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Albert Roussel

5 apr 1869 (Tourcoing) - 23 aug 1937 (Royan)
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Worklist for Albert Roussel

Albert Charles Paul Marie Roussel

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name cmt key instr year time genre
59 works
1Des heures passent  pno1902  
2Trio for Piano and Strings Eb+pno,vln,cel1902  
34 Poems op. 3Quatre poèmes voc,pno1903  
4Résurrection  orc1904  
5Rustiques for Piano  pno1906 18:00 
6Divertissement for piano and wind quintet  pno,win1906 7:00Divertimento
7Symphony no 1 in d "Poème de la forêt" D-orc1906 Symphony
84 Poems op. 8Quatre poèmes  1907  
9La Menace  voc,pno,orc1908 Song
10Flammes  voc,pno1908 5:00Song
11Sonata for Violin and Piano no 1 in D minor  vln,pno1908 Violin Sonata
122 Poems Chinois op. 12   1908  
13Le marchand de sable qui passe  cor1908  
14Suite for Piano in F sharp minor  pno1910 Suite
15Evocations  alt,ten,bar,cho,orc1911 Song
16Sonatina for Piano  pno1912 11:00Sonatina
17Le Festin de L'Araignee   1912 16:00 
18Padmâvatî   1918 Opera
192 Melodies op. 19  voc,pno1918 7:30 
202 Melodies op. 20  voc,pno1919 5:00 
21Impromptu for Harp  har1919 Impromptus
22Pour une fête de printemps   1920  
23Symphony no 2 in B major  orc  39:00Symphony
24La naissance de la lyre   1924  
25Madrigal aux muses  sop2,alt1923 Madrigal
262 Poems de Ronsard   1924 8:00Poem
27Joueurs de flûte  flu,pno1924  
28Violin and Piano Sonata No. 2 in A major  pno,vln1924 14:00Violin concerto
29Ségovia  gui/pno1925  
30Serenade for Fl, Vln, Vla, Cello and Harp  flu,vln,vla,cel,har1925 16:00Serenade
31Odes anacréontiques op. 31   1926 Ode
32Odes anacréontiques op. 32   1926 Ode
33Suite in F  orc1926 15:00Suite
34Concert pour petit orchestre  cor1927 12:00Concerto
352 Poems Chinois op. 35     Poem
36Concerto for Piano in G major G+ 1927 17:00Concerto
37Psalm 80  ten,cho,orc1928 22:00Psalm
38Jazz Dans La Nuit  voc,pno1928  
39Petite Suite   1929 14:00Suite
40Trio for Flute, Viola and Cello  flu,vla,cel1929  
41Prelude and Fughetta for Organ  org1929 5:00Fugue
42Symphony no 3 in G minor  orc1930 24:00Symphony
43Bacchus et Ariane   1930 36:00Ballet
442 Idyllesdeux idylles  1931  
45String quartet in D major D+stq1932 20:00String quartet
46Prelude and Fugue for Piano  pno1932 4:00Fugue
472 Poems Chinois op. 47  voc,pno1932 3:00Poem
48A Glorious Day  brb1932 6:00March
493 Pièces pour piano  pno1933 8:00 
502 Melodies op. 50  1934  6:30Song
51Andante and Scherzo for Flute and Piano  flu,pno1934 5:00Andante
52Sinfonietta for String Orchestra  sor1934 10:00Sinfonietta
53Symphony No. 4 in A  orc1934 23:00Symphony
54Aenéas  cho,orc1935 40:00Ballet
552 Melodies op. 55   1935 Song
56Rapsodie flamande  orc1936 10:00Rhapsody
57Concertino  cel,orc1936 13:00Concertino
58Trio for Strings  vln,vla,cel1937 14:00 
59Elpénor  flu,stq1937 8:00Poem
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