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Alexander Scriabin

10(?) jan 1872 (Moscow) - 27(?) apr 1915 (Moscow)

Books about Alexander Scriabin and his music

bookRobert Rimm The Composer-Pianists: Hamelin and The Eight
Amadeus Press, 2003; ISBN 1574670727; 340 pages Price indication: $ 22.76
bookArthur Eaglefield Hull A Great Russian Tone-Poet: Scriabin
Ams Pr, 1970; ISBN 0404033830; 304 pages Price indication: $ 45.00
bookFaubion Bowers Scriabin, a Biography : Second, Revised Edition
Dover Publications, 1996; ISBN 0486288978; 656 pages
Definitive biography, newly revised and updated, probes the innovation and mysticism of the Russian composer’s music as it chronicles his life and career: tours of Europe and America, abandonment of his wife, brushes with homosexuality and madness and much more. Includes a catalog of Scriabin’s works and 49 rare photographs. Price indication: $ 124.99
bookPeter Sabbagh The Development of Harmony in Scriabin's Works
Universal Publishers, 2003; ISBN 158112595X; 184 pages
In the history of music there are seldom as rapid musical developments as we can find in Scriabin's works. In only 31 years Scriabin made a breathtaking development: in his early works he still uses a romantic tonal language, while his later works are far-reaching into the 20th century. Scriabin's development is gradual and consequent, each step can be derived from the preceding, thus connecting the music of the 19th and 20th centuries. He can be regarded as a key composer of his age.Harmony is the central factor in Scriabin's musical thinking. From harmony everything else is developed. It defines the form, also the melody and tone systems are developed from it.This book is concerned with the following basic issues: Which elements in Scriabin's harmony are new, and what has been derived from the tradition? Why is the development in Scriabin's works consequent, once started, why did it have to follow a certain course? Is there something elemental in Scriabin's way of thinking that pushes ahead this development? Price indication: $ 19.95
bookJames M. Baker The Music of Alexander Scriabin (Composers of the Twentieth Century)
Yale Univ Pr, 1986; ISBN 0300033370; 308 pages
Alexander Scriabin was one of a few major composers who revolutionized musical style in the first decade of the twentieth century by eliminating key as a structural principle and by establishing a new use of dissonant harmonies. This book by James M. Baker is a study of Scriabin's twentieth-century music, the first thorough analysis of the composer's evolution from conventional tonality to his later atonal structure. Baker demonstrates that in Scriabin's transitional music, tonal and atonal procedures-generally considered mutually exclusive-work together to create unified compositions. Baker places Scriabin's harmony in the perspective of voice leading, applying Schenkerian techniques of analysis to his music for the first time. He explains the great variety of sonorities and their complex relations within the framework of set-complex theory and introduces an original method of statistical analysis to survey Scriabin's harmonic practice from 1903 to 1914. Offering comprehensive analyses of a considerable number of complete compositions, including such important works as the Fifth Piano Sonata and the Poem of Ecstasy, Baker concludes with a penetrating examination of Prometheus, Scriabin's largest and most complex composition. The literature thus far on Scriabin has emphasized aspects of his often eccentric personality and has focused narrowly on his use of certain characteristic harmonies, especially the famous "mystic chord." This thought-provoking theoretical treatise takes an important step toward a deeper understanding of the composer's accomplishments. Price indication: $ 58.00
bookFaubion Bowers New Scriabin: Enigmas and Answers
St. Martin's Press, 1973; ISBN 0685312291 Price indication: $ 16.90
bookYe Rudakova and A.I. Kandinsky Scriabin
Paganiniana Publications, 1984; ISBN 0866220062; 143 pages Price indication: $ 60.00
bookFaubion, Bowers The New Scriabin: Enigma and Answers.
St. Martin's Press, 1974; ISBN 0312569807 Price indication: $ 31.72
bookArthur Eaglefield Hull Great Russian Tone-poet; Scriabin, A (Music Book Index)
Reprint Services Corp, 1918; ISBN 0781290899; 304 pages Price indication: $ 79.00
bookAlfred Julius Swan Scriabin. (Music Book Index)
Reprint Services Corp, 1923; ISBN 0781290902; 119 pages Price indication: $ 59.00
bookAlfred Julius Swan Scriabin
Library Reprints, 2001; ISBN 0722255225 Price indication: $ 98.00
bookFaubion Bowers Scriabin: a Biography of the Russian Composer 1871-1915, Two Volumes
Kodansha, 1970 Price indication: $ 65.95
bookBoris De Schloezer and Nicolas Slonimsky Scriabin: Artist and Mystic
Univ of California Pr, 1987; ISBN 0520043847; 334 pages Price indication: (used only): from $ 43.17
bookHugh John MacDonald Skryabin (Oxford studies of composers)
Oxford Univ Pr, 1978; ISBN 0193154382; 72 pages Price indication: (used only): from $ 12.29
bookBowers Scriabin
Kodansha America, 1990; ISBN 0870110810 Price indication: (used only): from $ 75.00

Sheet music, libretti, etc.

Complete Piano Sonatas - Dover Publications

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Mazurkas, Poemes, Impromptus and Other Pieces for Piano - Dover Publications

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Prometheus, Op. 60: The Poem of Fire - Eulenburg (Schott)

Scriabin / Etudes - Warner Bros Pubns

Scriabin / Various Works - Warner Bros Pubns

Scriabin 24 Preludes - Warner Bros Pubns

Scriabin Early Works - Warner Bros Pubns

Scriabin Fantasy (Op.28) - Warner Bros Pubns

Scriabin Masterpieces (Scriabin Masterpieces for Solo Piano) - Dover Publications

Scriabin Mazurkas P/S - Warner Bros Pubns

Scriabin Piano Concerto Op.20 - Warner Bros Pubns

Scriabin Vers La Flamme Op.72 - Warner Bros Pubns

Scriabin's Piano Concerto in F-Sharp Minor, Op. 20, and Rubinstein's Piano Conce - Dover Publications

Selected Works - Alfred Publishing

Ten Sonatas for Piano - Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation

The Complete Preludes and Etudes for Pianoforte Solo - Dover Publications

The Young Pianist's Scriabin / a Selected Collection of the Easier Piano Works in Their Original Form - Charles Hansen

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