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Hubert Parry

27 feb 1848 (Bournemouth) - 7 oct 1918 (Knight' s Croft)
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Worklist for Hubert Parry

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65 works
123 songs op. 12     7:30Song
 7 Chorale Preludes for Organ Set I  org   
 7 Chorale Preludes for Organ Set II  org   
 Blest Pair of Sirens (At a Solemn Music)Blessed Pair Of Sirens     
 Chorale Fantasia on an Old English TuneWhen I survey the wondrous Cross org   
 Chorale Fantasia on The Old Hundredth  org   
 El├ęgie (1918)  org1918  
 Elegy (1913)  org1913 Elegy
 Evening service in D major "the great"     12:00Hymn
 Fantasia & Fugue in G Gorg1882 Fantasy
 Fantasie Sonata in B major     Fantasy
 Hear my words, ye people     15:00Song
 I was glad when they said unto me     6:00Song
 JerusalemAnd did those feet in ancient time.    3:00Song
 Job     50:00Oratorio
 My Heart is like a Singing bird     2:30Song
 Nonet in B flat major  cha  24:00 
 Overture to an Unwritten Tragedy     Overture
 Piano Concerto in F sharp major     35:00Piano concerto
 Piano Quartet in A flat major  pno  Piano quartet
 Piano Trio No. 1 in E minor  pno  Piano trio
 Piano Trio No. 2 in B minor  pno  Piano trio
 Piano Trio No. 3 in G major  pno  Piano trio
 Symphony No 1 in G major     Symphony
 Symphony No 2 in F major "Cambridge"     Symphony
 Symphony No 3 "The English"     Symphony
 Symphony No 4 in E minor     Symphony
 Symphony No 5 in B minor "Symphonic fantasia"     Symphony
 Songs of Farewell     22:00Song cycle
 Toccata & Fugue "The Wanderer"  org  Toccata
E1:1My true love hath my heart     Song
E11:2What part of dread eternity     4:00Song
E11:3The Spirit of the Spring     2:00Song
E11:4The Blackbird     1:15Song
E11:5The Faithful Lover     3:30Song
E11:8She is my love beyond all thought     2:00Song
E2:2Take, O take those lips away     1:30Song
E2:3No longer mourn for me     3:15Song
E3:1To Lucasta, on going to the wars     1:30Song
E3:2If thou would'st ease thine heart     3:30Song
E3:3To Althea, from prison     2:15Song
E3:4Why so pale and wan?     1:00Song
E3:5Through the Ivory Gate     3:30Song
E4:1Thine eyes still shined for me     2:00Song
E4:2When lovers meet again     2:45Song
E4:4Weep you no more, sad fountains     Song
E5:2Proud Maisie     1:30Song
E5:4Lay a garland on my hearse     2:15Song
E6:1When comes my Gwen     2:30Song
E6:2And yet I love her till I die     2:45Song
E6:3Love is a bable     1:15Song
E6:4A Lover's Garland     Song
E6:5At The Hour The Long Day Ends     Song
E6:6Under the greenwood tree     1:30Song
E7:1On a time the amorous Silvy     1:30Song
E7:3Ye little birds that sit and sing     1:30Song
E7:4O never say that I was false of heart     2:45Song
E7:5Julia     0:50Song
E7:6Sleep     3:00Song
E8:1Whence     Song
E8:2Nightfall in winter     5:00Song
E8:3Marian     Song
E8:4Dirge in woods     2:45Song
E8:5Looking Backward     Song
E8:6Grapes     Song
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