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Adolf Schulz-Evler

12 dec 1852 (Radom) - 15 may 1905 (Warsaw)
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Adolf or Andrey or Adolf Andrey[1] Schulz-Evler (12 December 1852 – 15 May 1905) was a German-born composer.

Born in Radom, Poland (at that time part of the Russian Empire), he studied at the Warsaw Conservatory, then under Carl Tausig in Berlin.[2] From 1884 to 1904 he taught at the Kharkiv Music School.[3][4]

He wrote about 52 pieces, most of which are now forgotten. He is best known for his piano transcription of Johann Strauss II's Blue Danube Waltz: Arabesques on "An der schönen blaunen Donau." Usually performed only as an encore, it has been recorded by many pianists, including Jorge Bolet, Jan Smeterlin, Marc-André Hamelin, Earl Wild, Piers Lane, Byron Janis, Isador Goodman[5] and—perhaps most famously—Josef Lhévinne.

His list of works includes:[6]

  • Op 2: Invitation a la Valse (Jurgenson)
  • Op 4: Variations in G major (Jurgenson)
  • Op 5: Melodie (Jurgenson)
  • Op 6: Nocturne in F major (Jurgenson)
  • Op 8: Revelation I in B major (Jurgenson)
  • Op 9: Revelation II in E major (Jurgenson)
  • Op 10: Revelation III in F major (Jurgenson)
  • Op 11: Serenade (Jurgenson)
  • Op 12: “Arabesques” Variations on the Blue Danube Waltz [Strauss] (Jurgenson)
  • Op 14: Rhapsodie Russe for Piano & Orchestra (Jurgenson)
  • Op 17: Etude pour les octaves (Jurgenson)[7]
  • Op 19: “Narzan” Valse (Jurgenson)
  • Op 40: Pezzetino amichevole (Jurgenson)
  • Donau Walzer (Selbstverlag)
  • Echo de la Partita de J S Bach - Paraphrase de Concert (Johansen)[7]
  • Fantaisie (Johansen)
  • Melodie No. 1 (Gutheil)
  • O beaux veux bleus (Jurgenson)
  • O toi toutes mes fleurs (Jurgenson)
  • Poeme sans paroles (Johansen)


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