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Adnan Saygun

7 sep 1907 (Izmir) - 6 jan 1991 (Istanbul)
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Worklist for Adnan Saygun

Ahmed Adnan Saygun

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name cmt key instr year time genre
43 works
1Divertimentolarge orchestra wıth saxsophone and darbuka sax,orc1930 Divertimento
2Suite for piano  pno1931 Suite
3 Suite for Violin and Piano     Suite
5Turkish folk songManastır Türküsü cho1933 Song
7Çoban Armağanı  cho1933  
9Özsoyone act  1934 Opera
10Inci'nin Kitabi "Inci's Book"      
11Taşbebekone act  1934 Opera
14Suite     Suite
15Sonatine for Piano     Piano Sonata
17Bir Orman MasalıA forest tale  1943 Ballet
18Dağlardan Ovalardan  cho1939 Song
20Sonata for Violin and Piano  vln,pno  Violin Sonata
22Bir Tutam Kekik  cho1943 Song
24Halay  orc1943  
25From Anatolia      
27String Quartet no. 1  stq  String quartet
28Keremthree acts  1952 Opera
29Symphony no. 1  orc1953 Symphony
30Symphony no 2  orc1958 Symphony
323 Ballades  voc,pno1955 Song
33Suite for violin and piano  vln,pno1955 Suite
34Concerto for Piano no. 1      
35String Quartet no. 2  stq1957 String quartet
37Trio for oboe, clarinet and harp  obo,cla,har1966  
3810 Etudes on "Aksak" Rhythms  pno1964 Etude
39Symphony no 3  orc1960 Symphony
42Impressions  cho1935 Song
43String Quartet no. 3  stq1966 String quartet
44Concerto for Violin      
4512 Preludes for Piano on Aksak Rhythms  pno1967 Prelude
484 Melodies  voc,pno1977 Song
52Köroğluthree acts  1973 Opera
53Symphony no 4  orc1974 Symphony
57Ritual DanceAyin Raksı orc1975  
5810 Sketches for Piano on Aksak Rhythms  pno   
59Concerto for Viola      
65Gılgameş   1962 Opera
70Symphony no 5  orc1985 Symphony
72Concerto for Piano no. 2      
74Concerto for Cello      
75Kumru EfsanesiLegend of Kumru  1989 Ballet
77String Quartet no. 4  stq  String quartet
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