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Viktor Nessler  

Der Trompeter von Säkkingen

Opera 1884.
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Der Trompeter von Säkkingen (The Trumpeter of Säkkingen) is an opera in a prologue and three acts by Viktor Nessler. The German libretto was by Rudolf Bunge, based on the epic poem, Der Trompeter von Säckingen [sic], by Joseph Viktor von Scheffel.


Performance history

The opera was first performed under Arthur Nikisch at the Carola Theater (or Stadttheater) in Leipzig, on 4 May 1884. It was Nessler's greatest success, albeit in part because of the popularity of von Scheffel's work. It was subsequently given at the Metropolitan Opera in New York on 23 November 1887, and at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane in London on 8 July 1892.


Role Voice type Premiere cast, May 4, 1884
(Conductor: Arthur Nikisch)
Werner Kirchhofer, law student, later a trumpeter tenor Otto Schelper
Konradin, a trumpeter bass Karl Grengg
Baron von Schönau bass
Maria, daughter of the Baron soprano
Count von Wildenstein bass
Countess Wildenstein, Maria's aunt, former wife of the Count contralto
Damian, son of the Count by a subsequent wife tenor Marion
The majordomo baritone
The rector bass


Setting: 17th-century Heidelberg and Säkkingen, after the Thirty Years War. The trumpeter Werner loves Maria, the daughter of the Baron, but her father and mother want her to marry the cowardly Damian. Werner proves himself a hero and is opportunely discovered to be of noble birth, so all ends happily.


Nessler: Der Trompeter von Säkkingen - Cologne Radio Orchestra and Chorus

  • Conductor: Helmuth Froschauer
  • Principal singers: Alfred Kuhn (Bass); Christoph Späth (Tenor); Franz Hawlata (Bass); Hermann Prey (Baritone); Katharina Kammerloher (Mezzo soprano)
  • Recording date: 1994
  • Label: Capriccio - CAP60055 (CD)


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