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Arthur Pryor

22 sep 1870 (St. Joseph) - 18 jun 1942 (Long Beach)
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Worklist for Arthur Pryor

Arthur Willard Pryor

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name cmt key instr year time genre
65 works
A Coon Band Contest  bra1899  
African 400  bra   
After Sunset  bra1907  
Aggravation Rag  bra   
Air Varié  bra   
An African Beauty  bra1899  
Arkansaw Huskin' Bee  bra1899  
Arms of America March  bra1911  
Artful Artie  bra1908  
Black and White Rag  bra   
Blood Lillies  bra1905  
Blue Bells of Scotland  bra1901  
Cakewalk Contest  bra1899  
Canhanibalmo Rag  bra1911  
Captain Cupid  bra1908  
Chatterbox Rag  bra   
Country Club Waltz  bra1898  
Exposition Echoes  bra   
Fantastic Polka  bra   
Forever  bra   
Frau Louisa Waltz  bra1906  
Frozen Bill Rag  bra1909  
George M. Cohan Medley  bra   
Heart of America  bra   
Heart of America March  bra1916  
In the Hills of Old Kentucky Medley  bra   
Irish King March  bra1905  
Kentucky Home  bra   
La Spaniola Waltz  bra1898  
Little Nell  bra   
Love Thoughts  bra1887  
Love's Enchantment  bra1903  
Made in America  bra   
Mr Black Man  bra1904  
Old Timers Waltz Medley  bra   
On Jersey Shore  bra1904  
On the Level You're a Little Devil  bra   
Paragon Rag  bra   
Parisian Melodies  bra1901  
Patriot  bra1903  
Polka Fantastic  bra1911 Polka
Pryor Fox Trot  bra   
Razzazza Mazzazza  bra1906  
Slippery Hank  bra   
Snookums Rag  bra   
Southern Blossoms  bra1898  
Southern Hospitality  bra1899  
Sweet Lorena Ray  bra1896  
That Eccentric Rag  bra   
That Epidemic Rag  bra   
That Flying Rag  bra1911  
The Baby Parade  bra1906  
The Gridiron Club  bra1926  
The Love Kiss  bra   
The Memphis Blues  bra   
The Passing of Ragtime  bra1902  
The Patriot  bra   
The St. Louis Rag  bra   
The Whistler and his Dog  bra1905 2:30 
Thoughts of Love  bra   
Triumph of Old Glory  bra1907  
Trombone Sneeze  bra1902  
Under the Mellow Arabian Moon  bra   
We'll Be There Uncle Sammy  bra1917  
Ye Boston Tea Party  bra1986  
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