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Henry Purcell

1659 (Westminster) - 21 nov 1695 (London)
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Worklist for Henry Purcell

For the Trumpet Voluntary see the composer J Clarke (this work is sometimes falsely attributed to Purcell).

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525 works
1Awake, put on thy strength   1685 Anthem
2Behold, I bring you glad tidings   1687 Anthem
3Behold now, praise the Lord   1680 Anthem
4Be merciful unto me   1680 Anthem
5Blessed are they that fear the Lord   1688 Anthem
6Blessed be the Lord my strength   1678 Anthem
7Blessed is he that considereth the poor   1688 Anthem
8Blessed is he whose unrighteousnessBlessed is he whose unrighteousness is forgiven  1681 Anthem
9Blessed is the man that feareth the Lord   1688 Anthem
10Blow up the trumpet in Sion   1678 7:30Anthem
11Bow down thine ear, O Lord   1681 Anthem
12Give sentence with me, O Lord   1680 Anthem
13Hear me, O Lord, and that soon   1681 Anthem
14Hear my prayer, O God Z14   1681 Anthem
15Hear my prayer, O Lord Z15Psalm 102:1
Hear my prayer, O Lord, and let my crying come unto thee.
  1680 2:50Choral
16In thee, O Lord, do I put my trust   1682 Anthem
17In the midst of life   1681 Anthem
17aIn The Midst Of Life We Are In DeathFuneral music for Queen Mary     
18It is a good thing to give thanks   1683 Anthem
19I was glad when they said unto meFrom psalm 122: I Was Glad when they said unto me Let us go up into the House of the Lord.  1685 4:00Anthem
20I will give thanks unto Thee, O Lord   1683 Anthem
21I will give thanks unto the Lord   1681 Anthem
22I will sing unto the Lord   1678 Anthem
23Let God arise   1678 Anthem
24Let mine eyes run down with tears   1682 10:00Anthem
25Lord, how long wilt Thou be angry?   1681 Anthem
26rd, who can tell how oft he offendeth?   1677 Anthem
27Man That Is Born Of A WomanFuneral music for Queen Mary  1681 Anthem
28My beloved spake   1677 Anthem
29My heart is fixed, O God   1683 Anthem
30My heart is inditing   1685 Anthem
31My song shall be alway   1690 Anthem
32O consider my adversity     Anthem
33O give thanks unto the Lord   1693 Anthem
34O God, the king of glory   1678 Anthem
35O God, thou art my god   1681 Anthem
36O God, thou has cast us out   1681 Anthem
37O Lord God of hosts   1681 Anthem
38O Lord, grant the King a long life   1685 Anthem
39O Lord, our governor   1678 Anthem
40O Lord, rebuke me not     Anthem
41O Lord, Thou art my God   1681 Anthem
42O praise God in his holiness   1683 Anthem
43O praise the Lord, all ye heathen   1679 Anthem
44O sing unto the Lord   1688 Anthem
45Out of the deep have I called   1680 Anthem
46Praise the Lord, O Jerusalem   1689 Anthem
47Praise the Lord, O my soul, and all thatPraise the Lord, O my soul, and all that is within me  1683 Anthem
48Praise the Lord, O my soul, O Lord my God   1687 Anthem
49Rejoice in the Lord alwayThe Bell Anthem  1685 Anthem
50Remember not, O Lord, our offences   1681 2:15Anthem
51Save me, O God   1680 Anthem
52Sing unto God   1687 Anthem
53The Lord is king, be the people neverThe Lord is king, be the people never so impatient    Anthem
54The Lord is King, the earth may be glad   1688 Anthem
55The Lord is my light   1683 Anthem
56The way of God is an undefiled way   1694 Anthem
57They that go down to the sea in ships   1685 Anthem
58Thou know'st, Lord, the secrets of our hearts   1682 Anthem
58bThou Knowest O Lord The Secrets Of Our HeartsFuneral music for Queen Mary     
59Thy righteousness, O God, is very high     Anthem
60Thy way, O God, is holy   1687 Anthem
61Thy word is a lantern unto my feet     Anthem
62Turn thou us, O good Lord     Anthem
63Unto Thee will I cry   1683 Anthem
64Who hath believed our report?   1680 Anthem
