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Camille Saint-Saëns

9 oct 1835 (Paris) - 16 dec 1921 (Algiers)
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Worklist for Camille Saint-Saëns

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name cmt key instr year time genre
142 works
2Symphony no 1 in E flat major Eb+orc  Symphony
36 Bafgatelles for piano  pno  17:00Bagatelle
4Mass     Mass
6Tarantella in A minor A-flu,cla,orc  6:30Dances
73 Rhapsodies sur des cantiques bretons  org  Rhapsody
86 Duos for harmonium and piano  org,pno  Duet
9Bénédiction nuptiale for Organ in F major F+org  6:30 
11Duettino for Piano 4 hands in G major G+pfh  Duet
12Christmas OratorioOratorio de Noël    Oratorio
13Elévation, ou Communion for Organ/Harmonium E+org   
14Quintet A-pno,str  30:30 
15Sérénade in E flat major Eb+org  Serenade
16Suite for Cello and Piano  cel,pno  Suite
17Piano Concerto No. 1 in D major D+   29:30Piano concerto
18Piano trio no. 1 in F majorTrio for Piano, Violin and CelloF+cel,pno,vln  26:30Piano trio
20Violin Concerto No. 1 in A major A+   14:00Violin concerto
21Mazurka for Piano no 1 in G minor G-pno  3:30Mazurka
22Piano Concerto No. 2 in G minor G-   24:00Piano concerto
23Gavotte for Piano in C minor C-pno  Dances
24Mazurka for Piano no 2 in G minor G-pno  Mazurka
25Orient et Occident      
26Melodies Persanes     Song cycle
27Romance for Piano, Violin and Organ  org,pno,vln  Romance
28Introduction and Rondo Capriccioso  pno  9:00 
29Piano Concerto No. 3 in E flat major Eb+   33:00Piano concerto
30La Princesse Jaune  orc  Opera
31Le Rouet D'Omphale     8:00 
32Cello and Piano Sonata No. 1 in C minor C-cel,pno  21:30Cello sonata
33Cello Concerto No. 1 in A minor A-   Cello concerto
34Marche héroïque in E flat major Eb+orc  March
35Variations for 2 Pianos on a Beethoven theme  pno2  17:00Variations
36Romance for Cello and Piano in F major F+vln,orc/pno  Romance
37Romance for flute and orchestra in D flat majorAlso: flute and harp?Db+flu,orc  7:30Romance
38Berceuse in B flat major Bb+pno  5:00Berceuse
39Phaéton     8:30 
40Danse Macabre     7:00Dances
41Piano Quartet in B Flat Major Bb+pno,str  30:00Piano quartet
43Allegro Appassionato in B minor B-   4:00Allegro
44Piano Concerto No. 4 in C minor C-   25:30Piano concerto
45Le déluge  orc   
46Les soldats de Gédéon  cho  Choir
47Samson and Delilah     2:00:00Opera
48Romance for Violin and Orchestra in C major C+vln,orc  Romance
49Suite for Orchestra in D major D+orc  Suite
50La Jeunesse d'Hercule in E Flat Major Eb+org   
51Romance for cello and piano in D major Dcel,pno  Romance
526 études op. 52  pno  24:30Etude
532 Choirs op. 53  cho  Choir
54Requiem  cho  Requiem
55Symphony No. 2 in A minor A-   Symphony
56Menuet et Valse for Piano  pno  Menuet
58Violin Concerto No. 2 in C major C+   31:30Violin concerto
59König Harald Harfagar      
60Suite algérienne in C major C+   Suite
61Violin Concerto No. 3 in B minor B-   28:00Violin concerto
62Morceau de concert for Violin and Orchestra G+vln,orc   
63Une nuit à Lisbonne  pno   
65Septet in E flat majorSeptet for Piano, Trumpet, String Quartet and Double Bass in E flat majorEb+pno,tru,str,dbv  16:30 
66Mazurka for Piano no 3 in B minor B-pno  Mazurka
67Romance for Horn and Piano in E major E+hor,pno  Romance
682 Chansons  cho  6:00Song
70Allegro appassionato in C-sharp minor C#-pno  6:00Allegro
712 Choirs op. 71  cho  Choir
72Album for Piano  pno   
73Rhapsodie d'Auvergne in C Major     9:00Rhapsody
74SaltarelleFor male voices cho   
75Violin and Piano Sonata No. 1 in D minor D-pno,vln  22:00Violin Sonata
76Wedding Cake Caprice in A Flat Major Ab+pno,sor  6:00Capriccio
