Maurice Ravel

7 mar 1875 (Ciboure) - 28 dec 1937 (Paris)
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  • Maurice Ravel Frontispice - Documented information about his works, life, friends, and personality, including religion, love, style, politics.
  • Maurice Ravel - The Elegant Impressionist - A biography with anecdotes and the author\'s personal thoughts. Includes a list and brief descriptions of most important pieces
  • Unknown Impressionistic Composers
  • House of Maurice Ravel - Background information and photograph of his birth home references his ongoing attachment to the town of Ciboure, where he later composed Bolero. Includes link to church where he was baptized.
  • Maurice Ravel - Filmography at IMDb listing movies and television shows using or based on his music. Includes basic biography and trivia.
  • Maurice Ravel - Biography, historical introductions to some of his major works, and Real Audio RAM recordings of selected pieces.

Buy sheetmusic from Ravel at SheetMusicPlus

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