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Joachim Stutschewsky

7 feb 1891 (Romni) - 14 nov 1982 (Tel Aviv)
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Joachim-Yehoyachin Stutschewsky, יהויכין סטוצ'בסקי, Иоахим Стучевский (February 7, 1891, Romni (Romny), guberniya of Poltava, Ukraine - November 14, 1982, Tel Aviv, Israel) was a Ukraine-born Austrian and Israeli cellist, composer, musicologist.

His father, Kalmen-Leyb Stutschewsky was a clarinetist ([1]).

In Hebrew, his name is not paralleled with "Jehoiakim (יְהוֹיָקִים yəhôyāqīm).

His wife was the Swiss cellist Rewekka (Regina) "Wecki" Schein (1908 - 1999).

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