65Why do the heathen so furiously rage together     Anthem
101Joy, mirth, triumphs I do defy     Song
102Domine non est exaltatum cor meum     Hymn
103Glora Patri et Filio   1680 Canon
104Glora Patri et Filio "Canon 3 in 1"   1680 Canon
105Glora Patri et Filio "Canon 4 in 1 per arsin"Canon 4 in 1 per arsin et thesin  1680 Canon
106Glory be to the Father "Canon 4 in 1"     Canon
107God is gone up "Canon 7 in 1 at the unison"     Canon
108Laudate Dominum "Canon 3 in 1"     Canon
109Misere Mei "Canon 4 in 2"     Canon
120Chant in A minor      
121Chant in G major Z121      
122Chant in G major Z122      
123Chant in D minor      
124Chant in G major      
125Burford psalm-tune in G minor      
130Ah! few and full of sorrow   1680 Hymn
131Beati omnes qui timent dominum   1680 4:30Song
132Early, O Lord, my fainting soul   1680 Hymn
133Hear me, O Lord, the great support   1681 Hymn
134In guilty night   1693 Hymn
135Jehova, quam multi sunt   1680 Hymn
136Lord, I can suffer thy rebukes   1680 Hymn
137Lord, not to us, but to thy name   1680 Hymn
138O all ye people, clap your hands   1680 Anthem
139O happy man that fears the Lord     Anthem
140O, I'm sick of life   1680 Hymn
141O Lord our governor   1680 Hymn
142Plung'd in the confines of despair   1680 Hymn
143Since God, so tender a regard   1680 Anthem
144When on my sickbed I languish   1680 Anthem
181Awake, and with attention hear   1688 Hymn
182Awake, ye dead   1693 Anthem
183Begin the song, and strike the living lyre   1693 Hymn
184Close thine eyes and sleep secure   1688 Hymn
185Full of wrath his threatening breath     Hymn
186Great God and just   1688 Anthem
187Hosanna to the highest     Hymn
188How have I strayed   1688 Hymn
189How long, great God?   1688 Hymn
190In the black dismal dungeon of despair   1688 Hymn
191Let the night perishJob's Curse  1688 Hymn
192Lord, what is man?   1693 Hymn
193Now that the sun hath veiled his lightAn Evening Hymn on a Ground  1688 6:30Hymn
195Sleep, Adam, sleep and take thy rest   1693 Hymn
196Tell me, some pitying angelThe Blessed Virgin's Expostulation  1693 Hymn
197The earth trembled   1688 Hymn
198Thou wakeful shepherdA Morning Hymn  1688 Hymn
199We sing to him, whose wisdom form'd the ear   1688 Hymn
200With sick and famish'd eyes   168 Hymn
231Magnificat and Nunc dimittis in gFor the evening serviceG-   6:00Mass
232Te Deum and Jubilate Deo in DFor the morning serviceD+ 1694 21:00Mass
240A health to the nut-brown lass   1685 Hymn
241An ape, a lion, a fox and an ass   1686 Song
242As Roger last night to Jenny lay close     Song
243Bring the bowl and cool Nantz   1693 Song
244Call for the reckoning     Song
245Come let us drink     Song
246Come my hearts, play your parts   1685 Song
247Down, down with Bacchus   1693 Song
248Drink on till night be spent   1686 Song
249Full bags, a brisk bottle   1686 Song
250God save our sovereign Charles   1685 Song
251Great Apollo and Bacchus     Song
252Here's a health, pray let it pass     Song
253Here's that will challenge all the fairBartholemew Fair  1680 Song
254He that drinks is immortal   1686 Song
255If all be true that I do think   1689 Song
256I gave her cakes and I gave her ale   1690 Song
257Is Charleroy's siege come too?   1693 Song
258Let the grave folks go preach   1685 Song
259Let us drink to the blades   1691 Song
260My lady's coachman, John   1688 Song
261Now England's great council's assembled   1685 Song
262Now, now we are met and humours agree   1688 Song
263Of all the instruments that are   1693 Song
264Once in our lives let us drink to our wives   1686 Song
265Once, twice, thrice, I Julia tried     Song
266One industrious insectInsecta praecauta, alterius merda    Song
267Pale faces, stand by   1688 Song
