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William O. Smith

22 sep 1926 (Sacramento) -
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Worklist for William O. Smith

William Orlando Smith a.k.a. Bill Smith

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name cmt key instr year time genre
52 works
3 Duets for Two Clarinets   1949  
4 studies for two piano's  pno1962  
5 Fragments for Double Clarinet   1990  
5 Fragments for Solo Clarinet      
5 Inventions for Flute and Clarinet  flu,cla1987  
5 Pieces for Clarinet Alone      
5 songs for soprano and piano   1964 Song cycle
64 for Demi-Clarinet      
7 Haiku for Clarinet Solo      
7 Haiku for Clarinet with Piano  cla,pno1987 Poem
9 Studies for Clarinet Solo  cla1978 Etude
A song for St Cecilia's day  cho,orc   
Around the Blues for Two Clarinets  cla21988  
Asana for Clarinet with Electronics      
Aubade for Solo Clarinet  cla1991  
Blues for Mal for 3 clarinets and bass clarinet  cla42003  
Concerto for Jazz Soloist and Orchestra  trb,orc1951 Jazz
Diversion for woodwind Quintet  win1986  
Duo for Clarinet and Tape      
Ecco! for Clarinet and Orchestra  cla,orc   
Emerald City Ragfor Two Clarinets and Bass Clarinet cla31987 Rag
Epitaphs for Double clarinet   1993  
Essay for Two Clarinets   1995  
Eternal Truths for Woodwind Quartet  win   
Fancies for Clarinet Alone  cla   
Forest for Clarinet Solo  cla1996  
Four in the Afternoon   1951 Film score
Incantation for Solo Clarinet  cla1992  
Interplay for Jazz Combo and Orchestra   1964 Jazz
Jazz Fantasy for Two Clarinets  cla21987 Fantasy
Jazz Set for Clarinet and Bass Clarinet  cla21992 Jazz
Jazz Set for Solo Clarinet     Jazz
Jazz Set for Two Clarinets     Jazz
Jazz Set for Violin and Wind Quintet  vln,win1980 16:00Jazz
Meditations for Demi-Clarinet  cla1990  
Mosaic for Clarinet and Piano  cla,pno   
Musing for Three Clarinets  cla3   
Ottanta for clarinet and cello  cla,cel2001  
Pan for Clarinet Solo      
Quadri for Jazz combo and Orchestra   1969 Jazz
Ria Sunday  cho1972  
Ritual for Double Clarinet  cla21989  
Soliloquy for Clarinet and Two Tape Machines      
Solo for Clarinet and Delay System      
Straws for Flute and Bassoon  flu,bsn   
String quartetDedicated to Milhaud stq1952 String quartet
Suite for Clarinet and Violin  cla,vln1952  
Sumi-e for clarinet and computer-transformed sounds   2000  
Theona for Jazz Combo and Orchestra   1975 Jazz
Trias for flute, clarinet, bassoon and humming  flu,cla,bsn,voc2001 16:00 
Tribute to the Bassoon for solo bassoon  bsn   
Variants for Clarinet Alone  cla1963  
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