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Giovanni Battista Pergolesi

4 jan 1710 (Jesi) - 16 mar 1736 (Pozzuoli)
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Worklist for Giovanni Battista Pergolesi

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name cmt key instr year time genre
40 works
Adriano in Siria     Opera
Catone In Utica     Opera
Concerti Armonici No. 1 in G  cha  Concerto
Concerti Armonici No. 2 in G major G+cha  Concerto
Concerti Armonici No. 3 in A  cha  Concerto
Concerti Armonici No. 4 in F minor  cha  Concerto
Concerti Armonici No. 5 in B flat  cha  Concerto
Concerti Armonici No. 6 in E flat major Eb+cha  Concerto
Concertino in G  cha  11:00Concertino
Confiebor Tibi, Domine     Other religious
Domine ad adjuvandum     Other religious
Flute Concerto in G major  cha  13:30Flute concerto
Il Flaminio   1735 Opera
Il Geloso schernitoNowadays attributed to Pietro Chiarini    Opera
Il maestro di musica     Opera
Il prigionier superbo     Opera
L'Olimpiade     Opera
La contadina astutaLa contadina astuta or Livietta e Tracollo is an intermezzo in two parts from Giovanni Battista Pergolesi on a libretto from Tommaso Mariani.  1734 Opera
La conversione e morte di San Guglielmo   1732 Opera
La serva padronaThe Maid as Mistress    39:00Opera
Lo frate 'nnamoratoThe brother in love  1731 Opera
Magnificat in B flat major     13:30Magnificat
Magnificat in C major     Magnificat
Manca le guida al pie      
Mass in F major     Mass
Mass in G major     Mass
Missa solemnis     Mass
NinaTre giorni son che Nina    Song
O sacrum convivium     6:00Other religious
Ogni pena più a spietata      
Ogni pena più spietata     Song
Salustia     Opera
Salve Regina in A minor A-   10:00Song
Salve Regina in C minor C-   Song
Salve Regina in F minor F-   14:30Song
Se tu m'ami, se sospiri     2:30Song
Stabat Mater Dolorosa     41:00Hymn
Stizzoso, mio stizzoso     Song
Trio sonata with string orchestra     7:00Sonata
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