268Pox on you for a fop     Song
269Prithee be n't so sad and serious     Song
270Room for th'express   1694 Song
271Since the duke is return's   1685 Song
272Since time so kind to us does prove     Song
273Sir Walter enjoying his damsel     Song
274Soldier, soldier, take off thy wine     Song
275Sum up all the delights   1688 Song
276The Macedon youth   1686 Song
277The miller's daughter riding   1686 Song
278The surrender of Limerick   1691 Song
279Tis easy to force   1685 Song
280Tis too late for a coach   1686 Song
281Tis women makes us love   1685 Song
282To all lovers of music   1687 Song
283To thee, to thee and to a maid   1685 Song
284True Englishmen drink a good healthSong with music on the 7 Bishops  1689 Song
285Under a green elm lies Luke Shepherd's helm   1686 Song
286Under this stone lies Gabriel John   1686 Song
287When V and I together meet   1686 Song
288Who comes there?   1685 Song
289Wine in a morning makes us frolic and gay   1686 Song
290Would you know how we meet   1685 Song
291Young Colin cleaving of a beam   1691 Song
292Young John the gard'ner   1683 Song
320Arise my MuseOde for Queen Mary's birthday  1690 Ode
321Celebrate this festivalBirthday Ode for Queen Mary  1693 Ode
322Celesial music did the gods inspireOde for Mr Maidwell's School  1689 Ode
323Come ye sons of artBirthday Ode for Queen Mary  1694 25:30Choir
324Fly, bold rebellionWelcome Ode for Charles II  1683 Ode
325From hardy climes and dangerous toils of warOde for the wedding of Prince George of Denmark and Princess Anne  1683 Ode
326From those serene and rapturous joysWelcome Song for Charles II  1684 Ode
327Great parent, hail!Ode for the Centenary of Trinity College, Dublin  1694 Ode
328Hail, bright Cecilia!Ode for St. Cecilia's Day. There are four works with this name. They have Z numbers 328, 329, 334 and 339. They are dated from resp. 1692, 1683, 1685(?) and 1683. Z329 has a latin text, the other three english.  1692 50:00Ode
329Laudate CeciliamOde for St. Cecilia's Day  1683 Ode
331Love's goddess sure was blindBirthday Ode for Queen Mary  1692 Ode
332Now does the glorious day appearOde for Queen Mary's birthday  1692 Ode
333Of old when heroes thought it baseYorkshire Feast Song  1690 Ode
334Raise raise the voiceOde for St Cecilia's Day  1685 Ode
335Sound the trumpet, beat the drumWelcome Ode for James II  1687 2:30Ode
336Swifter, Isis, swifter flowWelcome Song for Charles II  1681 Ode
337The summer's absence unconcerned we bearWelcome Song for Charles II  1682 Ode
338Welcome, welcome glorious mornBirthday Ode for Queen Mary  1691 Ode
339Welcome to all the pleasuresThis is one of Purcell's four "Ode for St.Cecilia's day". They have Z numbers 328, 329, 334 and 339 and are from resp. 1692, 1683, 1685(?) and 1683. Z329 has a latin text, the other three english.  1683 15:00Ode
340Welcome, viceregent of the mighty kingWelcome Song for Charles II  1680 Ode
341What, what shall be done in behalf of the manWelcome Song for the Duke of York  1682 Ode
342Who can from joy refrain?Birthday Ode for the Duke of Gloucester  1695 Ode
343Why, why are all the Muses mute?Welcome Song for James II  1685 Ode
344Ye tuneful MusesWelcome Ode for Charles II  1686 Ode
351Aaron thus propos'd to Moses   1688 Hymn
352Ah! Cruel nymph, you give despair     Hymn
353Ah! how pleasant 'tis to love   1688 Hymn
354Ah! what pains, what racking thoughts     Song
355Amidst the shades and cool refreshing streams   1687 Song
356Amintas, to my grief I see   1679 Song
357Amintor, heedless of his flocks   1681 Song
358Ask me to love no more   1694 Song
359A thousand sev'ral ways I tried   1684 Song
360Bacchus is a power divine     Song
361Beware, poor Shepherds   1684 Song
362Cease, anxious world   1687 Song
