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Johann Stamitz

19 jun 1717 (Deutsch Brod) - 27 mar 1757 (Mannheim)
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Worklist for Johann Stamitz

Jan Václav Antonín Stamitz.

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name cmt key instr year time genre
14 works
1:1Sonata in 3 parts for 2 Vlns and bc no 1 in C     Sonata
1:2Sonata in 3 parts for 2 Vlns and bc no 2 in A      
1:3Sonata in 3 parts for 2 Vlns and bc no 3 in F     Violin Sonata
3:2Symphony op. 3 no 2 in D major     Symphony
4:1Symphony op. 4 no 1 in F major     Symphony
4:2Symphony op. 4 no 2 in D Major "Sinfonia Pastorale" D+   Symphony
4:3Symphony op. 4 no 3 in C minor     Symphony
4:4Symphony op. 4 no 4 in E flat major     Symphony
4:6Symphony op. 4 no 6 in E flat major     Symphony
11:1Symphony op. 11 no 1 in D major     Symphony
11:3Symphony op. 11 no 3 in E flat major     Symphony
 Clarinet concerto in B flat Bbcla,orc1757  
 Concerto no. 2 in D major for Viola d'Amore and Orchestra  vda,orc  Concerto
 Trumpet Concerto in D     Concerto
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