are only four vocal numbers in the score, and the musical content (about 30 minutes, including the overture) is surrounded by much spoken dialogue, topical in its day. In modern times, the text is usually completely rewritten.



Role Voice type Premiere Cast, February 7, 1786
(Conductor: — )
Frank, an impresario spoken role Johann Gottlieb Stephanie Jr.
Eiler, a banker spoken role Johann Franz Hieronymus Brockmann
Buff, a buffo singer bass Joseph Weidmann
Monsieur Vogelsang, a singer tenor Valentin Adamberger
Madame Herz, a singer soprano Aloysia Weber
Mademoiselle Silberklang, a singer soprano Catarina Cavalieri
Herz, an actor spoken role Joseph Lange
Madame Pfeil, an actress spoken role Anna Maria Stephanie
Madame Krone, an actress spoken role Johanna Sacco
Madame Vogelsang, an actress spoken role Maria Anna Adamberger

Noted arias

  • "Bester Jüngling" — Madame Silberklang
  • "Da schlägt des Abschieds Stunde" — Madame Herz

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  • Holden, Amanda; (editor), with Kenyon, Nicholas and Walsh, Stephen. The Viking Opera Guide. London: Viking. ISBN 0-670-81292-7. 

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