363Cease, O my sad soul   1678 Song
364Celia's fond, too long I've loved her   1694 Song
365Corinna is divinely fair   1692 Song
367Cupid, the slyest rogue alive   1685 Song
368Farewell, all joys   1685 Song
369Fly swift, ye hours   1692 Song
370From silent shades and the Elysian grovesBess of Bedlam  1683 Song
371Hears not my Phyllis   1695 Song
372He himself courts his own ruin   1684 Song
373How delightful's the life of an innocent swai     Song
374How I sigh when I think of the charms   1681 Song
375I came, I saw, and was undone     Song
376I envy not a monarch's fate   1693 Song
377I fain would be free     Song
378If grief has any power to kill   1685 Song
379If Music Be the Food of Love   1692 2:00Hymn
380If prayers and tearson the death of Charles II    Song
381I lov'd fair Celia     Song
382I love and I must     Song
383Incassum Lesbia, incassum rogasFuneral music for Queen Mary  1695  
384In Cloris all soft charms   1684 Song
385In vain we dissemble   1685 Song
386I resolve against cringing   1679 Song
387I saw that you were grown so high   1678 Song
388I take no pleasure in the sun's bright beams   1681 Song
389Leave these useless arts in loving     Song
390Let each gallant heart   1683 Song
391Let formal lovers still pursue   1687 Song
392Love arms himself in Celia's eyes     Song
393Love is now become a trade   1685 Song
394Lovely Albina's come ashore     Song
395Love's power in my heart shall find no compli   1688 Song
396Love, thou canst hear, tho' thou art blind   1695 Song
397More love or more disdain I crave   1678 Song
399My heart, wherever you appear   1685 Song
400Not all my torments can your pity move     Song
401No watch, dear Celia, just is found   1693 Song
402O! fair Cedaria, hide those eyes     Song
403O! how happy's he   1690 Song
404Olinda in the shades unseen     Song
405On the brow of Richmond Hill   1692 Song
406O solitude, my sweetest choice   1687 Song
407Pastora's beauties when unblown   1681 Song
408Phyllis, I can ne'er forgive it   1688 Song
409Phillis, talk no more of passion   1685 Song
410Pious Celinda goes to prayers   1695 Song
411Rashly I swore I would disown   1683 Song
412Sawney is a bonny lad   1694 Song
413She loves and she confesses too   1683 Song
414She that would gain a faithful lover   1695 Song
415She who my poor heart possesses   1683 Song
416Since one poor view has drawn my heart   1681 Song
417Spite of the godhead, pow'rful love   1687 Song
418Sweet, be no longer sad   1678 Song
420Sylvia, now your scorn give over   1688 Song
421The fatal hour comes on apace     Song
422They say you're angry   1685 Song
423This poet sings the Trojan warsAnacreon's Defeat  1688 Song
424Through mournful shades and solitary groves   1684 Song
425Turn then thine eyessolo version of duet in The Fairy Queen    Song
426Urge me no more     Song
427We now, my Thyrsis, never find   1693 Song
428What a sad fate is mine     Song
429What can we poor females do? (solo)   1694 Song
430When first Amintas sued for a kiss   1687 Song
431When first my shepherdess and I   1687 Song
432When her languishing eyes said 'love'   1681 Song
433When I a lover pale do see   1678 Song
434When my Aemelia smiles     Song
435When Strephon found his passion vain   1683 Song
436When Thyrsis did the splendid eye   1675 Song
437While Thyrsis, wrapt in downy sleep   1685 Song
438Whilst Cynthia sung, all angry winds lay stil   1686 Song
440Who but a slave can well express     Song
441Who can behold Florella's charms?   1695 Song
442Why so serious, why so grave?     Song
443Ye happy swains, whose nymphs are kind   1685 Song
444Stript of their green our groves appear   1692 Song
461Beneath a dark and melancholy grove     Song
462Draw near, you lovers     Song
463Farewell, ye rocks   1685 Song
