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Fernando Obradors

1897 (Barcelona) - 1945 (Barcelona)
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Ferran Obradors (Barcelona 1897 - Barcelona 1945) was a Spanish composer.

Ferran Jaumandreu Obradors was taught piano by his mother, but taught himself composition, harmony and counterpoint. He became conductor of the Gran Canaria Philharmonic Orchestra, and later taught at Las Palmas Conservatory. Between 1921 and 1941 he wrote four volumes of arrangement of classic Spanish poetry. One of the poems, "La casada infiel", was written by his friend Lorca. Although he wrote many works for the theatre, none have held their place in the repertoire. He is best known for "Canciones clásicas españolas", a song-cycle. His orchestral work "El Poema de la Jungla" recently became available on CD. Many of his contemporaries left Spain to find fame in France, but Obradors remained true to his Catalan roots. His first surname is sometimes split into two names - Jaum Andreu.

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