77Polonaise for 2 Pianos in F minor F-pno2  Dances
78Symphony No. 3 in C minor "Organ" C-   38:00Symphony
79Caprice on Danish and Russian Airs  pno,win  11:00Capriccio
80Souvenir d'Italie for Piano  pno   
81Feuillet d'album in B flat for Piano 4 hands Bb+pfh   
82La fiancée du timbalier     Song
83Havanaise     10:30Dances
84Les guerriers  cho  Choir
85Les cloches du soir  cha  4:00 
86Pas redoublié for Piano 4 hands in B flat Bb+pfh  Dances
87Scherzo for 2 Pianos  pno2  Scherzo
88Valse canariote for Piano in A minor A-pno  Waltz
89Africa Rhapsody     10:00Rhapsody
90Suite for Piano in F major F+pno  Suite
91Chant saphique  cel,pno  Song
92Piano trio no. 2 in E minorTrio for Piano, Violin and CelloE-cel,pno,vln  34:00Piano trio
93Sarabande et Rigaudon  orc   
94Morceau de concert for Horn and Orchestra F-hor,orc   
95Fantaisie, for harp in A minor A-har  Fantasy
96Caprice arabe for 2 Pianos  pno2  Capriccio
97Thème Varié for Piano  pno  7:00Variations
993 Preludes and fugues for organ op. 99  org  25:30Preludes and fugues
100Souvenir d'Ismailia for Piano  pno   
101Fantasy for Organ no. 2 in D flat majorFantaisieDb+org  12:30Fantasy
102Violin and Piano Sonata No. 2 in E flat major Eb+pno,vln  22:30Violin Sonata
103Piano Concerto No. 5 in F major "Egyptian" F+   29:00Piano concerto
104Valse mignonne in E flat major Eb+pno  3:30Waltz
105Berceuse for Piano 4 hands in E major E+pfh  Berceuse
106Caprice héroique for 2 Pianos  pno2  Capriccio
107Marche religieuse for Organ  org  5:00March
1093 Preludes and Fugues for Organ op. 109  org  19:30Preludes and fugues
110Valse Nonchalante Db+pno  4:30Waltz
1116 études op. 111  pno  21:30Etude
112String Quartet no. 1 in E minor E-cha  34:00String quartet
113Chants d'automme  cho  Choir
118Romance du soir  cho  Choir
119Cello Concerto No. 2 in D Minor  cel,orc  Cello concerto
120Valse langoureuse for Piano in E major E+pno  Waltz
122Caprice andalous for Violin and Orchestra G+vln,orc  Capriccio
123Cello and Piano Sonata No. 2 in F major F+cel,pno  35:30Cello sonata
124Fantaisie for Violin and Harp op. 124  har,vln  Fantasy
125Sur les bords du Nil  pno   
128L'assassinat du Duc de Guise  cha   
132La Muse et Le Poete      
134Aux aviateurs  cho  Choir
1356 études Pour La Main Gauche Seule     18:30Etude
136Triptyque  cha  12:30 
137Aux mineurs  cho  Choir
138Hymne au printemps  cho  Choir
139Valse gaie for Piano  pno  Waltz
1412 Choirs op. 141  cho  Choir
143Elegie Op. 143  vln,pno  5:00 
144Cavatine for Trombone and Piano in D flat Db+pno,trb   
1507 Improvisations for organ  org   
1513 Choirs op. 151  cho  Choir
153String Quartet no. 2 in G major G+cha  30:00String quartet
154Concert Piece for Harp in G major G+har  15:00 
156Cyprès et Lauriers  org   
157Fantasy for Organ no. 3 in C majorFantaisieC+org  13:30Fantasy
158Prière  cel/vln,org   
160Elegie Op. 160  vln,pno  4:15Elegy
1616 Fugues for piano  pno  Fugue
162Odelette in D majorFor flute and orchestra or flute and piano.D+flu,pno/orc1920 7:00 
166Sonata for Oboe and Piano in D major D+obo,pno  11:00Sonata
167Clarinet Sonata Eb+cla,pno  15:00Clarinet sonata
168Piano and Bassoon Sonata G+bsn,pno  12:00Sonata
 Ave Maria in B Flat Major Bb+   3:00Hymn
 Ave Verum Corpus     2:30Hymn
 Carnival of the AnimalsLe carnaval des animaux orc  27:00 
 Fantasy for Organ in E flat major Eb+   5:30Fantasy
 La mort de Thaïsparaphrase de concert pour piano sur l'opéra de J. Massenet pno  8:30 
 Symphony in A major  orc  Symphony
 Symphony In F Major "Urbs Roma"     Symphony
 Une flûte invisibleFrom the poem by Hugo "Viens! ‑ une flûte invisible"  1885 3:15Song
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