464Gently shepherds, you that knowon the death of John Playford  1687 Song
465High on a throne of glitt'ring ore   1690 Song
466Let us, kind Lesbia, give away   1684 Song
467Musing on cares of human fate   1685 Song
468No, to what purpose should I speak     Song
469Scarce had the rising sun appear'd   1679 Song
470See how the fading glories of the year   1689 Song
471Since the pox or the plague   1679 Song
472What hope for us remains now he is gone?   1679 Song
473Young Thyrsis' fate, ye hills and groves, dep     Song
482Alas, how barbarous we are     Song
483Come, dear companions of th'Arcadian fields   1686 Song
484Come, lay by all care   1685 Song
485Dulcibella, when e'er I sue for a kiss   1694 Song
486Fair Cloe, my breast so alarms   1692 Song
487Fill the bowl with rosy wine   1687 Song
489Go tell Amynta, gentle swain     Song
490Haste, gentle Charon     Song
491Has yet your breast no pity learn'd?   1688 Song
492Hence, fon deceiver   1687 Song
493Here's to thee, Dick   1688 Song
494How great are the blessingsHow great are the blessings 'A Health to King James'  1686 Song
495How sweet is the air and refreshing   1687 Song
496In all our Cynthia's shining sphere     Song
497In some kind dream   1687 Song
498I saw fair Cloris all alone   1686 Song
499I spy Celia, Celia eyes me     Song
500Julia, your unjust disdain     Song
501Let Hector, Achilles and each brave commander   1689 Song
502Lost is my quiet forever   1691 Song
503Nestor, who did to thrice man's age attain   1689 Song
504O dive custos Auriacae domusAn Elegy upon the Death of Queen Mary  1695 7:00Song
505Oft am I by the women told   1687 Song
506Oh! what a scene does entertain my sight     Song
507Saccharissa's grown old   1686 Song
508See where she sits     Song
509Sit down, my dear Sylvia   1685 Song
510Soft notes and gently raisedA Serenading Song  1685 Song
511Sylvia, thou brighter eye of night     Song
512Sylvia, 'tis true you're fair   1686 Song
513There never was so wretched lover as I     Song
514Though my mistress be fair   1685 Song
515Trip it, trip it in a ring     0:45Song
516Underneath this myrtle shade   1692 Song
517Were I to choose the greatest bliss   1689 Song
518What can we poor females do?     Song
519When gay Philander left the plain   1684 Song
520When, lovely Phyllis, thou art kind   1685 Song
521When Myra sings   1695 Song
522When Teucer from his father fled   1686 Song
523While bolts and bars my days control     Song
524While you for me alone had charms     Song
525Why, my Daphne, why complaining?A Dialogue between Thirsis and Daphne  1691 Song
541Hark Damon, hark     Song
542Hark how the wild musicians sing     Song
543How pleasant is this flowery plain   1688 Song
544If ever I more riches did desire     Song
545In a deep vision's intellectual sceneThe Complaint    Song
546Tis wine was made to rule the day     Song
547We reap all the pleasures     Song
570Abdelazar   1695 Incidental music
571A Fool's PrefermentThe Three Dukes of Dunstable  1688 Incidental music
572AmphitryonThe Two Sosias  1690 Incidental music
573Aureng-ZebeThe Great Mogul  1692 Incidental music
574Bonduca (The British Heroine)Includes a Trumpet tuneD+   Incidental music
575Circe   1690 Incidental music
576Cleomenes, the Spartan Hero   1692 Incidental music
577Distressed InnocenceThe Princess of Persia  1694 Incidental music
578Don Quixote   1695 Incidental music
579Epsom Wells   1693 Incidental music
580Henry the Second, King of England   1692 Incidental music
581The History of King Richard the SecondThe Sicilian Usurper  1681 Incidental music
582Love TriumphantNature Will Prevail  1693 Incidental music
583Oedipus   1692 Incidental music
584Oroonoko   1695 Incidental music
585Pausanius, the Betrayer of his Country   1695 Incidental music
