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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

27 jan 1756 (Salzburg) - 5 dec 1791 (Vienna)

Books about Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and his music

bookYona Zeldis McDonough and Carrie Robbins Who Was Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart? (Who Was...?)
Grosset & Dunlap, 2003; ISBN 0448431041; 112 pages
Born in Austria in 1756, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart composed his first piece of music, a minuet, when he was just five years old! Soon after, he was performing for kings and emperors. Although he died at the young age of thirty-five, Mozart left a legacy of more than 600 works. This fascinating biography charts the musician's extraordinary career and personal life while painting a vivid cultural history of eighteenth-century Europe. Black-and-white illustrations on every spread explore such topics as the history of opera and the evolution of musical instruments. There is also a timeline and a bibliography. Illustrated by Carrie Robbins. Cover illustration by Nancy Harrison. Price indication: $ 4.99
bookPeter Shaffer Amadeus : A Play by Peter Shaffer
Perennial, 2001; ISBN 0060935499; 160 pages Price indication: $ 10.20
bookMaynard Solomon Mozart : Life, A
Perennial, 1996; ISBN 0060926929; 656 pages Price indication: $ 15.40
bookCharles Rosen The Classical Style: Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven
W. W. Norton & Company, 1998; ISBN 0393317129; 533 pages
A greatly expanded edition of the National Book Award-winning masterpiece by a world-class pianist and writer on music. This outstanding book treating the three most beloved composers of the Vienna School is basic to any study of Classical-era music. Drawing on his rich experience and intimate familiarity with the works of these giants, Charles Rosen presents his keen insights in clear and persuasive language. For this expanded edition, now available in paperback for the first time, Rosen has provided a new, 64-page chapter on the later years of Beethoven and the musical conventions he inherited from Haydn and Mozart. The author has also written an extensive new preface in which he responds to other writers who have commented on his ideas. Price indication: $ 13.57
bookMike Venezia Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (Getting to Know the World's Greatest Composers)
Children's Press (CT), 1995; ISBN 0516445413; 32 pages
A biography of the child prodigy who wrote more than 800 pieces of music before his untimely death at thirty-five. Price indication: $ 6.95
bookSimon P. Keefe and Jonathan Cross The Cambridge Companion to Mozart (Cambridge Companions to Music)
Cambridge University Press, 2003; ISBN 0521001927; 312 pages Price indication: $ 29.99
bookWolfgang A. Mozart Letters of W. A. Mozart
Dover Publications, 1972; ISBN 0486228592; 276 pages Price indication: $ 8.76
bookStephanie Cowell Marrying Mozart: A Novel
Viking Books, 2004; ISBN 0670032689; 368 pages Price indication: $ 15.72
bookJacques Chailley The Magic Flute Unveiled : Esoteric Symbolism in Mozart's Masonic Opera
Inner Traditions, 1992; ISBN 089281358X; 368 pages Price indication: $ 12.89
bookAlfred Einstein Mozart: His Character, His Work (Galaxy Books)
Oxford University Press, 1991; ISBN 0195007328; 504 pages Price indication: $ 22.50
bookH. C. Robbins Landon 1791: Mozart's Last Year
Thames & Hudson, 1999; ISBN 0500281076; 240 pages Price indication: $ 12.21
bookDavid Hurwitz and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Getting the Most out of Mozart : The Instrumental Works (Unlocking the Masters)
Amadeus Press, 2005; ISBN 1574670964; 187 pages Price indication: $ 15.61
bookChristoph Wolff and Mary Whittall Mozart's Requiem: Historical and Analytical Studies Documents, Score
University of California Press, 1998; ISBN 0520213890; 261 pages Price indication: $ 24.95
bookStephen Costanza Mozart Finds a Melody
Henry Holt and Co. (BYR), 2004; ISBN 0805066276; 40 pages
For the first time in Wolfgang's life, the famous composer was at a loss for a tune. He tried every trick to get his imagination going. He sang standing on his head. He played his violin in the bathtub. He even threw darts at the blank music paper. Alas, nothing worked. An imaginative story about Mozart's many inspirations Wolfgang Mozart must compose a new piano concerto to perform at the famous Burgtheatre in Vienna. But Mozart can't think of a note to write. When he hears his hungry pet starling sing out melodiously, his creativity begins to flow. Before he can put notes to paper, however, his muse escapes through the window, and Mozart is off on a frantic search to bring her back. Will Mozart find both his friend and song in time? Based on a true story about the famous composer and his beloved pet starling, this enchanting tale celebrates inspiration in any form it takes. Price indication: $ 12.21
bookNeal Zaslaw Mozart's Symphonies: Context, Performance Practice, Reception (Clarendon Paperbacks)
Oxford University Press, 1991; ISBN 0198162863; 660 pages Price indication: $ 74.00
bookOtto E. Deutsch Mozart a Documentary Biography
Stanford University Press, 1966; ISBN 0804702330; 696 pages Price indication: $ 72.00
bookWolfgang Hildesheimer Mozart
Farrar Straus Giroux, 1991; ISBN 0374522987; 408 pages Price indication: $ 30.00
bookA. Peter Brown The Symphonic Repertoire: Volume 2. The First Golden Age of the Viennese Symphony: Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, and Schubert
Indiana University Press, 2002; ISBN 025333487X; 816 pages Price indication: $ 59.56
bookWolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Robert Spaethling Mozart's Letters, Mozart's Life: Selected Letters
W. W. Norton & Company, 2000; ISBN 0393047199; 416 pages
Letters by Mozart in sparkling new translations that capture the flavor of the writing, transmit every nuance, and render every thought faithfully and accurately. What was Mozart really like--wild? sublime? responsible? fun-loving? bright? foul-mouthed? Reading these letters, we learn in his own words that he was all of these and much more. Here is the composer at his most intimate and unguarded, expressing his feelings about life, love, music, and the world around him. For this collection, Robert Spaethling has carefully chosen letters written by Mozart over a span of almost twenty-two years--from his first journey to Italy as a shy teenager to the final months of his life in Vienna. The letters, together with the accompanying introductions, chronicle the composer's life, personal development, and artistic growth. These new translations into English, the first in more than sixty years, are faithful to the original German even to the point of misspellings, which abound in the early correspondence. No effort has been spared to find language as closely equivalent to Mozart's as any translation can be and to clear up references in the letters to people, places, and events. Mozart's Letters, Mozart's Life makes wonderful reading for anyone who has ever loved a work by the composer, from the deceptively simple Eine kleine Nachtmusik to the towering, magnificent Requiem. Price indication: $ 23.10
bookNeal Zaslaw Mozart's Piano Concertos : Text, Context, Interpretation
University of Michigan Press, 1997; ISBN 0472103148; 496 pages Price indication: $ 110.00

Sheet music, libretti, etc.

Complete Sonatas and Fantasies for Solo Piano - Dover Publications

Cosi Fan Tutte - G. Schirmer, Inc.

Later Symphonies - Dover Publications

Magic Flute (The Black Dog Opera Library) - Black Dog & Leventhal Publishers

Mozart Sonatas (Urtext) Complete / Advanced Solo Pian - Warner Bros Pubns

Mozart: A Cultural Biography - Harcourt

Requiem in Full Score - Dover Publications

The Marriage of Figaro (Le Nozze di Figaro) - G. Schirmer, Inc.

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