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Joseph Rheinberger

17 mar 1839 (Vaduz) - 25 nov 1901 (Munich)
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Worklist for Joseph Rheinberger

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opus JWV
name cmt key instr year time genre
81 works
14 Preludes op. 14     Prelude
27 Sonata for Organ no 1 in C minor  org  Sonata
34 Trio for Piano and Strings no 1 in D minor  pno,str  Piano trio
35 Wie lieblich sind deine Wohnungen     Song
40 5 Motets     Motet
42 Sonata for Organ no 9 in B flat minor  org  Sonata
46 Song for Passiontide     Song
47 Sonata for Piano no 1 in C major, "Sinfonica"  pno  Piano Sonata
49 10 Trios for Organ in F major  org   
51 Piano Improvisation on Themes from The Magic Flute     Improvisation
65 Sonata for Organ no 2 in A flat major "Fantasie-Sonata" Ab+org  Sonata
69 3 Geistliche Gesänge      
80 Liebesgarten      
84 Requiem in E flat minor     Requiem
87 Symphony in F major, "Florentine"  orc  Symphony
88 Sonata for Organ no 3 in G major "Pastoral Sonata"  org  Sonata
96 3 Lateinische Hymnen     Hymn
98 Sonata for Organ no 4 in A minor  org  Sonata
99 Sonata for Piano no 2  pno  Piano Sonata
105 Sonata for Violin and Piano no 2 in E minor  pno,vln  Violin Sonata
107 5 Hymnen op. 107     Hymn
109 Mass in E flat major, "Cantus Missae"     Mass
111 Sonata for Organ no 5 in F sharp minor  org  Sonata
112 Trio for Piano and Strings no 2 in A major  pno,str  Piano trio
117 Mass in F major, "Sanctissimae Trinitatis"     Mass
118 6 Hymns op. 118     Hymn
119 Sonata for Organ no 6 in E flat minor  org  Sonata
121 Trio for Piano and Strings no 3 in B flat major  pno,str  Piano trio
122 Sonata for Piano 4 hands in C minor  pfh  Piano Sonata
123a 12 Fughetten Strengen Styls  org   
124 Waldblumen      
126 Mass in A major, "In nativitate Domini"     Mass
127 Sonata for Organ no 7 in F minor  org  Sonata
132 Sonata for Organ no 8 in E minor  org  Sonata
133 3 Sacred Choruses     Other religious
134 Easter HymnOsterhymne for 8 part double choir    Hymn
135 Sonata for Piano no 3 in E flat major  pno  Piano Sonata
138 Stabat Mater in G minor     Stabat mater
139 Nonet in E flat major      
140 5 Hymns op. 140     Hymn
146 Sonata for Organ no 10 in B minor  org  Sonata
148 Sonata for Organ no 11 in D minor  org  Sonata
149 Suite for Violin, Cello and Organ in C minor  vln,cel,org  Suite
150 6 Pieces for Violin and Organ  vln,org   
151 Mass in G major, "Sanctae Crucis"     Mass
154 Sonata for Organ no 12 in D flat major  org  Sonata
155 Mass in E flat major, "Ss Reginae Rosarii"     Mass
156 12 Character Pieces for Organ  org   
157 6 Sacred Songs     Other religious
159 Mass in F minor op. 159     Mass
161 Sonate nr 13 in Es     23:00Sonata
162 12 Monologues for Organ  org   
164 Der Stern von Bethlehem      
165 Sonata for Organ no 14 in C major  org  Sonata
166 Suite for Violin and Organ in C minor  vln,org  Suite
167 12 Meditations for Organ      
168 Sonata for Organ no 15 in D major  org  Sonata
169 Mass in C major     Mass
170 In Sturm und Frieden      
172 Mass in B major     Mass
174 12 Miscellanies for Organ  org   
175 Sonata for Organ no 16 in G sharp minor  org  Sonata
176 9 Advents-Motetten     Other religious
178 Sonata for Horn and Piano in E flat major  hor,pno  Sonata
181 Sonata for Organ no 17 in B major  org  Sonata
182 Vom goldenen Horn      
187 Mass in G minor, "Sincere in memoriam"     Mass
188 Sonata for Organ no 18 in A major  org  Sonata
189 12 Trios for Organ op. 189  org   
190 Mass in F major op. 190     Mass
191 Trio for Piano and Strings no 4 in F major  pno,str  Piano trio
191b Sextet in F major  flu,obo,hor,bsn,cla,pno   
193 Sonata for Organ no 19 in G minor  org  Sonata
194 Requiem in D minor     Requiem
196 Sonata for Organ no 20 in F major  org  Sonata
  1514 Versets for Organ  org   
  16Prelude and Fugue for Organ in C minor/major  org  Preludes and fugues
  10Prelude and Fugue for Organ in D minor/major  org  Preludes and fugues
  13Prelude and Fugue for Organ in E minor  org  Preludes and fugues
W37 Trio for Organ WoO 37  org   
W56 Prelude for Organ in C minor WoO 56  org  Prelude
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