586RegulusThe Faction of Carthage  1692 Incidental music
587Rule a Wife and Have a Wife   1693 Incidental music
588Sir Anthony LoveThe Rambling Lady  1690 Incidental music
589Sir Barnaby WhiggNo Wit Like a Woman's  1681 Incidental music
590SophonisbaHannibal's Overthrow  1685 Incidental music
591The Canterbury GuestsA Bargain Broken  1694 Incidental music
592The Double Dealer   1693 Incidental music
594The English Lawyer   1685 Incidental music
595The Fatal MarriageThe Innocent Adultery  1694 Incidental music
596The Female Virtuososafter Molière: 'Les Femmes savantes'  1693 Incidental music
597The Gordian Knot Unty'd   1691 Incidental music
598The Indian EmperorThe Conquest of Mexico  1691 Incidental music
599The Knight of Malta   1691 Incidental music
600The LibertineThe Libertine Destroyed  1692 Incidental music
601The Maid's Last PrayerAny Rather Than Fail  1693 Incidental music
602The Marriage-hater Match'd   1692 Incidental music
603The Married BeauThe Curious Impertinent  1694 Incidental music
604The Massacre of Paris   1690 Incidental music
605The Mock Marriage   1695 Incidental music
606TheodosiusThe Force of Love  1680 Incidental music
607The Old Bachelor   1691 Incidental music
608The Richmond HeiressA Woman Once in the Right  1693 Incidental music
609The Rival SistersThe Violence of Love  1695 Incidental music
610The Spanish FriarThe Double Discovery  1695 Incidental music
611The Virtuous WifeGood Luck at Last  1694 Incidental music
612The Wives' ExcuseCuckolds Make Themselves  1691 Incidental music
613Tyrannic LoveThe Royal Martyr  1694 Incidental music
626Dido and Aeneas   1689 1:00:00Opera
627ProphetessThe History of Dioclesian    Opera
628King Arthuror: The British Worthy. Semi-opera.    Opera
629The Fairy Queen   1689 Opera
630The Indian Queen   1695 Opera
631The TempestThe enchanted Island  1695 Opera
632Timon of Athens   1694 Opera
641Air in G major     Aria
642Almand and Corant in A minor      
644Corant in G major      
645Ground on Gamut in G major      
646A New Irish Tune in G major   1687  
647March in C major Z647   1687 March
648March in C major Z648   1687 March
649Minuet in A minor Z649   1687 Menuet
650Minuet in A minor Z650   1687 Menuet
651Minuet in G major      
652Prelude in A minor     Prelude
653Rigadoon in C major   1687  
654Saraband in A minor      
655A New Scotch Tune in G major   1687  
656Sefauchi's Farewell in D minor   1687  
660Suite for Harpsichord No. 1 in G major Z660  hsc  3:30Suite
661Suite for Harpsichord No. 2 in G minor Z661  hsc  11:30Suite
662Suite for Harpsichord No. 3 in G major Z662  hsc  6:00Suite
663Suite for Harpsichord No. 4 in A minor Z663  hsc  6:30Suite
665Suite for Harpsichord in C major Z665  hsc  3:30Suite
666Suite for Harpsichord No. 5 in D minor Z666  hsc  6:00Suite
667Suite for Harpsichord No. 6 in D major Z667  hsc  5:00Suite
668Suite for Harpsichord No. 7 in D minor Z668  hsc  6:30Suite
669Suite for Harpsichord No. 8 in F major Z669  hsc  6:30Suite
678Trumpet Tune "Cibell"ZT678.C+tru   
716Verse in F major      
717Voluntary in C major      
718Voluntary in D minor Z718      
719Voluntary in D minor Z719      
720Voluntary in G major      
721Voluntary in A major on the 100th Psalm      
730Chaconny in G minor  cha  8:00Chaconne
731Fantasy upon a Ground in D major/F major   1680 Fantasy
732Fantasy in D minor Z732   1680 Fantasy
733Fantasy in F major Z733   1680 Fantasy
734Fantasy in G minor Z734   1680 Fantasy
735Fantasy in G minor Z735   1680 Fantasy
736Fantasy in B flat major   1680 Fantasy
737Fantasy in F major Z737   1680 Fantasy
738Fantasy in C minor   1680 Fantasy
739Fantasy in D minor Z739   1680 Fantasy
740Fantasy in A minor   1680 Fantasy
741Fantasy in E minor   1680 Fantasy
