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Alexander Tcherepnin

21 jan 1899 (St. Petersburg) - 29 sep 1977 (Paris)
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Worklist for Alexander Tcherepnin

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name cmt key instr year time genre
79 works
1Toccata no. 1  pno1921 6:00Toccata
2:1Nocturne no. 1  pno1919 4:00Nocturne
2:2Dance no. 1  pno1919 4:00Dances
3Scherzo  pno1917 3:00Scherzo
4La Princesse Lointaine  pno  Prelude
510 Bagatelles for Piano   1958 12:00Bagatelle
6Petite Suite for Piano     Suite
78 Pièces sans titre8 pieces without title. pno1917 9:00 
8:1Nocturne no. 2  pno1919 2:00Nocturne
8:2Dance no. 2  pno1919 3:00Dances
98 preludes  pno1920 8:00Prelude
10Feuilles libresloose pages  1920 9:00 
11Arabesques  pno1921 5:00 
12Concerto no. 1  tim,str1920 16:00Concerto
139 inventions  pno1921 8:00 
1810 etudes  pno1920 3:00Etude
192 Novellettes  pno1922 10:30 
20Toccata no. 2  pno1922 7:00Toccata
216 études de travail6 practice etudes pno1923 12:00 
22Sonata no. 1  pno1919 16:00Piano Sonata
234 nostalgic preludes  pno1922 7:00Prelude
244 preludes  pno1923 4:00Prelude
25Georgian Rhapsody  cel,orc1922 16:00Rhapsody
26Concerto no. 2 for Pianoalso version for percusion and strings  1922 18:00Piano concerto
27Slavic transciptions   1924 13:00 
28Canzona  pno1924 5:00 
29Sonata for Cello and Piano in D major  cel,pno  Cello sonata
30Cello Sonata No. 2     Cello sonata
32Ajanta's Frescoes   1923 30:00Ballet
33Concerta da Camera  flu,vln,cor1924 13:00Concerto
35OL-OL   1930 1:05:00Opera
36aMusica Sacra  orc1973 10:00 
373 Pieces for chamber orchestra  cor1925  
38The Well-Tempered Cello      
39Le Royaume enchanté      
39bVoeux (Wishes)      
41Magna mater   1927 10:00 
42Symphony no 1     Symphony
45Die Hochzeit der Sobeide   1928 1:40:00Opera
47Concertino1965 version: triple concertino vln,cel,pno,sor1931 16:00Concertino
48Concerto no. 3   1931 18:00Concerto
50Danses RussesRussian Dances orc1933 10:00Dances
525 Concert Etudes     Etude
54Der fahrend Schüler mit dem Teufelbannen(The Wandering Student Who Exorcised the Devil  1937 30:00Ballet
56Trepak   1937 40:00Ballet
57Suite GeorgienneGeorgian suite pno,str1938 20:00Suite
58Sonatina for Timpani and Orchestra  tim,orc1954 7:00Sonatina
59Trio for 3 Flutes  flu3   
60Quartet for Flutes     Flute quartet
64Andante     Andante
67Romantic Overture   1942 9:00Overture
69EvocationEnfance de Saint Nino = The Childhood of Saint Nino orc1944 10:00 
72Die Heirat   1952 45:00Opera
73Les DouzeLes douze = the twelve voc,orc1945 16:00Musical story
74Nativity play  sop2,,ten,bas,cho,sor,pcs1945 30:00Cantata
77Symphony no 2  orc1946 27:00Symphony
78Concerto no. 4 "fantasy"   1947 Piano concerto
79La femme et son ombreThe Woman and her Shadow  1948 30:00Ballet
79aJapanese SuiteFrom the ballet La Femme et son Ombre  1948 15:00 
80Symphonic march  orc1951 6:00March
82Songs Without Words      
83Symphony no 3, "Chinese"Contain parts of ballets Dionys (1 and 4), Atlantide (2) and Vendeur des Papillons (3) orc  28:00Symphony
84Songs and Dances      
86Concerto for Harmonica and Orchestra  hca,orc1953 28:00Concerto
87Suite for Orchestra  orc1953 18:00Suite
87bLe GouffreThe Abyss  1949 35:00Ballet
89The lost flute  voc,orc1954 42:00Musical story
90Divertimento   1957 25:00Divertimento
91Symphony no 4  orc1957 25:00Symphony
92GeorgianaFrom ballet Chota Rostaveli orc1958 18:00Orchestral suite
93Symphonic PrayerSymphonisches Gebet. orc1959 9:00 
94Piano Sonata No. 2      
96Concerto no. 5   1963 21:00Piano concerto
97Serenade for strings  orc1964 16:00Serenade
98Vom Spass und ErnstOf things light and earnest. alt,bas,sor1964 21:00Cantata
99Concerto no. 6   1965 24:00Piano concerto
106Russian sketchesfor youth orchestra orc1971  
107Quintet for Winds  win   
108Duo for 2 Flutes  flu2   
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