742Fantasy in G major   1680 Fantasy
743Fantasy in D minor   1680 Fantasy
745Fantasy upon One Note in F major   1680 Fantasy
746In Nomine in G minor   1680 Fantasy
747In Nomine, Dorian, in G minor   1680 Fantasy
748Pavan in A major   1680 Fantasy
749Pavan in A minor   1680 Fantasy
750Pavan in B flat major   1680 Fantasy
751Pavan in G minor   1680 Fantasy
770Overture in D minor   1680 Fantasy
771Overture in G minor   1680 Fantasy
780Trio Sonata in G minor Z780   1680 Sonata
790Trion Sonata in G major Z790   1680 Sonata
791Trio Sonata in B flat major   1680 Sonata
792Trio Sonata in D minor   1680 Sonata
793Trio Sonata in F major   1680 Sonata
794Trio Sonata in A minor   1680 Sonata
795Trio Sonata in C major   1680 Sonata
796Trio Sonata in E minor   1680 Sonata
797Trio Sonata in G major Z797   1680 Sonata
798Trio Sonata in C minor   1680 Sonata
799Trio Sonata in A major   1680 Sonata
800Trio Sonata in F minor   1680 Sonata
801Trio Sonata in D major   1680 Sonata
802Trio Sonata in B minor   1680 Sonata
803Trio Sonata in E flat major   1680 Sonata
804Trio Sonata in A minor Z804   1680 Sonata
805Trio Sonata in D minor Z805   1680 Sonata
806Trio Sonata in G minor Z806   1680 Sonata
807Trio Sonata in G minor Z807   1680 8:00Sonata
808Trio Sonata in C major Z808   1680 Sonata
809Trio Sonata in G minor Z809   1680 Sonata
810Trio sonata no. 9 in F major 'Golden sonata'For 2 violins, bass violin, bc.F+ 1680 7:00Sonata
811Trio Sonata in D major Z811   1680 Sonata
850Sonata in D major   1694 Sonata
860aFuneral music for Queen Mary: march   1695 18:00 
860bFuneral music for Queen Mary: canzona      
 Two in One upon a Ground  cha  3:30 
D171A Poor blind woman     Song
D172When the cock begins to crow     Song
D201When night her purple veil had softly spread      
D221Keyboard Ground in C minor      
D222Keyboard Ground in D minor      
D4O God, they that love thy name     Anthem
N66If the Lord himself     Anthem
N68Praise the Lord, ye servants     Anthem
N773Keyboard Prelude in G minor/D minor      
S69Sweet tyranness, I now resign   1677  
S70Sweet tyranness, I now resign (solo)   1678  
T675Air in D minor ZT675      
T676Air in D minor ZT76      
T677Canary in B flat major      
T678Trumpet Tune in C major   1696  
T680Chaconne in G minor   1696 Chaconne
T681Ground in C minor      
T682A New Ground in E minor   1687  
T683Hornpipe in B flat major     Dances
T684Hornpipe in D minor     Dances
T685Hornpipe in E minor     Dances
T686Jig in G minor   1696  
T687March in C major   1696 March
T688Minuet in D minor ZT688   1687 Menuet
T689Minuet in D minor ZT689   1687  
T690Overture in C minor     Overture
T691Overture in D major ZT691     Overture
T692Overture in D major ZT692     Overture
T693:1Overture in G minor ZT693:1     Overture
T693:2Air in G minor ZT693:2      
T694Song Tune in C major ZT694   1687 Song
T695Song Tune in C major ZT695   1687 Song
T696:1Air in D minor ZT696:1      
T696:2Air in D minor ZT696:2      
T697Trumpet Tune in C major ZT697   1696  
T698Trumpet Tune in C major ZT698   1696  
Z230:1Te Deum Laudamus in B flat majorMorning Service  1681 Mass
Z230:10Deus misereator in B flat majorEvening Service    Mass
Z230:2Benedictus in B flat majorMorning Service  1681 Mass
Z230:3Benedicite Omnia Opera in B flat majorMorning Service  1681 Mass
Z230:4Jubilate Deo in in B flat majorMorning Service  1681 Mass
Z230:5Kyrie Eleison in B flat majorCommunion Service    Mass
Z230:6Nicene Creed in B flat majorCommunion Service    Mass
Z230:7Magnificat in B flat majorEvening Service    Magnificat
Z230:8Nunc dimittis in B flat majorEvening Service    Mass
Z230:9Cantate Domino in B flat majorEvening Service    Mass
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